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Love-Bomb, a new RSS weapon against innocent Muslim youths of Kerala: Jana Satta

Kerala facing a new danger


The South Indian state is being threatened with a new deadly weapon -- “Love-Bomb”


A Jana Satta editorial reproduced in Jadeed Khabar, Urdu Daily, Delhi

(Translated from Urdu by Raihan Nezami)


The Kerala High Court instructed the central government yesterday to investigate into the so-called allegation of conversion of the Hindu girls to Islam by Love-Jihad organization of Kerala. The home ministry will submit the finding report to the court in this matter. It has also ordered to investigate the influx of money for this project. Justice K. T. Shankaran has issued this order while hearing anticipatory bail petition of the two accused youths. They have been accused of forcing the college girls to convert to Islam and for being attached to Popular Front of India, a South-friendly organization. The Justice asserted on observing the case diary, “It seems there have been many cases like this, the organizations like “Love-Jihad” or “Romeo-Jihad” are the fabrications of a particular group of Muslims in Kerala”.


Recently in previous month, two parents had filed a writ petition in high court after their daughters were missing. The girls reported on being recovered that they had been kidnapped and were being forced to convert to Islam. After the girls were sent to the parents’ custody, the court asked the police to investigate into the matter as to how the girls are being enticed in love and being forced for conversion to another religion.


The concerned girls are the residents of Kochi and Trivanantpuram who studied in Pathan Mithqan College. One of them fell in love with her senior colleague and she wished to marry him. Her lover involved the other girl with his friend. The girls reported that they were taken to Malayapuram and given religious books; also they were shown the video of religious significance.  The police admitted that there have been certain cases of girls being trapped in love and forced into conversion. Some girls have been returned to their parents who did not file legal cases for fear of social embarrassment. According to sources, this organization is especially targeting the Hindu girls.


On the other hand, Naseeruddin Relaram, the organizer of Popular Front of India, denies any such claim. According to him, his organization is simply trying to strengthen Muslims. The conversion to any religion is no crime; the process of conversion is going on in all religions including Hinduism and Christianity. No one can attach love-affairs to terrorism in the name of conversion to another religion.


According to PTI, RSS has blamed the Muslims of Kerala that they are victimizing the Hindu girls by using a new weapon, “Love-Bomb” and converting them to Islam to use them as human bombs. According to a recent report in Organizer, the Campus front of NDF in Kerala involves innocent Hindu girls in love and converts them to Islam; later on, they include the converted girls in the Jihadi terrorist network.


RSS has claimed with reference to the police report that about 500 girls have disappeared in Kerala in the last two years. There are thirty girls reported missing in different police stations of the state every month. The converted girls are, later on, sent to Kashmir for the purpose of terrorist activities. They have blamed that despite various complaints lodged by different organizations, no action is yet taken against the production of Love-Bombs.

Courtesy: Jana Satta, Hindi daily, New Delhi  

Translated from Urdu by Raihan Nezami

Source: 5-10-09, Jadid Khabar

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