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Combat Terrorism: Safeguard Nation-State Sovereignty

By Kazi Wadud Nawaz, New Age Islam

23 September 2016

Closed eyes cannot evade perils. We   admit it or not, surely at the moment we, the people of Bangladesh, stand face to face with the stark reality of Global Terrorism. The whole nation now stands shocked and dumb-founded to see the inhuman cruelty of a number of ideologically perverted members of the youth community.

A series of terrorist attacks resulting in individual target killing, organized killing of foreigners and general public have been launched one after another. More alarming is the increased trend of terrorist attack on the foreigners, religious minorities and law enforcing agencies.

The Government of Bangladesh as usual denies the existence of IS or any other international brand of terrorist organizations in our country.  Government’s strategy of denial of ISIS involvement in different terrorist activities in our country has been subjected to severe criticism particularly in different Corporate-funded International Media. Their unusual enthusiasm to force Bangladesh Government’s acquiescence on the involvement of ISIS or its Vassal organisations might sound queer but fully consistent with US stand on the issue.

 Kerry’s Statement during his recent Dhaka visit has opened up Pandora’s Box that unveiled the mystery behind it. His statement on Terror Situation in Bangladesh runs virtually counter to Bangladesh Government’s stand on the issue.

 In spite of all these we should admit that ‘the creator best knows the nature of his creation’ and ‘the wearer best knows where the shoe pinches.’ The situation now demands that we, the people of Bangladesh must be more cautious and careful in handling Terrorism. And this needs a flashback on the historical perspective to acquire greater capacity for analyzing the trend of future events.

The most controversial September Attack on the World Trade Centre that marked the inception of so-called “American War on Terror” was in reality a golden opportunity for the Neo-conservatives in U.S Administration. They took advantage of the chaos arising there from, and enacted a good number of anti-people legislations just to rob the workers and citizens of their freedom, facilities and democratic rights. The Neo-cons spared no time to rip off their fake cloaks of democracy and take resort to mass-repression and anti-people course towards Fascism.

Similarly the vested interests of Bangladesh at home and abroad are treading the same track. Standing on the corpses of innocent victims, they are exploiting people’s fear and sense of insecurity to rob them of their freedom and fundamental rights.  

The Global War on Terror of the Neo-conservatives in U.S administration aims at destabilizing the resourceful geo-politically important sovereign nation states through conspiratorial proxy-war to turn it into a “Failed State” and replace the established National Government with a Puppet Regime to serve their Geo-strategic interests.

Global terrorism aims at reverting Historical Laws of Social Development to perpetuate class rule and corporate domination.  It’s a global phenomenon born out of Neo-cons’ strategy for implementing the "Project New American century "(PNAC), an inhuman reactionary endeavour on the part of Neo-conservatives to turn back the Wheel of History. Neo-conservatives’ concept of“ War without Border”,  substantially being  the twenty- first century edition of Leon Trotsky’s theory of “Permanent Revolution”, constitutes the philosophical foundation of so-called “US War on Terrorism” that we encounter to-day.

Like most- vaunted Imperialist tools of ‘Democracy and Human Rights’ terrorism   adds another   powerful weapon of world domination in the arsenal of the Corporate Masters. They   already used these weapons in Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. And now they are going after Syria and Iraq for Balkanizing the Middle-East.

Terrorist Organizations like Al-Qaeda, IS, Al-Nusra,  Boko Haram  etc. are their foster-children to be brought up as an instrument of disruption of the national unity and subverting  Nation State Sovereignty for creating  a favourable  environment for external intervention and  regime change.

National Unity is an essential pre-requisite for an effective anti-terror initiative. National Unity, Institutional Stability and State-Sovereignty are inseparably connected with each other.  We   understand the logic behind Bangladesh Government’s assertion that there is no IS in our country. If at all there is any, it must have sneaked into our socio-political landscape with the help of foreign intelligence agencies taking advantage of disunity and chaos prevailing in the country.   

No one-sided and isolated measures on the part of any country or Government can effectively counter Terrorism. This   requires solid national unity, strong and stable democratic institutions, and unflinching resolve and commitment towards national sovereignty, on the part of the Government and Opposition all alike. The concerned Government must have a consistent Internal and External anti-terror policies   and required sincerity in policy implementation.

Internal policies must ensure stability of politico-economic institutions, strong national unity, and greater confidence in the people rather than on the foreign support and Law-Enforcing Agencies.   External policies must prioritize unity with different sovereign nation states and   anti-imperialist forces all over the world, and pursue a policy of mutual support and cooperation in the fight against “Terrorism” threatening one’s national sovereignty.

So far as our anti-terror policy is concerned we seem to lack consistency and sincerity of purpose. We are very much vocal against terrorism, but at the same time we have joined so-called “anti-terrorist coalition" led by Saudi Arabia which in reality will serve the Neo-Cons plan of action for Balkanizing the Middle-east. 

The Terrorist incidences occurring anywhere in the world –Middle-east, Africa, Europe, Central and south Asia including Bangladesh, all are designed to achieve specific geo-political objectives and in no-way related to any religion. Considering the geo-strategic importance of concerned countries, the imperialist and expansionist forces always target dominant religion and religio-ethnic communities as scapegoats to serve their geo-political interests.  So is the case with our ‘Gulshan Tragedy’.

Taking all these factors in view Gulshan Incident cannot be treated as an emotional out-burst of a number of ideologically perverted youth or a group of disgruntled political elements. The Guys involved with this Incidence have mostly come from the rich and higher social and family background. They received modern education and habituated in foppish Western Style of Living.  Visiting Clubs and Bars with girl friends was a routine work for them. These guys brought up under modern education system and western culture, tired of the monotony of affluence became too much crazy for the amenities of the paradise and suddenly turned out to be fanatic Islamists while committing such a horrendous and heinous crime!!  Can a Sane man believe it?? .

Now we live in an era when imperialist forces have taken up “Terrorism” as a Geo-political tool for expanding its empire. Terrorist activities occurring anywhere in the world are all linked up in a single chain extending towards the   Core of Corporate Economy based on “US Military Industrial Complex”. Terrorism in essence is the concrete manifestation of Neo-cons’ strategy for initiating ‘War without Border’ for resource and market.

Revival of the Spirit of anti-Imperialist nationalism and strengthening national unity are at the moment essential pre-requisites for an effective anti-terror campaign and safe-guarding nation-state sovereignty.  Waging a strenuous ideological battle at all level on national scale against Neo-cons’ concept of "Long War Without - Border” and public exposure of the danger of ‘New American World Order’ is a great strategic necessity for success against terrorism. This is the greatest task that the history has assigned to all anti-Imperialist left and nationalist patriotic forces of our country to-day.


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