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Why Muslim World Should Reclaim Power of Unity

By Sualimon Salau

03 June 2016

The recurrent resurgence and attacks on Muslims across the globe recently came to the fore when the Ummah gathered in Istanbul, Turkey to chart a new course for the faithful.

Indeed, the Nigerian participants among other scholars at the International Congress of the Union of Muslim Communities believed that the believers could change the world with a united and faithful administration and governance structure.

Decrying the alleged involvement in terrorism, the Co-ordinator, Conference of Islamic Organizations (CIO), Imam Abdullahi Shuaib, said “the Muslim world today is in a state of acute danger threatening its existence from both the spectre of internal conflicts and external aggression, as scenes of destructions, extreme violence, genocide and brutal repression dot the lands of Muslims.

Shuaib, in his presentation at the forum tagged: “Islamic World: Problems and Solutions”, said there was need for Muslims to promote inclusiveness and participatory political administration/governance across the Muslim world.

He said it is unfortunate that ‘the conflict in Syria, the violence and repression in Egypt, the destruction in Libya, the bombings ongoing between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, the repression in Algeria, the sectarian violence in Iraq, the bloodshed ongoing in Somalia and the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria have Muslims majorly as both the victims and the aggressors.”

With these developments, he said the picture is painted of Islam as a violent devotion and it has gotten so bad that ‘quarantining’ Islam and Muslims became the cornerstone campaign of a leading American presidential candidate and he seems to enjoy support. “Though, he has been speaking lately from the two sides of his mouth about Islam and Muslims,” he said.

Shuaib however recommended the involvement of Muslim youths in the reconstruction of the Ummah and setting a new socio-political and economic world order.

Also, he said human capital development of the Ulema (scholars) and Muslim professionals in all aspects of human endeavours is also paramount.

According to him, fostering of Muslim unity is sine-qua-non for a virile, strong and cohesive Ummah (Muslims without border).

He added that Muslims should collaborate, network, synergise and exchange programmes in the field of science and ICT with a view to accelerating the development of the Muslim world.

He also emphasised the promotion of multilateral ethical economic activities/financial transactions cum investment in the Muslim world in particular and the world at large.

Shuaib however noted Muslims across the world should work towards revival of Islamic cultural heritage.