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Radical Islamism and Jihad (15 Feb 2019 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Time We Hold Responsible The Ulama Who Provide Theological Basis For Terror Attacks Like In Pulwama Or Stay Silent When Islamic Theology Is Being Mauled

By A New Age Islam Special Correspondent

15 Feb 2019

On Thursday, Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed orchestrated the dastardly attack in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama in which 43 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed and many others critically injured. This is known to be the worst and the most heart-wrenching attack on the security personnel in the state. The Pakistan-based militant Islamist movement Jaish-e-Mohammad has claimed responsibility for the attack. Its local recruit targeted a convoy with a car bomb, as the reports suggest.

Not only India, the entire world is aghast at this mindless violence and wanton killing of Indian soldiers in the worst strike on the CRPF convoy in Jammu and Kashmir in several decades.

Like every Pakistani jihadist terror outfit like Jaish-e-Mohammed which claimed the responsibility for the attack, the motive behind this nefarious strike is self-evident. The terror goons who butcher even innocent Muslim children, women and elderly people in their own ‘Islamic’ country declaring them bad-mazhab (imperfect in faith) have acquired the temerity to attack the Indian jawans with even greater impunity. The terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed in particular and every other violent jihadist outfit in Pakistan wreaks violence in India to earn the ‘virtues of jihad’ (fazail-e-jihad) and ‘istishhad’ (Islamic martyrdom) which is perpetually glorified in the jihadist mouthpieces. But regrettably, they are taken merely as an ordinary propaganda without the seriousness that it requires.  Shouldn’t India take such jihadist writings and propaganda seriously enough to take some action? Given the fact that Masood Azhar is backed by the Pakistani State, India cannot be complacent.

Recently, JeM's weekly online Urdumagazine Haftroza Al-Qalam published a series of articles, reports and analyses about the significance of Islamic battle against India or what is popularly known as Ghazwat-ul-Hind in the subcontinent. Let’s just take a look at the headlines of these three articles penned by the JeM clerics in the last week of February, 2019:


جہاد کشمیر شرعی، دینی غیرت کا ثبوت، دستبرداری کا تصور بھی نہیں کیا جا سکتا، مولانا طلحہ السیف

(Jihad in Kashmir is a proof for harbouring the honour of Islamic jurisprudence: Maulana Talha al-Saif)

Source: alqalamonline.com/index.php/news/11422-680-biyan-maulana-talha-us-saif


ہندوستان ایک دن ضرور مجاہدین کشمیر سے مذاکرات کی بھیک مانگے گا، مفتی عبدالرؤف اصغر


(Indian will be forced to hold talks with the mujahidin in Kashmir sooner or later, writes Mufti Abdur Rauf Asghar)

Source: alqalamonline.com/index.php/news/11423-680-biyan-mufti-abdul-raouf


کشمیرپورے ہندوستان کے مسلمانوں کی آزادی کا ذریعہ بنے گا

 (Kashmir will be the reason for liberation of all Muslims in India)

Source:  alqalamonline.com/index.php/news/11420-680-kashmir-azadi-ka-zariya

 The main thrust of all the above-mentioned articles in al-Qalam is that jihad in Islam is not the state’s responsibility as many ulema in India and Pakistan try to claim in their counter-terror fatwas and sermons. Rather it is farz-e-ain (an Islamic obligation on every individual) which sometimes turns into a greater source of virtue than even Namaaz and Roza (prayer and fasting). Does it remind us of something crucial? Much before the Jaish-e-Muhammad came into existence in Pakistan, India’s pan-Islamist thinker and scholar, Maulana Abul A’ala Maududi challenged the consensus of the traditional Indan ulema about the objective, essence and hierarchy of the four fundamental elements of Islamic worship—Namaz or Salaah (prayer), Roza (fasting), Hajj (pilgrimage) and Zakat (charity). All these were performed in the Indian subcontinent with an intent to seek blessings, pleasure and closeness of Allah. But for the first time at least in the Indian setting, Maulana Maududi declared all of them as “means and tools to prepare for Jihad”. He wrote in his book “Fundamentals of Islam” (Page: 250):

 “Salaat (Namaz) is a training exercise for Jihad.

 “Zakat (Islamic charity) is a military fund for Jihad.

 “Fasting is aimed to train people like soldiers who have to stay without food at times for long periods during the Jihad.

 “Hajj is a huge conference in nature for plotting larger scale military operations.

“Thus, Salaah, Fasting, Zakat, and Hajj are actually meant for this very preparation and training”

 So, what the terror leader Maulana Masood Azhar is trying to propagate through his mouthpieces and sermons has already been stated, more clearly and categorically, in so many words written by Maududi. And each book and booklet is not only freely available at the Jamat-e-Islami Hind’s offices and publications but is also part of the curriculum in a few Islamic institutions in India including Jamia-tul-Falah of Balarya Ganj in Azamgarh (UP).

 It cannot be denied the mainstream ulema in India have been vehemently opposed to the acts of violence including the Pakistani terror attacks juxtaposed with jihad and istishhad. Barelvi cleric Mufti Mohammed Salim Noori went to the extent of declaring the terrorists like Hafiz Saeed beyond the pale of Islam. But isn’t it an escapist approach towards counter-terrorism?

 In fact, these condemnations have proved ineffective in the series of indiscriminate jihadist bloodshed in Jammu and Kashmir. The more strongly they condemn, the more deadly attacks the Pakistani Jihadists launch on Kashmir. More terribly, Pakistani Jihadists’ war cry of Ghazwa-e-Hind (Islamist expedition against India) which is, of course, based on six hadith reports, has greater appeal to the misguided youths than the repeated cliché of ‘Islam means peace’ by the Indian ulema. They are not prepared to address the real issue which leaves them with a deeper predicament.

