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Horrors inflicted in the name of Islam

By Irfan Hussain

Jul 05: ALL too often, natural disasters and human atrocities make only a fleeting impression. We watch fascinated and horrified as TV anchors give us their impressions while images of death and disaster roll across our screens.

But soon, one particular crisis is overtaken by another, and relentlessly, the news cycle moves on.

It is not until one sees and hears the survivors that the magnitude of a disaster really sinks in. This is what I experienced while watching Channel 4’s programme on its Dispatches series. Called Terror in Mumbai, the documentary retraces the steps of the terrorists as they first landed in Mumbai by boat, and then made their way across the city, spreading mayhem over a period of 60 hours.

We were shown clips from CCTV cameras that had captured the killing spree. Casually the killers shot everybody who moved. At the VT railway station, where 52 people died, they massacred a family, and a young boy who survived later recounted who had died: "My father. My mother. My aunt. My uncle. Their two sons. What had we done to them? So many dead. What had they done to the terrorists?" What indeed?

When I wrote a couple of columns expressing sympathy for the victims and condemning the killers and those behind them in Pakistan, I got a flood of angry emails demanding to know the proof that linked the terrorists to Pakistan. Our government was in similar denial. And although it has grudgingly accepted that the controllers and planners of the attack were based in Pakistan, and has even arrested some members of the Laskhar-e-Tayyaba that has morphed into the Jamaat-ud-Dawa, very little progress has been made on punishing those responsible.

The most chilling part of the documentary was the constant voice contact between the terrorists and their handlers. Talking on cellphones, the controllers urged on their pawns in Punjabi and Urdu, interspersed with the odd English words and phrases. They certainly did not sound like graduates of a madrasas. Rather, they were professionals doing a job, instructing the young terrorists to kill as many people as possible; urging them to move from one target to another; and repeating that they must not allow themselves to be captured.

Soon after his arrest, Ajmal Kasab was questioned by the police, and admitted that he had been sent by the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba. Asked why and how he had joined the group, he said his father had "sold" him to the Lashkar for money that would lift the family out of poverty, and pay for his sisters’ weddings.

A Turkish couple, spared because of their faith, recount how the bodies of massacred guests at the Trident Oberoi piled and how slippery it was to walk over the pools of blood. A neighbour of the rabbi and his wife who were murdered at the Jewish Centre describe how the couple said "shoot me" to the killers and were duly shot. After the terrorists had left, the two-year-old son of the couple is filmed in a heart-breaking sequence, walking around in the room, clearly confused.

After Kasab had been captured, the controllers realised what would happen if he spilled the beans. They ask two of the killers to take a hostage and get her to call the authorities with a demand to free Kasab in exchange for her life. After an hour or so, when there is no response from the government, they are told to finish off the hostage. All through the atrocity, the handlers keep urging their footsoldiers on, encouraging them by descriptions of what they are seeing on TV. "The whole world is watching your deeds… Remember this is a fight between the believers and the non-believers… If you speak to the authorities, tell them this is only the trailer and the real film is yet to come..."

And when the terrorists are clearly exhausted, the controllers urge: "Throw some grenades, my brother... How hard can it be to throw a grenade? For your mission to end successfully, you must be killed. God is waiting for you in heaven". After each such exhortation, the young terrorist at the receiving end says, "Inshallah". At the start of the programme, the handler asks the landing party if they have eliminated the captain of the hijacked boat, and if so, how? "Zibah kar diya", is the chilling response. ("We have slit his throat.")

Repeated use of Islamic phrases underlines the extent to which the faith has been cynically used to spread violence. While Muslims argue that Islam does not condone this kind of terrorism against unarmed, innocent civilians, most do not condemn it in clear, unequivocal terms. After agreeing that such acts are un-Islamic, there is all too often a lingering "Yes, but…" hanging in the air.

It is this ambiguity that has given terror groups in Pakistan and elsewhere the space and legitimacy to operate. Now that Pakistanis have seen the true face of terrorism in Swat, and have begun to support the government in its drive to rid us of this cancer, the lesson needs to be reinforced. One way would be to dub the Channel 4 documentary and show it extensively on various TV channels in Pakistan. We need to hear ordinary people who survived or lost close relatives, and see their pain.

We need to see the horrors inflicted in the name of Islam. Above all, we need to share the agony of our neighbours.

Source: Asian Age, New Delhi




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     We must not repeat after all propaganda in chorous line, and condemn in stereotype brainwashed mediatic fashion. The Talibans are inactive since eight years, in 2003 the political scenario in Iraq and Afghanistan is identical, i.e. US strategie is to maintain two wars in two different regions, for that the usefull tool is no other than Al-Qaidah, OBL and Talibans, all have disappeared, and replaced by paid, trained, financed, and equipped professional terrorists recruited in the regions itself, In Iraq the local and foriegners, fabricating including the US troops plus recruited paid mercenaries called "security guards"  from US and EU shia - sunni is a fabricated conflict, by US  1.4 millions children women and youth Genocided by US.

    In Afghanistan, the same strategie, lieu of training is 21 Indo / Israeli consulates in Afghanistan under the supervsion of US CIA trained, financed, equipped and sent every where in Pakistan and India for terrorist acts. They are known as Takfiris and Tehrikis run by, Baitullah Mehsod, Fazlullahm, and Sufi Mohd, they are know to the grand public, police, Army and agencies.



    By rafay kashmiri
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    Today (6th july,2009) the news in Hindi daily Amarujala is..

    UK based muslim group of highly educated masses ( of pakistani origin) calling themselves LIBERATION PARTY IN BRITAIN have almost succeeded in penetrating Pakistani Army and top slots, they are enrolling students from The universities and colleges of pakistan . Their aim is to replace Taliban group with more sophisticated HIZBUT TEHREER , which aims at establishing KHALEEFA RAJ first in nuclearly capable Pakistan and then export this top the world as part of the new ruling groups foreign policy..

    Fundamentalism is growing like cancer and no  cure is in sight

    By traveler
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    The silence of the top level imams and maulanas is most shocking. They should have repeatedly and loudly condemned the mindless violence against civilians ever since Al Qaeda, the Taliban, L-e-T and other similar groups started their activity 12 years ago. The highest level clerics in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan have failed in their duty. They should have been vociferous in declaring suicide bombing and civilian bombing to be the gravest of sins in Islam, leading to Hell for eternity. The seminarians of Deoband too were late and insufficiently forceful in speaking up against terrorism. Muslim maulvis and politicians in U.P. who are quick in taking out fatwas at the drop of the hat were not heard issuing any fatwas against mass murderers of innocents.

    It is essential that Talibanism be condemned as a perverse form of Islam, that those who destroyed girls' schools be declared criminals, and that all available broadcast and print outlets be used to propagate a sensible and mature form of the Religion of Peace.


    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin