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Daesh's Bizarre Fatwas That Shocked the World

By Sputnik News


Daesh’s Central Fatwa Committee issued a fatwa [Islamic legal decree] prohibiting the breeding of cats inside houses in Mosul, Iraq. This is a recent addition to the long list of bizarre Fatwas issued by Daesh. Sputnik takes a look at some of the most shocking decrees issued earlier.

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The terrorist organization has issued dozens of Fatwas in Mosul based on its vision, ideology and twisted beliefs. The group relies on a central committee to issue Fatwas which is comprised of influential clerics and figures from the terrorist group.

A few months back, Daesh released “fatwa on female sex slaves” telling militants how and when they can rape captured women and girls.

The document was revealed to the media after it was found among a large trove of documents seized by US Special Forces in Syria.

The fatwa on female slaves lists 15 rulings, which go into explicit detail prohibiting intercourse if a slave is menstruating or is pregnant, banning forced abortions and anal sex.

Yazidi women attend a demonstration at a refugee camp in Kurdish-dominated city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, to mark the second anniversary of what a U.N.-appointed commission of independent war crimes investigators termed a genocide against the Yazidi population by the Islamic State, August 3, 2016

Many of the rulings deal with rape within families, or the “sharing” of a slave’s children.

“Owners are banned from raping two sisters at the same time, or passing slaves between father and son, or other relatives,” one of the listing said.

Another one said, “If the owner of a female captive, who has a daughter suitable for intercourse, has sexual relations with the latter, he is not permitted to have intercourse with her mother and she is permanently off limits to him.”

The decrees provide a unique glimpse into life under Daesh’s oppressive control. Some of the Fatwas are absolutely ridiculous; however, they should not be taken likely as people have been killed because of not following them.

One such fatwa bans men from wearing skinny jeans in Raqqa, Syria. The group has threatened to arrest any man caught wearing tight jeans in its de facto capital.

Men wearing tight jeans would be jailed for 10 days while being required to take an Islamic course, after that they are required to clear a test at the end of their prison sentence.

Smoking really does kill if one is living in Daesh-controlled areas where tobacco use is strictly forbidden. Those caught smoking secretly have reportedly had their hands chopped off.

The Fatwas also included ban on having music on a cellphone and being late for prayer. While cigarettes, jeans, cell phones and listening to music are all allowed in Islam, Daesh’s severe interpretation of Sharia law declares them forbidden in Daesh-controlled areas.

The militants have burned millions of cigarette packs and destroyed cannabis fields in Iraq and Syria to enforce the smoking ban.

The draconian nature of laws toward women cannot be stressed enough. Daesh morality police attacked a young Syrian woman back in 2015. She was dressed in a full Burqa and face veil but the police thought her eyes were “too exposed.”

The Al-Merced NGO said the woman was arrested in Albuhamal, in the east of the country, along with two men who tried to protect her.

However, Daesh does allow some bling when it comes to accessories, although there are Fatwas on how to wear them too!

Watches can be worn on the right wrist only and anyone who disobeys the rule of the jungle would be severely punished.

Back in 2014, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, reportedly Daesh’s leader, was photographed wearing a luxury watch assumed to be stolen from looted bounty, valued at $5,000 USD. It was however, on his right wrist.

Daesh has been ravaging Iraq and Syria since 2014. The terrorist group has overrun certain territories in both countries and has declared the city of Mosul in Iraq as the capital of its so-called caliphate.