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Islamic Concept Of Marriage

By S. Arshad, New Age Islam

09 October 2019

The union of a man and a woman under a social contract for the purpose of fulfilling social, physical and biological obligations is called marriage. The concept of marriage is as old as the history of mankind. The first man and woman, Adam and Eve were husband and wife and they lived together as a couple for their entire life. Thus the concept of marriage as a life long union between a man and woman exists since the primitive age and subsequent religions put their seal of recognition on the sanctity of the institution of marriage. Separation (divorce) is seen only as an unwanted incident and a result of incompatibility or serious personal differences between the couple and is always painful for both.

In Islam, Marriage Is A Social Contract Between Two Consenting Adults i.e.. Uqdatun Nikah (Contract Of Marriage) (Al Baqarah:237).

In pre-Islam Arabia, the concept of marriage was not well defined. As a result, women's place in society was shaky and insecure. Islam defined marriage as a permanent union between a man and woman and divorce was only a way out of a disastrous marriage to save the husband and wife from mental and physical pain. The holy Quran outlines the process of divorce which is only a last resort and not a means of ending a mutually decided temporary marriage for sexual gratification.

According to Quran, the purpose of marriage is not only to fulfil physical obligations but also procreation. Procreation leads to the creation of a larger society. God created man according to his scheme of things. He willed the creation of society where every human being will do his duty towards other human beings, and based on his deeds and actions his fate will be decided. Thus only a lawful lasting relationship between man and woman can be conducive to the creation of a society planned by God.

That's why the Quran advocates a lifelong marriage because only a lasting relationship can fulfil the purpose of procreation. It opposes and disapproves of any marriage which is based on temporary sexual gratification because if this form of marriage is approved and permitted, it will also, like sexual perversion (homosexuality and lesbianism), hinder the process of procreation. Since, the parties in a temporary marriage will come together for a stipulated period of time only to satiate their list, they will take every preventive measure against procreation. The couple will also not have any commitment towards each other and will not have any emotional bond. This will render them irresponsible towards the duties of the society. This form of marriage will also promote adultery and prostitution. To prevent this trend, the Quran puts chastity as a precondition for marriage:

"And lawful to you are (all others) beyond these provided you seek them (marriage) with (gifts from) your property, desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse."(Al Nisa:25)

"So marry them (slave girls) with the permission of their masters and give them their Mehr on a reasonable basis within their customs as they should be chaste, not adulterous, nor receiving secret boyfriends."(Al Nisa:25)

The Quran does not approve of marriage with unchaste or adulterous man or woman. Men and women having temporary marriages on hourly, daily or monthly basis do not fall under the category of chaste men and women because their purpose is only sexual gratification on the part of man and selling the body on the part of woman. Even in the case of Muslim man marrying woman of the People of the Book or slave girls, chastity is the precondition according to the verses 5.5 and 24:32.

The Quran guarantees social security, empowerment and equality to women through permanent marriage. A temporary marriage (Mutah, Misyar etc.) Reduces a woman to a sex object and renders her insecure and helpless and vulnerable to oppression and exploitation.

By making man her guardian, the holy Quran, makes woman secure. The man protects her and provides her physical and emotional support.

"Men are the protectors and maintainers of women."(Al Nisa:34).

Only a lasting relationship can create an emotional bond between them and a sense of belonging.They respect each other and guard the honour and interests of each other.

"They (your wives) are your garment and you are a garment for them."(Al-e-Imran:187)

To further strengthen the marital bond, the Quran has declared extramarital relationship a severe crime.

Therefore, the Quran renders all forms of temporary marriage invented by the modern consumerist society unlawful and akin to adultery. The institution of marriage is being misused for sexual gratification and exploitation of poor and helpless women. Such marriages are a violation of Quran's principles and laws and are punishable for adultery under the Islamic Law.

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