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Muslims and Islamophobia ( 29 Jun 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Muslims Fomenting Islamophobia: The Issue Of Donation Of Blood And Organs


By Khalid Shaikh

(Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi, New Age Islam)

07 June, 2012

This story goes back to my employment days. A colleague from Hyderabad office came to meet me. He said he has come to Mumbai for his wife’s treatment. She is to be operated in a few days. Blood will be needed for the operation. I told him there is a list of blood donors in the office. And there is Red Cross Building from where he will get blood of desired group in the quantity he needs. He nodded but said that the blood should be that of a Muslim. I told him, it will not be possible. Blood donors are of every religion, caste and creed and there is no discrimination of any kind in use of blood anywhere in the world. Perhaps, my colleague wanted some Muslim colleagues to donate blood for his wife. It would have been nice, had it been so. After much investigation, we came to know that very few Muslims donated blood.  My colleague’s talk, however, made me worried. In today’s developed age when the world has become a village, this kind of thinking does not look nice. Nor does Islam allow such discrimination and narrow mindedness.

We, the Muslims, are busy proving that all the Islamophobic propaganda and misunderstandings created after 9/11 are true. Because of our foolish actions people get excuses to propagate that Islam is not fit for a pluralistic society and that it treats every religion with hatred. And that Islam wishes its followers to be detached from all others. All this is only because of our stupidity. On the other hand, enemies of Islam wish to separate it from all other religions under a pre-planned scheme.

I should be forgiven for being straightforward, but let me say that it is we who are responsible for all the mischief against Islam. We have ourselves to think whether our life is as per the teachings of Islam or not. We have innumerable bad habits and weaknesses. Well, others too have ‘bad habits and weaknesses’. But it is self-deception to take satisfaction from this thought. The fact remains that comparatively we have more ills in our society than do others. This open book of our evil-ridden community is read by all the non-Muslim communities. Today no Muslim creates love of Islam in others’ heart. There was a time when people used to embrace Islam in groups. Today all has gone wrong. Muslims are converting to other religions. We have people among our communities who break all interpersonal relationship because of ideological differences. Whichever religion it may be it is the followers of that religion who are the biggest enemies of it. And Islam is no exception.

Islam is a world religion. It is a Deen of kindness and its objective is human being’s betterment and development. We can be successful in this mission through our practice of love, affection and kindness, not by a separatist vision.

A fortnight ago, I received a phone call from a friend from Australia. His daughter is settled there with her family. Both the livers of one of her relative have got damaged. Now he is in need of getting it transplanted. My friend wanted to know whether there is any relative of the patient who will donate a liver. I told him it is a very controversial issue.

A section of Ulema says that organs are a gift of God and hence they could not be given away. They say it is not only religion but law also says you are not the master of your body. That is why suicide and prostitution are crimes. I explained that well known scholar of Deen Allama Yusuf Al-Qardawi of Egypt who is in favour of transplantation of organs calls it permissible, in his essay, ‘Transplantation of Organs – Sharia Point of View’(Monthly ‘Zindagi’, 9 February 2007). Charity in Islam, according to him, is not limited only to wealth but every work for the betterment of human being is a charity. If there is no danger to one’s own life, donation of blood and organ is a charity and righteousness of highest order. But its marketing is prohibited. He has also explained that donation of external organs like eyes, hands or legs is not allowed. This will certainly harm the donor. Development of his own being will stop and he will be defaced.

Nowadays donation of organs after death has got a boost. Allama Qardawi has written on this subject also and has declared it to be ‘right’. He says after death donation of organs is profitable for the others and there is no chance of any damage to the donor because otherwise also body will dissolve and become a part of the soil. He further explains that if donation of organs, in life, is right when it can be dangerous to the donor, it should not be forbidden after death. There will be a large section that will have no problem with the first part of the explanation. From the point of view of Islam’s bestowing great value to life, saving a life should not be forbidden. But many people may not agree with the second half of the explanation. The reason is very clear; Islam respects dead bodies as it respects the living ones. Islam has not allowed desecrating dead bodies even during wars.

Donation of blood and livers, while alive, is understandable but even the thought of cutting the parts of the dead body creates frightening impact.

Somebody dies. The whole family and friends are in grief and sorrow; in the meantime surgery of the dead person’s body starts, to take out its eyes, liver and heart. Can it be called humane?

What will remain in the dead body? It is a sensitive and a serious problem which should be discussed at length in the society and scholars should guide the community in this regard.

Source: Inquilab, New Delhi, 7 June 2012

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