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Sunnis, Shias, and That ‘Religion of Peace’: An Islamophobic View?


By Michael Blackburn

16 June, 2014

I’VE BEEN TRYING to find something topical to write about that doesn’t somehow involve Islam but it’s proved fruitless. From the Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham, where hard-line Islamists have been taking over state schools, segregating boys and girls and calling white Kuffar women prostitutes, to the civil bloodshed in Iraq Islam seems to be the dominant driver of news. And always in a bad way.

The western media are finding it as hard to find anything positive to say about the religion of peace as they do about Israel. The difference is that there is little bad to say about the latter and nothing good about the former.

For the bien pensants (or “c**ts” as Rod Liddle prefers to call them) the problem is never the problem. In this case the problem is never Islam itself. It’s always people who “distort” it or “hijack” it. The two savages who killed soldier Lee Rigby justified their actions publicly as a religious act, quoting the Quran, but David Cameron stepped forth to tell them they were mistaken. The savages of Boko Haram explained years ago that their campaign of kidnap, murder and destruction in Nigeria was to establish an Islamic state, but the bien pensants of the west told them they were wrong — they were reacting to economic and social deprivation.

Now in Iraq, as the ancient Sunni versus Shia civil war steps up a gear, the bien pensants of the western media claim the core of the conflict is “sectarian”. That’s just a weasely way of saying it’s the fault of religion in general to avoid laying any culpability on the religion of peace itself because all religions are the same, you see. Well, they are if you are a know-nothing modern intellectual. Sunni and Shia may be at each other’s throats because of their differences, but those differences are over their religion and that religion is Islam.

FINALLY, AFTER YEARS of enforced multiculturalism, mass immigration, the encouragement of immigrant communities to remain unassimilated, and the deliberate inaction by the political, media and judicial classes over grooming gangs, corruption in local politics, voter fraud, and the infiltration of schools by hardliners, the bien pensants frantically have to account for the ugly facts laid before them.

Watching this spectacle is like witnessing a strange psychopathy at work. The scribblers have already been hard at it avoiding the truth of the Trojan Horse plot, trying to close it down as racist or Islamophobic, or talking about faith schools (none of the schools involved being faith schools) or blaming the government for giving schools too much freedom. Yes, that’s right – because if you give people too much freedom Muslims will take advantage of it. Ironic, is it not?

David Cameron puts on his best serious face and drivels about teaching “British values” in schools, without for an instant realising what a pathetic state of affairs things have come to when a nation can’t even recognise its own character. If he and his political colleagues of all parties had spent more effort educating British schoolchildren to have some respect for their country then this would not have happened.

In the meantime in Iraq adherents of the religion of peace have been executing hundreds of other adherents, dumping their bodies in mass graves and boasting about it on social media. Next door in Syria they’re doing the same. It’s hard to go on about a religion being peaceful when hordes of its followers are gleefully posting beheading videos on the internet.

Like the other labels, “racist” and “Islamophobic”, the moniker “religion of peace” seems to have lost its power through overuse — and being untrue. I haven’t heard any of the usual suspects use it for a while. Who knows, maybe even the deluded left have quietly buried it. If that’s the case it’s purely out of embarrassment. Honesty doesn’t come into it.