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Growing Menace of Suicide Attacks


By Dr. Khwaja Ekram

(Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi, New Age Islam)

 Suicide attacks have created an atmosphere of fear in the entire world. The growing menace is taking a toll on thousands of lives. Many innocent people die and even the killers lose their lives.

What are the reasons and motives that drive people lay down their own lives in an attempt to kill others?  Why is it that a stream of youngsters is readying itself for suicide attacks? This epidemic has spread its wings everywhere ------ in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is almost every day that Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan witness suicide attacks in which hundreds of lives are lost. Can it be called a failure of Iraq’s foreign policy or fallout of the American policy? The answer is so obvious that every one readily says that it is the result of the excesses of the US. But why is it that people kill their own brethren.

What is happening in Iraq? One day Shias are targeted and the other day the Sunnis, and resultantly both lose their lives. In the same fashion suicide attacks in Afghanistan have become a daily affair in which mostly the innocent people are killed. Half of the population in Iraq and Afghanistan consists of widows, orphans and the disabled.

Against whom are they fighting when the killers and the killed both are Muslims and according to Islamic principles, both are brothers. Should it be called a fight between two brothers? In my opinion, that is not the sole reason but they are provoked on various levels. Social, political and national problems and international domination play an important part in it.

They are coaxed and indoctrinated in such a way that they get ready to achieve their aim even by laying their lives.

We take only one aspect of suicide attacks in our consideration and that is the destruction of innumerable houses and loss of lives of innocent people and their beloved ones. We must also think that even the suicide attackers are ‘the beloved ones’ of one or the other.  Their houses are also destroyed. Their parents also pass through the same agony.

There is one question. Have we found a single parent who has trained his beloved son to be a suicide bomb? So far as I know, there is not an example. We only know of some organisations that brainwash the youth so cunningly that they get ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of achieving their aims. Such training of ‘self sacrifice’ can be achieved only in two ways:  either they are trained right from their childhood by their parents or they are kidnapped and are trained. We must take the fact into account that no one can make anyone do this unless one is ready at heart because life is the most precious gift of God and suicide must be taken as the greatest disrespect of God’s gift.

“Sacrificing one’s life in the way of Allah is the only way to attain the highest rank of martyrdom (Shahadah)” is taught to the youngsters. From the religious point of view too, it is a matter of great concern that our religious personalities and organisation mislead our youth telling them that the only way to heaven is through suicide attacks.

Are they doing a great service to Islam? The trainers of these suicide bombers are orators of such a highest degree that the listeners come into their trap and lay their lives notwithstanding the worldly favours and blessings of Allah. Both the trainer and the trainee have immense capabilities in them. Had these abilities been used for the benefit of the nation and the people, they could have worked wonders.

Had the youth who are ready to sacrifice their lives been taught some other lessons and worked for the upliftment of the nation and the people, perhaps, they would have proved to be the most coveted treasure. But, neither the countries bearing the brunt of suicidr attacks nor the powers of the world have ever thought on this line. In the recent past, Hillary Clinton in an interview said, ‘had the tiniest part of the wealth being incurred against the war on terror been used for education and developmental work in Pakistan the result would have been much more effective’.

After Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, this trend is growing fast in Pakistan as well. Continuous threats from extremists have increased the possibilities of such attacks. Pakistan is a Muslim country and hence the suicide attacks there mean killing one’s own brothers and attacking one’s own country and the people. There must be some extraordinary reasons which have filled hatred in them and they are not being able to come out of it.

If it is an accepted fact that all these terror acts are the handiwork of the youth, the question is who arranges weapons for them, who trains them to make bombs, from where do they get the infrastructure. Are the same countries the suppliers of weapon and money who claim to be fighting against them? Pakistan is also one of those countries who are fighting against terror as it itself is under the web of terrorism. If all other countries, including Pakistan, impartially analyse the reasons behind such mentality and the sources of their finance, and talk of its solution, this menacing trend of suicide attacks will probably get stopped.

URL for Urdu article:خود-کش-حملوں-کا-بڑھتا-رجحان/d/1892