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Facing Extremism: Some Key Proposals


By Basil Hijazi, New Age Islam

Translated from Urdu, New Age Islam Edit Bureau

19 February 2018

One of my friends says that despite all security measures and military operations, the world is experiencing failure to curb Islamic terrorism. The reason, he thinks, is that the world is looking for symptoms of disease, rather than treatment. If this condition continues to take place, this will probably never end the problem.

They believe that if “terrorism” works merely as a “sub-impact”, the “religious or ideological extremism” is the real problem, and if we are really interested in resolving this problem or “disease”, we should then face it seriously. However, on a regular basis we will have to militarily eliminate the terrorists, particularly those who have already taken up arms to massacre the innocent civilians. If we do not do that, no one will remain alive to “think or introspect”.

In order to reform Islamic extremism on the ideological basis, we need to perform a complete process of action on strategic basis, focusing on the five basic elements.  The primary element in this context is built on seeking alternate religious connotation concentrating mainly on peace, love and brotherhood. This is necessary because the current ideology is using the pretext of Islam for giving rise to violence, hatred and religious extremism. If there had not been any such misuse of Islam, the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi would not have asked the scholars of Jamia Azhar (the Ulema-e-Azhar) to establish a new religious ideology which can work as “revolutionary” attributes.

Secondly, we need to adopt the educationally active resources that can defeat the extremist ways of brainwashing human mind. Among such extremist ways are viewing things in absolute manner, adopting literalist understanding, and then on this basis, taking the decisive steps for the fate of others etc. These are just a few examples of “the style of thinking” which, regardless of religious and doctrinal concepts, give rise to extremism and hatred towards others. However in order to defeat and change such extremist ideologies, we can utilize many ways of Psychology.

The third crucial element is built on reforming those elements which lead to religious extremism. For example, we need many resources, such as facilities of schools and media including both print and electronic, through which we can reform radical ideologies which are promoting hatred towards others, murdering human conscience, and turning the people into violent ones.  

The fourth element involves the use of psychological resources for refuting the terrorists’ ideologies. It is very important to understand that death cannot stop terrorists, as they themselves want to die, thinking they would become martyred and then enter the Heaven. They see only two things “victory or martyrdom”. On getting victory, they will be able to establish “Shariat’s Caliphate” or if they are killed, they will be counted among “Iliiyiin” i.e. the persons having higher place in the Heaven. However in the third case, if they are caught by their “enemies”, the organizations of human rights will make every possible effort to defend them. In short, there is no “traditional” and mental barrier than can prevent such terrorists from committing terrorist acts.

The fourth and last element is built on giving the sacred position to art, music, beauty, and innovation, so much that they are acceptable to social thought. The reason is clear that all extremist religious organizations are strictly opposed to art, music and beauty. It is, therefore, not wrong to say that the promotion of radicalism is based on eliminating the aesthetic sensation in human being. It is not coincidental that elimination of a human being’s passion for art and literature is tantamount to depriving any human being of the ability to taste; which results into destruction of insight between good and evil. And then whatever you may put into such a person’s mouth, he will accept it, simply because he has lost his insight between good and evil. 

The same case is with human beings interested in the funny jokes. If the artistic sensation of any human being is eliminated, his mind is not able to distinguish between beauty and ugliness. In such a situation his mind can be easily filled with the worst deeds. Therefore all the religious organizations aim at eliminating beauty and art and there is no exception to any organization. The reason is that the societies with factors of art and beauty have attributes defensive against radicalism and extremism.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of Louvre Abu Dhabi museum, the Vice-President of United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al-Maktum said, “The Abu Dhabi’s museum is our representative showing our ability to fight against religious extremism.”

The meaning of one Hadith is that “Allah is beautiful and loves beauty”.    

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