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Muslims and Islamophobia ( 10 Nov 2014, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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The Suicide of the West: The Islamophobic Narrative with Which Many Europeans, Americans, Australians Are Beginning To Agree


By William Stoecker

Nov. 10, 2014

At the risk of sounding chauvinistic, I maintain that the Judeo-Christian, capitalist West represents the finest flowering of human culture, despite its many flaws and the undeniable achievements of people in other parts of the world. The West has been in an almost continual war for 1,400 years with a truly evil outside force – and now the governments of many Western nations, in the name of “tolerance,” “diversity,” and “political correctness” have surrendered to that force. Western leaders have invited the enemy inside the gates, so to speak, and betrayed, even in effect declared war on, their own people. Now the West is in rapid decline, and even the native peoples of many Western nations (and such Eastern nations as Japan, heavily influenced by Western culture) are literally dying out because they are not reproducing at the replacement rate.

That evil force is Islam, a demonic death cult founded in 622 by the “Prophet” Mohammed in Saudi Arabia, from whence it spread by conquest. The requirements in Islam’s “holy” book, the Quran for “holy” war, subjugation of women, and persecution of other religions are very real, and they have been there all along. The atrocities committed in the name of Islam are too numerous to list; among them are the mass murder of tens of millions during their partial conquest of India, the pyramids of skulls erected by Tamerlane, the Turkish genocides against Armenians, Assyrian Christians, and Greeks, the enslavement under brutal conditions of over a million Europeans over a period of centuries, and the unceasing terrorism of the last few decades.

For a very long time, the West resisted. From 711-718 A.D. the Muslims conquered Spain and Portugal, but when they crossed the Pyrenees they were defeated at the Battle of Tours by Charles Martel, leading an army of Franks and Burgundians. From 1095 to 1291 (when Acre fell to the Muslims) Europeans, the Crusaders, attempted (and failed) to win back the vast tracts of the Middle East that had once been mostly Christian. They did succeed in driving the Muslims out of the Iberian Peninsula by 1492. The Holy League defeated the Ottoman Turks at sea in the Battle of Lepanto, in the Gulf of Corinth on 10/7/1571. When the Ottoman Turks occupied parts of Eastern Europe, they were stopped by an army of Poles, Germans, and Austrians at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. Then the Islamic world went into a long period of decline, perhaps inevitable, given their twisted belief system.

In the twentieth century oil wealth made some of the Moslem states wealthy and relatively powerful, and they warred against Israel and began a campaign of international terrorism against just about everyone. But in the meantime, many Western states had fallen under the control of leftists who hate Christianity and Judeo-Christian morality as much as the Moslems do. Western governments, acting as if in concert, began a mad, suicidal campaign, inviting hundreds of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East and Africa into their countries. Many of these immigrants are semiliterate and unskilled and add to the multi-generational welfare burden. Particularly in Europe, Muslim immigrants commit most of the street crime. And, increasingly, they have committed major acts of terrorism and instigated major riots – to show their gratitude to their hosts.

Remember that the Muslims who made the first attempt to destroy the World Trade Center had been allowed in by “our” government. Yet that same government, acting as if nothing had happened, later let in the alleged 9/11 bombers. There have been many murders committed by Muslims in the US, never labelled as terrorism, like the Beltway sniper’s crimes. On 11/5/2009 Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed 12 US soldiers at Ft. Hood in Texas, and wounded 31 more. The Army had forbidden soldiers to carry personal weapons on base, and the Army had ignored Hasan’s ties to terrorists and the threatening statements he had made prior to the shootings. The Obama regime refused to admit that the shootings were Islamic terrorism. The US government continues to invite more and more Muslims into our country, while at the same time leaving our southern border practically unguarded. Homeland Security labels American gun owners and Christians as “extremists,” but refuses to say anything about Muslims who live here and preach jihad. Incredibly, while the government continues its attempts to disarm law abiding citizens, Muslims have operated terrorist training camps on our soil.

If anything, the situation in Europe is even worse, as the dying Europeans are literally being replaced by the fast-breeding Muslims. In France entire areas are controlled by Muslims, and the Muslims rioted on a large scale in 2005. All across Europe, Muslims commit much of the street crime. In France, on 1/21/2006, a Black African Muslim gang called the “Gang of Barbarians,” led by a petty criminal, kidnapped a French Jew, Ilan Halimi, and spent three weeks slowly torturing him to death. He was stabbed, burned, beaten with a broom handle, and finally doused with alcohol and set alight.

In Sweden there are some 55 zones controlled by Muslims, where postal workers, for example, cannot go without police protection. Sweden has already let hundreds of thousands of Muslims in; they commit most of the crime in the country and most of them are on welfare. In 2013 the Muslims rioted in Stockholm; when some real Swedes turned vigilante and tried to fight for their country, they were stopped by the police, who have undergone “sensitivity training.” The media typically refer to violent Muslims as “youths” rather than admit the truth.

What we are seeing goes beyond mere foolishness or excessive “tolerance.” We are seeing, literally, the suicide of the West.