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Al Qaida’s Roadmap to Self-Destruction


By Md Badral Din, New Age Islam

The Al Qaida whose aim is to establish an Islamic caliphate by the use of force has been responsible for paving the ground for the invasion and domination of  the Islamic countries in Asia and the NATO forces led by the US. The terrorist activities of Al Qaida and its affiliates in the European countries provided them with the ground to move in their forces on the pretext of fighting these organizations like Al Qaida, the Taliban, Al Shabab etc. Iraq was destroyed for aiding and harbouring Al Qaida, Afghanistan was ravaged for giving shelter to Osama bin Laden, the main accused in WTC attacks. In other Muslim countries too where people have been revolting against pro-US dictators and rulers, the US raises the spectre of Al Qaida and accuses the protesters of being supported and aided by the Al Qaida to justify their intervention in the strife torn countries.

Last year, Mali, the impoverished African country that was once a colony of France again witnessed the intervention of French forces because the government there sought their help against the terrorist organizations Ansaral Dine and Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI) who had captured the northern part of the country and had tried to impose Sharia law imposing full Hijab and stoning for adultery.

Eventually, the French army defeated them and reinstated the government there. This is the latest incidence of how the Al Qaida and its affiliates have been providing the Western countries an opportunity to intervene and dominate Muslim majority countries by creating a situation where the local government is forced to seek the help of the same western countries whom they abhor for the reinstatement of their democratically elected government and peace. Keats’ famous line aptly applies to this situation with some changes:

If Al Qaida comes, can NATO be far behind

The terrorist organizations who have been carrying out their so called jihad to establish Islamic rule have actually provided the western countries to once again turn the Muslim countries into their colonies. Britain’s colonies in Asia, Mid-East and Africa had become independent one by one making the sun set in their regime by the turn of the twentieth century. Most of the Muslim countries had become independent from the rule of Britain and had been progressing and prospering with their own religious and cultural identity until Al Qaida and Taliban came into existence.

Their terrorist ideology wreaked havoc in the Muslim countries on two counts. One, they destroyed peace and harmony of the country where they had their base and two, they gave the western countries an opportunity to wage war against the Muslim country from where they carried out their terrorist activities against the US and other European countries destroying life and economy of those countries.

It has become the modus operandi of Al Qaida and their political mascots to foment political unrest against the existing regimes and then taking advantage of the unrest and the vulnerability of the government; they overthrow the government and try in vain to establish an Islamic state making Sharia as its basic law.

This happened in Mali where the secessionists revolted against the government and then Ansar al Dine and the Al Qaida took over imposing Sharia Law, stoning for adulterers and destroying Mausoleums and ancient antiquities. They even destroyed ancient materials of learning and precious documents on science and astronomy.

However, there was an unusual development in Mali. Recently, a 79 page document was found by some journalists. The document is dated July 20, 2012 and has the signature of the leader of AQMI, Abdul Malik Droukdal. The document shows a transition of the policy of Al Qaida from hard-line Islamism to a moderate Islamism in order for them to be accepted by the Muslim masses of the country. Al Qaida and other terrorist organizations in the world are notorious for their extremist and Takfiri approach to Muslims and governance. But the document found shows that the organization leader had envisaged a moderate approach to the implementation of Shariah so that the local people do not turn hostile to them and the international community does not find and opportunity to intervene. It shows that Al Qaida had planned to establish a soft Islamic state with a changed attitude.

In the document which was meant for the fighters condemned the stoning of adulterers and destruction of mausoleums (which had evoked worldwide condemnation) terming it as a mistake. He wrote in the document:

“You have made a serious mistake", he wrote. "The population could turn against us, and we cannot fight against a whole people. You are in danger of destroying our experiment, of killing off our baby, our beautiful tree."

The document which was headed “Roadmap relating to Islamic Jihad in Azawad (northern Mali) had elaborated on how an Islamic state could be gradually established without AQMI drawing the attention of the global community. Droukdal was of the view that instead of implementing the Shariah Laws like stoning for adultery and hand amputation of thieves forcefully at the outset, it was necessary to first create a public opinion among the masses and generate acceptability. He expressed his disapproval of the implementation of Islamic laws (Hudood laws) against persons violating those laws as, in his view, it would prove counterproductive. He said that if the whole population turns hostile it would not be possible for them to fight against them. In one of the six chapters he gave this suggestion to his comrades in arms:

“Sharia law allows lashings of the whip as a punishment for adulterers, but first of all we must get people used to the idea and educate them in Islam, only then can we envisage using such punishments".

It should be mentioned here that one of the affiliates of AQMI, the Ansaral Dine demolished 333 tombs and mausoleums in Northern Mali. 18 of them were classified as UNESCO’s world heritage site. The demolitions along with the imposition of Hijab and stoning had caused shock and anger among the Malians which had got Abdul Malik Droukdal worried about their future plans.

However, it seems that his moderate visions were not approved by other groups like Ansarl Dine who went ahead with demolitions, killings and stoning of people which finally led the UN to pass a resolution in favour of international intervention in Mali which ultimately overthrew the marauders. While fleeing they shredded the so-called ‘vision statement’ of their ‘great statesman’ called Abdul Malik which was picked up by two journalists of the French newspaper Liberation.

Now the ‘holy warriors’ might be hiding in some caves or jungles of Timbuktu preparing another ‘vision statement and roadmap’ for their self-destruction and the enslavement of some other independent Muslim country.

The Saudi cleric Abdulaziz al-Fouzan rightly criticized the Al Qaida for the problems of Muslim countries. He said that their (al-Qaeda’s) actions open the door to “the enemies of the Islamic nation” to intervene in their affairs.