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The Orwellian World of Islamic Scholars: ‘According To Quran, Peace In Non-Islamic Societies Is War And War To Destroy These Societies Is Peace’

Aman Aur Fasad Fil Arz Quran Ki Istallah Main !!

By Dr Israr Ahmad, Tr. New Age Islam Edit Desk

17 March 2021

What is Mischief or violent Rebellion (Fasad) according to the Qur'an? What is Mischief or Violent Rebellion in the land (Fasad Fil Arz)? This would mean that this land belongs to Allah. Allah is the real sovereign. Humans should live here only according to the will of Allah. In fact, this is the truth. This is the real peace. Any rebellion against it is Fasad. (In Quranic terminology) Fasad is any kind of rebellion (Baghawat) against God’s order.

A man has become the master of his own will. A person who has his own will is claiming to be God today. Maulana Rumi says, “Nafs-e-Maa Hum Kamtar Az Fir’aun Neest, Aan ke Uo Raa ‘Aun Maa Raa ‘Aun Neest” that is, “My soul (nafs) is not inferior to that of Pharaoh”.

That soul claims to be God and says, “This existence is mine, and will function under my command and my will”. At another occasion, it says, “I like this or that thing. I do not know whether it is right or wrong, lawful or unlawful. I have nothing to do with it. I should get it. This is my demand. This is my need”. My soul is not inferior to that of Pharaoh because Pharaoh too claimed “I am your biggest Lord”.

I am penniless. I am poor. I am a dervish. I have nothing. I don't say anything with my tongue but my soul is claiming inside that “My soul is not inferior to that of Pharaoh”. So, this is really Fasad. Mischief (Fasad) at the individual level means that, instead of worshipping and obeying God Almighty, one worships one’s Self, one’s society, and follows the trend of the times. If you live in that state, then no matter how peaceful you seem to be, there is really Fasad in your life.

Similarly, there is a society. That society is based on rebellion. Think of it as if there were a base for robbers. The robbers do not fight each other. They go out and rob others, but they live peacefully in their own base.  Their base is actually the centre of Fasad. It is the root of Fasad. There is no peace in reality.

If there are many snakes and scorpions living in one place and they are not biting each other, then it does not mean that there is peace here. In fact, there is Fasad in their nature.

So, what is the real peace in terms of the Quran? The answer is that the world order should be established according to the will of Allah, at both individual and collective levels. Any attitude against it; no matter how peaceful the society may seem to be, that is the real Fasad.

For example, the American society seems to be largely peaceful. The people appear well-cultured, polite and show great respect for one another. However, those who know that the United States of America is exploiting the entire world. They know how America is snatching the people’s hard-earned money. They know how it is sucking the labour’s blood. This whole colonialism, they know, is a robber. This imperialism is nothing but robbery. The entire mankind is being robbed. This is a base for robbers in which they have provided peace and shelter for one another.  

So, understand the reality of mischief (Fasad) and peace (Aman). Now, if there is Fasad anywhere in the world, that is, if the world order is not being maintained as per the will of Allah, it will be declared rebellion against Allah.

There was great peace in Makkah. If there was oppression, it was happening to the slaves. They were suffering all sorts of oppression and persecution. There was no protest against it or support for them. After all there was peace. But the system was wrong. It was a corrupt system (Mufsidana Nizam). In order to change this corrupt system, “Muhammad, the Messenger of God and those with him” (2: 1) came and made all possible efforts.

Consequently, a conflict was born within the environment. The next stage of this was what happened later in the Madani period where war and strife broke out. Then the Quran said, “Fight those who fight you” (Surah Baqara- 2:190)

So, war was waged to eliminate this Fasad. There was bloodshed. But this was peace in reality. Some people say, “No, don't fight. Live in peace. Let’s accept falsehood too. Let us believe in some part of their falsehood and get some of our terms accepted by them.  By way of struggles, you are harming yourself. You are sacrificing everything. This way you are creating problems for yourself as well as for others. This is resulting into bloodshed. Leave all such things. Let it be gone. Adopt the path of peace, instead.” Holding such an attitude or this concept (of peace) is actually Fasad.

Sabotaging any struggles (to establish Allah’s order), seeking to eliminate rebellion on behalf of God is an act of rebellion against God Almighty. Instead, a group of obedient and faithful slaves of Allah Almighty must stand up in the form of Jama’at or Jam’iat (an organization) in order to fight against falsehood and corruption. So, if a person creates an obstacle in such struggles (to establish God’s order), whether in the name of reconciliation, Sulh-e-Kul (peace for all), brotherhood, and tolerance or with similar beautiful titles, this will actually be an act of real Fasad.

Imagine the roles of Hypocrites (Munafiqin in the time of the Prophet pbuh) here. Life and property were dearest to them. They were not ready to join the battlefield. Relationships too were very dear for them. They were not ready to separate from their relatives (for the sake of Islam). And the sword of Truth that came was cutting relationships. A son was separating from his father. A brother was separating from his brother.

So, when the Hypocrites came in opposition against this struggle, the righteous believers said to them, “when it was said to them, ‘do not make mischief (Fasad) on the earth,’ they say: ‘Why, we only want to make Peace!” (2:11-12). Consider what kind of Fasad this was. What does the Ayat “do not make mischief” mean? This would mean that the hypocrites should stop sabotaging the ongoing reforms because this is an act of Fasad. Instead, they should support this (violent) struggle in just the same way as the righteous believers supported the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

You too say, “We believe in monotheism (Tauheed) and the hereafter (Aakhirat).” So why don’t you believe in the Quran which confirms the Torah. Believe in the Quran too and support the mission of reformation. Remember the call of the Prophet when he said, “Who are my supporters for [the cause of] Allah?" The disciples said, "We are supporters for Allah.” (3:52). Therefore, you too should come to support the same mission so that the rebellion against Allah in the land be removed and the sovereignty of Allah be established. Only then there will be real peace.  But the hypocrites and Jews made all efforts to sabotage the mission of the Prophet peace be upon him. This was described as an act of Fasad, as the Quran says, “They say, “We are but reformers.” Unquestionably, it is they who are the corrupters (Mufsidun), but they perceive it not.” (2:11).  

As I have suggested earlier (before this speech), this was the role of Walid bin Mughira in the Makki period. Similarly, the Jews and Hypocrites under their influence played the same role. And here when the Hypocrites and Jews were asked not to spread mischief (Fasad) in the land (2:11), that is, not to oppose the prophet and his companions but support them instead, they used to say emphatically “We are nothing but reformers”. Their reply would mean that they were nothing but reformers, the people of peace and brotherhood, the people who were trying to establish peace and stop bloodshed. Commenting on their reply, the Quran said, “Beware, it is, in fact, they who are the corrupters (Mufsidoon)” (2:11)

Now take into consideration what I have explained in the definition of Fasad and Aman (peace), everything will be clear to you. “Unquestionably, it is they who are the corrupters (Mufsidun), but they perceive it not.” (2:11). They do not know. They are watching it all, but are short-sighted. They fear harm, trouble, quarrel, cutting off relations from one another and therefore they are suggesting peace and tolerance in society. In fact, this is Fasad, because they are against the struggle for eradication of the real Fasad. But they are not aware of it.


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