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'Mullahs spoiled my life'

Interview with an Iranian prostitute

By Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

I have been writing a serialized article titled 'Inside Iran Today', for past several months in Weekly Blitz. Following this publications, I have been receiving numerous mails from people in Iran as well as Iranians in the world. There are also threat mails from people in a number of countries. I anticipate that, such threat mails or mails with harsh criticism as well with extremely nasty comments, are possibly sent by Iranian diplomats stationed in foreign countries.

Recently I managed to interview an Iranian prostitute, who disclosed many of the untold stories to me. It is important to mention here that, prostitution is now-a-days on an alarming level of increase in the Mullah ruled Iran. It was already described in my earliest posts how Mullahs in Iran are involved in sex trade as well as sexual exploitation of females. Here, my readers will read the sordid story of an Iranian woman, who was virtually forced into prostitution by the rogue Mullahcracy and Sharia Rule.

Amineh [not real name] divorced her husband, just two months after marriage, as she found him to be drug addict. She said when she went to the Sharia judge for a court order allowing her to divorce her husband, the judge in usual Islamic dress, proposed her to spend few nights with him for such order. She said: "I had to virtually turn into a concubine of the judge for several weeks, till he settled my divorce issue. I even became pregnant, while the judge managed for abortion in a government hospital, secretly, just by using his official status accorded by Mullahs in Iran."

Amineh appealed to Iranian women in the world, who might be reading this interview to do anything possible in ending the devil regime of Mullahs. She said: "If you can do this, I will kiss your feet and hand."

With a degree in medical science, Amineh's miseries began few years back, when her father was arrested by Revolutionary Guards, as a suspected spy. He was brutally tortured in custody.

Two days later, when Aminey came to know about the location of her father, she decided to visit the Revolutionary Guard's prison cell along with her mother, who also was 37 at that time.

She said, "When we went to the prison cell, one of the members of the Revolutionary Guards pretended to be kind on us and promised to let us meet him [father]. Two hours later, it was almost late evening; the same man came out with smile in face and said, my father was waiting for us inside. We hurriedly went to meet him with some fruits and personal stuff.

"We were seated in a small room, where we found blood stain on walls. There was a dirty bed at the corner. We thought, it was the room, where they might have kept my father.

"Now the same man came with two senior members of Revolutionary Guard and jokingly told them 'here are two gifts for you for this evening'. One man forcibly pulled my mother in the bed and raped her in front of me and two other officers. My mother was crying for help. I tried to rescue her, but, those two men held me till the officer was done. This way, three of them raped my mother.

"Then one of them looking at me said, it is now your turn. I sought mercy from them in the name of Khuda [God] saying I was still a virgin. They started laughing and told me that I will be in heaven if I can lose my virginity in the hands of Revolutionary Guards.

"My mother, who was just raped caught legs of one of the officers and appealed not to spoil me. They said, she is the daughter of a spy, and we must punish her. One of them even threatened that, if we do not obey their instruction, they will kill my father immediately.

"One of them approached me and said, get ready for losing your virginity and becoming the temporary wife of the soldiers of God.

"I turned unconscious as one of them started raping me. It was bleeding. But those animals did not stop. Later I was told by my mother that, they raped me for the rest of the night and were chanting various joyous slogans.

"Next morning they sent me and my mother home and promised to release my father in hours. Three hours later, my father was also sent back in critical condition. He was immediately rushed to the hospital but doctors refused to admit him as he was released from prison cell of revolutionary guards. Later we managed to get him treated at home with the help of my campus colleagues. We found serious injuries in his mole. Those animals inserted ice into his mole and applied various forms of torture tactics. Six days, after fighting with severe pain and mental trauma, my father died.

"One year later, I was married to a local businessman. Just in days, I realized that he was a damn drug addict. He even was trying to offer me to his friends in exchange of drugs. That made me determined to divorce him.

"When I got my divorce order being already sexually exploited by the Sharia judge, I was still trying to hold my dignity by joining into the profession of a medical practitioner. Subsequently I joined in a small local hospital as attending doctor. But miseries returned here again. One day a pregnant woman came to me for suggestions. She was accompanied by her husband, who is an influential member of the local committee of the ruling party. While I was diagnosing my patient, her husband refused to stay outside. Instead, he was trying to make sexual signals through eyes, which I pretended to be ignoring. Next day he came alone and told me that, I must meet him at his business office when I am done. I harshly rejected his indecent proposal and shouted saying don't you know I am a doctor? He threatened me saying, if I would disobey him, he will put me into legal hassle. I decided to stand firm on my position and said, he could do anything as he desired, but I will never agree to his proposal. He left the hospital angrily. Next morning I was arrested on charge of adultery with a hospital colleague. I knew this false allegation was cooked by the same leader.

"But the most surprising thing is, I was taken in the business office of that leader by local policed instead of police station. Immediately I realized that those police officers were purchased by that man. He locked me in a room for consecutive five days. Each day, I was sexually abused.

"Then I really made my mind. It was impossible for any woman in Iran, under the current Sharia rulers to remain pure. So, I entered into the profession of prostitution."

In response to my question, how things can change in Iran, Amineh said "Only democracy. Ousting the Mullahs from power can save Iranians. We have become virtual slaves in the grips of Mullahs. We want freedom! Mullahs have spoiled my life!"

This serialized reporting on Iran will continue. Anyone in Iran or Iranians outside that country can send me any valid information on such repression or various illegal activities of the Mullahs in Iran. For the sake of security, identity of the informant will always be kept secret. For the sake of ousting the Mullahs from Iran, and for the sake of victory of the pro-democracy forces, it is extremely important to let the world know, what exactly is happening inside Iran today.

Source: Weekly Blitz, Dhaka