 For instance, Masood Azhar argues that the second caliph of Islam Umar ibn Khattab, who ruled from 634 to 644 CE, had issued a binding order to all his governors to ensure that "every Muslim will teach their children swimming, archery and horseback riding" in order to prepare for jihad. Similarly, Al-Qalam published a short piece of writing highlighting the theological place of jihad on oceans, quoting this hadith report "Some people from my ummah rode on the oceans as a king sits on a throne".Will the ulama of Deoband or Bareilly have the temerity to rebut the jihadist propaganda which quotes this hadith to achieve its nefarious ends?

 Clearly, Indian ulema must not overlook the radical Islamist clergy of Pakistan breeding for the terrorists taking arms to strike India. While it is an obnoxious Islamist design to ‘eliminate all infidels from the Indian sub-continent’, as an editorial in al-Qalam avers, one cannot reject its implication as part of the proxy war that Pakistan has launched through the jihadist outfits.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged that those behind this despicable attack will not go unpunished’ But what about the mentors  of theological terror who provide the doctrinal basis for the militants turning terrorists? What is the state administration planning to do about it? Should they not be taken into account periodically, to review the situation and make course corrections as required?....

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  • If they r doing it in the name of islam u r doing same in the name of new age islam by misreprenting and distorting the facts. What maulana maudodi has penned that can b his own thelogy with little influnce in valley and linking the attack with a religous tag is a malagnied attempt . Being my self an almuni of an islamic school i have never come across any instance where jihad would have been declared obligatory. I would have appreciated the article if there would have been a single line about atrocties being inflicted on muslims around globe including kashmir.ur article has disappointed me and more othets.Mr prashant bushan has written better than u u r demonising the religion for the purpose better known to u.
    By Showket Ali - 3/8/2019 4:48:20 AM

  • What about RSS, Bajrang Dal, Hindu shiv Sena, BJP, Hindu gurus, gau rakshaks etc and even ministers in the central as well as in some state governments who day in and day out speak against Islam and Muslims in India and have been the cause of poisoning the minds of average Hindus resulting in killing, maiming and lynching the poor Muslims and Dalits by them?
    By Mohammed Rafi Nawchoo - 3/8/2019 4:47:57 AM

  • Nasir bhi mara gaya
    By Mehfooz Ahmad - 3/8/2019 4:47:25 AM

  • @Vijay Bharati Bharati No Muslim is with sucide attaak
    By Nuby Shah - 3/8/2019 4:47:02 AM

  • @Mehfooz Ahmad 45 sainikon ki kaayaraanaa hatyaa karke tumne raat me 'party' karke maje liye honge !
    By Vijay Bharati Bharati - 3/8/2019 4:46:42 AM

  •  Sangh affiliate bhi islamic term use karne lage .new age islam ya sangh sponsored "Islam"
    Tum log nam badalkar likhne likhane per kitni mehnat karte ho, magar lionhide mein chhipa siyar pehchana hi jata hai
    By Mehfooz Ahmad - 3/8/2019 4:46:08 AM

  • When we are killed, its nationalism, itz peace, itz statesmanship, itz justified in lot many ways... But when we retaliate we are terrorists, we are perpetrators of violence..... Isnt it double standard?
    Where was this page or the correspondent when massacres were carried on in jammu in 1947 (200k Muslims killed), massacres carried out throughout kashmir Valley since 1990 (Gawkadal, sopore, Bijbehara and the list goes on). Where was this correspondent when a 5 yr old sameer ahmad was killed by crpf in batamaloo, when an 18 months old girl was showered with pellets... Was all that not terrorism? When mass rape was carried out in kunan-poshpora, was that not terrorism?
    By Naseer Ahmad - 3/8/2019 4:45:31 AM

  • @Mir Farooq But d terror strikes all over d world in d name of a particular religion does not enhance d image thereof. Definitely d religion does not preach manslaughter. So those terrorists should b made isolated & chastised by the true followers of d great religion.
    By Dilip Ray - 3/8/2019 4:45:02 AM

  •  Ulma who,it is election stunt ,u should ask BJP n RSS to change ur centuries old tradition of killing humans to stay in power,within a year three major attacks n BJP Blaim Pak,what r agencies n one million Indian forces doing,Ist attack can b justified but not all it looks that Pak army will overcome very easily.
    By Mansoor Hakkim Ahamed - 3/8/2019 4:43:05 AM

  • I think we should be ready to accept the truth. Islam is indeed a religion of peace but there are some groups inspired by Wahhabi Theology whose clerical are brainwashing Muslims.
    By Urooj Fatma - 3/8/2019 4:42:19 AM

  • In this article there are some excerpts which are really disturbing and we can say Islam is being misused by the wrong people
    By Urooj Fatma - 3/8/2019 4:41:51 AM

  • Good piece.Immediate corrective measures need to b taken.And these religion goons put behind bars under PSA.
    By KhÀñ Gm - 3/3/2019 3:50:01 AM

  • #Kashmir is a War Jone.Anything Could Happen in War.If You Want Peace...Stop War.Only Dialogue Can Provide Permanent Peace.Not Guns..Bombs.
    By Suraj Sayyed - 3/3/2019 3:49:31 AM

  • Islam never teaches terrorism. Our religion is based on peace, love and harmony.
    By Mir Farooq - 3/3/2019 3:46:55 AM

  • This Page Is Nothing But #Rss Sister Org.
    By Suraj Sayyed - 3/3/2019 3:45:22 AM

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