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Radical Islamism and Jihad ( 2 Nov 2008, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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'Muslims should abrogate verses of war in Islamic Law'

By Ida Indawati Khouw




nasakh, abrogation of law. It is not a popular approach but we can take the step when certain stipulations are no longer applicable to the contemporary context."


Gus Dur's remarks "hit" Guntur deeply.


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Total Comments (4)

  1. Dear Readers,

    First of all I am delighted to see that there is an Islamic website which respects the views of other believers. Normally I have seen Muslims do not like criticism and therefore intelligentsia normally avoids such discussions with them. So the first comment made by me is to acknowledge that when we are prepared to listen to the criticism we are prepared to improve.

    In my opinion we should know that the purpose of any religion is to help develop individual, society, countries and the humanity as a whole. Therefore any religion  which creates hatred between the people is not a religion but the creation of devil. Islam, Hinduism or Christianity should preach that they all are here to respect God because the ultimate aim of every religion is the same. 

    By Govind Sharma
  2. Muslims must come to terms with the fact that islam does not have and will not and cannot have a positive context and constructive role in the 21st century. So long muslims practise self-deceit and think islam can be reformed and made modern, we all will continue to suffer. Context is a very flexible argument and suits more to those who wish to enforce fascism and emotionalism and are ready to die or kill for their beliefs. That the kuran contains such weak points is proof enough that it not a divine book - nor a book of peace nor knowledge. Excessive praise of anything or anyone leads to fascism, irrationality and extremism and islam is thus a Mohammad-centred and Kuran-centred fascism. Unfortunately islamic education causes muslims to become cowards and opportunists and they cannot aparently overcome their fears and come to the correct conclusion that islam is a dangerous-evil case now (in the 21st century). Muslim cowardice manifests itself in their love for violence. Practising collective violence under a fascist leader is a way of hiding ones cowardice, opportunism and foolishness. I read the kuran and found it to be a book of totalitarian manipulation of those who are timid and weak of intelligence. Islam is an instrument of arab imperialism and hegemony also. Non-arabs should certainly shun islam. Even for the arabs islam has become a heavy millstone around the neck. A bit of doctoring here and there will not do. Islam has become a scourge upon mankind and things will become worse if muslims keep fooling themselves and others into thinking that islam can be made better. Every attempt to reform islam has only ended up strengthening islamic fascism. Everything good that non-muslims gave to the muslims (even to muslim liberals) ended up in the hands of the islamofascists. Face these facts courageously and honestly now.

    By G.Vishvas
  3. Dear Aamir Mughal Sahab,


    Thanks for sharing these posts with us. They are very educative and contain quotations from authorities on the subject. So I am posting them separately on another page for readers.

    Knowing how to Interpret Quran correctly is important and certainly useful and necessary. But it still doesn’t solve our problems regarding the Holy Quran’s war-like verses. These verses were situational. They are instructions given in a certain context. Some of them certainly are of a universal nature. But in some other cases that context does not obtain today and cannot obtain today or in future. Time machine or not, we are not going to live in the 6th century Arabia and fight those wars again. Enemies of Islam both within and without are using these surahs to propagate that Islam breeds or justifies terrorism. A virtually new religion has come into existence that I have been calling Jihadism, but it claims to be Islam and derives sustenance from these verses. Its practitioners too are outwardly Muslim and claim to be true Muslims, indeed the only Muslims who deserve to go to Heaven. Jihadism has indeed distorted the very beautiful concept of Jihad fi sabilillah.  Mainstream Islam is not contradicting these claims loudly and widely enough. This inevitably creates suspicions in the minds of our neighbors, people belonging to other religions who do not understand the situational nature of Quranic verses, particularly as they are told that every word, comma and full stop in the Holy Quran is immutable and of universal significance. This also makes the task of Jihadists easier. In the absence of adequate response from mainstream Islam, the Jihadists are able to easily brainwash our youth, even those who are highly educated and intelligent.

    We cannot delete these verses from the Quran, of course, but we can certainly make it clear that they do not apply to us any more. I hope you will seriously consider the question and come up with a response. Living in Pakistan, the very hub of terrorism, you have probably become inured to Qital in a way that Muslims in more peaceful societies are not. The article


    Muslims should abrogate verses of war in Islamic Law

    available at: 


    was a cry of despair from an Indonesian Muslim who is watching his peaceful Islamic country gradually turning into an inferno of Jihadism. I made a similar plea in

    Indian Ulema have no time to lose, must call warlike Quranic surahs obsolete   


    [available at: 

    for the same reason. Indian Prime Minister took pride not long ago in the fact that not a single Muslim from this country was found to be a part of the international Al-Qaeda network. We can no longer do so and Jihadism is gaining ground here too. Mainstream Islam must respond to the challenge of Jihadism that is based on verses from Quran that no longer apply. Let us come out and say so.


    Sultan Shahin




    By Sultan Shahin
  4. Dear Sultan Sahab,

    There is a photo of a poet i.e. Allama Iqbal on your website and it would be appropriate to quote him on Quran, by the way I dont like poet very much [Iqbal is also included] but since his photo is on your website so I mentioned Iqbal!

    Khud badaltay nahin Quran ko badal detay hain

    Some words on abrogation of Quran.

    1 - How to Interpret Quran? - 1

    2 - How to Interpret Quran? - 2

    3 - How to Interpret Quran? - 3


    By Aamir Mughal