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‘Islam Is Categorically Opposed To Radicalism And Terrorism’: National Security Advisor Ajit Doval Quotes Quran

Ajit Doval, National Security Advisor. (A file photo)


By Muslim Mirror

29 November 2022

At the India Islamic Cultural Center for interfaith peace and social harmony on Tuesday, Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval stated that Islam is categorically opposed to radicalism and terrorism because Islam means peace and welfare.

He was addressing an audience at a programme about the importance of Ulama in fostering a culture of harmony and interfaith peace in India and Indonesia.

As part of the programme, Indonesian Minister Muhammad Mahfud MD has also been to Delhi after receiving an invitation letter from NSA Doval.

“As you all are aware, both our countries have been victims of terrorism and separatism. While we have overcome the challenges to a considerable extent, the phenomenon of cross-border and ISIS-inspired terrorism continues to pose a threat. Cooperation of the civil society is essential in countering the threat from ISIS-inspired individual terror cells and returnees from theatres like Syria and Afghanistan,” Doval said.

“None of the ends for which extremism, radicalisation and the misuse of religion are employed are justifiable on any ground. This is a distortion of religion against which all of us need to raise our voices. Extremism and terrorism is against the very meaning of Islam because Islam means peace and well-being (Salamati/Asalaam). Opposition to such forces should not be painted as a confrontation with any religion. That is a ruse”, he said.

“Instead, we should focus on the real message of our religions, which stands for the values of humanism, peace and understanding. Indeed, as the Holy Quran itself teaches, killing one person is like killing all humanity and saving one is akin to saving humanity. Islam ordains that the most excellent form of Jihad is ‘Jihad Afzal’ – that is, Jihad against one’s senses or ego- and not against innocent civilians,” Doval further said.

Indonesian ulema at the highest levels would also communicate with their Indian counterparts. Discussion topics include “Role of Ulema in Fostering a Culture of Interfaith Peace and Social Harmony in India and Indonesia.”



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