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Muslims and Islamophobia ( 14 March 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Texas Faith Panel on King's Hearings

 By Mike Ghouse

We should be concerned about the hearings and pray that Mr. King would be honest, sincere and fair. We hope he will not destroy the fabric of our Nation and pit one American against the other.

King’s hearing is reflective of sheer political desperation. The right-wing Republicans rode in with thumping majority in mid term elections, and now their goal is to win the senate and the white house, this hearing is to augment that process.

 They do not have an honest reason to win in 2012, so they manufacture “Sharia”, “Caliphate” and other devils.  They frighten the crap out of constipated men and women and guarantee them that they will defend their rights and keep the bogeymen out.  In reality nothing really will change; no one gets hired or sees the prosperity. We hope that Americans will not be duped into believing a win against the imaginary non-existent enemy.

 I trust our Systems and the moral goodness of our nation, if Mr. King takes the wrong step, the American people will not put up with it, as they have done that time and again. They have turned around Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars; supported Roe V. Wade, civil rights, Gender Equality and laws against discrimination, anti-Semitism and other issues. We will continue to guard America from any one tearing its fabric.

 Acknowledging that “some of our own” are a security threat to our nation is the right thing to do.  Muslims have nothing to fear and nothing to worry, let the man fall flat on his face "if" he resorts to untruths. What if he turns out to be honest and finds guys like Shehzad? Then we owe him gratitude, not just Muslims but the whole nation. 

 Rightfully, Muslims do not want to legitimize this kind of singling out, neither should anyone. But given the ride the right wingers are cherishing in Oklahoma, Tennessee and elsewhere, Muslim must welcome this, take this as a God sent opportunity for America in general and Muslims in particular to clear the mine fields.

 It is our duty to keep law and order and faithfully guard the safety of every citizen.

 Hate is one of the many sources of disrupting peace in a society, and it is our responsibility to seek the source of such hate and work to mitigate and find lasting solutions

 If nothing else comes from the hearings, one thing is for sure. Muslims are not a monolithic lot and are no different than any of the 301 million Americans. Four Muslims in America have welcomed the hearings; Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Dr. Akbar Ahmed, Ms. Asra Nomani and I, it is not an easy thing but thank God, Muslims have made it easy for us. The American values of democracy flows through their veins, they appreciate the freedom and value the differences; and have learned to respect the otherness of other.  We thank God for this opportunity to put the doubts and nagging behind for good and continue to participate and contribute towards the well being of America; our homeland.