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Wahabi-Zionist Onslaught on Humanity


By Arif Hussain

Jan 30, 2014

They are not violent, they are not hasty, they are ideologically logical and effectively political.

Diplomacy is the leading method of solving conflicts in Shia Islam. Being a student of comparative religion I already have studied a bit about some of the major sects in different religions.

During the past three years of my study into this domain, my thoughts on some subjects have greatly altered as a result of intense research. Shia Islam is one of the niches which caught my attention as I proceeded with my work.

Shias make 10-13 percent of the total Muslim population in the world. Most part of this population (68-80%) is concentrated in just four countries namely Iran, Pakistan, Iraq and India. Except Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, they are a minority in every other country. My aim behind mentioning this demographical analysis will be explained further in the following paragraphs.

Population of any nation has something to do with its power; of course here we mean the political power. Large population means enhanced consideration on the political arena. Democracy itself is one of the examples.

The thing which signaled my attention towards this specific Islamic sect is the power of expression in Shia Islam.

In spite of their small population, they are able to express their views and ideology with full force yet in a non-violent manner. Smaller population is not the main obstacle in their way, their main opponent is loaded with extremist ideologies and destructive behavior. Most of the people know this rival as Sunni Islam but true facts have disclosed this as Wahabism or Salafism - a Saudi version of Islam which largely goes counter to the true Islamic teachings.

Wahabism against Islam, Tool For Zionism

Though most of the people consider Wahabism as a branch of Sunni Islam especially in the West, the reality however is contrary. Wahabism is a hardcore Islamic ideology which claims to return to the earliest Islamic fundamentals of Islamic sources of Quran and Hadith.

They get their ideologies directly from Quran and Hadith and reject the existence of any medium between the believer and the source. In Sunni and Shia Islam there must be religious scholars to interpret the Quranic verses and Hadith. Because a single Quranic verse may hold different or multiple instructions, it may have a time factor in it so such a verse can’t be directly applied as law unless or otherwise properly interpreted in the light of Hadith, logic and Islamic history.

To do this one must have proper knowledge of Hadith, Mantiq (logic), history and even social sciences. This different way of getting instructions directly from the Quran (the main source of Islamic ideology) and every individual’s being able to interpret the Quranic verses puts Wahabism far away from both Shia and Sunni schools of thought. I mentioned this ideological difference because it has something important to do with today’s onslaught on Shia Muslims across the Muslim World.

According to Wahabi believes, Shias are non Muslims, they commit Bidat (creating something new in Islam outside the Quranic teachings) and Mushrik (believe in more than one God). As per their law, it is legitimate to kill Shias irrespective of their gender and age. With this extremist ideology they have been persecuting Shia Muslims for decades.

The Western hegemony, powered by Zionist money was keen to take advantage of this ideological rift and it did so. The powerful military wings of Wahabism i.e. al-Qaeda and Talban were created and funded to bring about bigger political changes in the Muslim World. Saudi Arabia, Israel and some Eastern and Western countries have been working in close cooperation to shape the Muslim World in a way where there would be no place for Shia Muslims to live.

In fact each party has its own set of interests in formulating such a mechanism against Shia Islam. When it comes to West we mean the United States first. And it is in everybody’s knowledge that America has long been hijacked and politically invaded by Zionists. Their domestic and foreign policies all must be verified by the Israeli lobby before they are finally passed.

Shia Islam Is The Main Resistance Against Zionism.

Shia Islam is the main resistance against Israel’s illegal existence. Whether it is Hezbollah fighting face to face with the forces of occupiers or Iran politically defeating the Zionist regime and its allies at every platform, showing the World the true face of Zionist entity. It is the Shia Islam which is fighting the enemies of Islam and Muslims.

If Western hegemonic powers and the Zionist regime of Israel fear anything on their way to their dream of greater Israel, it is Shia Islam which is the obstacle. After the shameful defeat of Israel in 2000 and 2006 in the hands of Hezbollah, Israel has intensified its proxy wars against Shia Muslims around the Muslim World. And her sister Saudi Arabia is putting her all out efforts to power these proxy wars politically, morally and economically.

Saudi Arabia and her shameful ideology has been working as a tool for the enemies of Islam and humanity. Whether it is Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan or Yemen, the Saudi grown wild animals have been butchering Shia Muslims, killing innocent children and women in the name of Islam. The atrocities which this family regime has committed and is still committing against Shia Muslims in Pakistan have never been seen in the history of humanity.

Wahabism and Zionism are sister ideologies. Two historical hijacks have changed the World political arena in a complex and dangerous way. The hijack of America by Zionists (Israel) and the hijack of Islam by Wahabism. Wahabism aims to defame Islam and display it as a terrorist ideology to the rest of the World especially the West. Zionism aims to defame Christianity and Judaism and display them as warmongering ideologies.

Wahabism patronizes Zionism. They are sister ideologies. One has control over petroleum and the other has control over banking. One has control over the place holiest for Muslims and other has control over the place equally holly for Muslims, Christians and Jews. One is loaded with throat cutting and flesh eating cannibal Jihadists, the other is loaded with thermal, chemical and atomic bombs. Both commit extreme human rights violations. Both are equally responsible for all the wars in the Middle East and beyond.

If one slaughters other fellow Muslims for practicing their religious believes, the other bombs the fellow humans to leave their own homeland. They don’t have each other’s embassies in their states yet they work in close cooperation. They don’t accept each other’s legitimacy as a state in public yet have perfectly mechanized intelligence sharing.

The only difference between them is, Wahabism takes the cover of religion and Zionism takes the cover of human rights. In the presence of these two ideologies the world for sure is a dangerous place to live.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The Wahabi and Zionist bluff has taken the lives of millions of Muslims, Christians and Jews. In the recent years, Wahabism has been greatly exposed in the Muslim world mainly because of its own heinous crimes against humanity and its aliens to the Zionist entity and all its supporters.

Most of the Muslims who were badly confused by this Saudi version of hardcore ideology, especially Sunnis, are now becoming more and more aware of the true black face of Saudi regime, her decades long propaganda against different Islamic sects mainly the Shia Islam which is a sign of demise and downfall of Wahabi propaganda.

In the same way, the recent false flag war propagandas formulated by the Zionists against Syria, and their failure due to the lack of political and public support in the United States, Britain, France and all over the World is a clear indication of demise of the Zionist propaganda machine.

Arif Hussain is a Pakistani journalist. A graduate of a prestigious military institution in Pakistan, Arif Hussain has been writing articles about international relations, global politics, Middle East and the expansion of Zionism across the globe.