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India's Rwandan TV Channels Promote Binary Communal Narrative And The Treacherous Juhala Among So-Called Ulama And Maulanas Fall Prey To It And Make Unsavoury Remarks Against Our Hindu Brethren And Their Religion For A Few Thousand Rupees

By S. Arshad, New Age Islam

15 July 2022

A Group Of So-Called Muslim Scholars Promote The Agenda Of Hate Of India's Rwandan TV Channels.

Main Points:

1.    Mudslinging on political figures rose in the 1980s.

2.    Media has promoted mudslinging and abusive behaviour in the country.

3.    Children have also been affected by this abusive behaviour of elders.

4.    The treacherous Juhala among so-called Ulema, Maulanas and Muslim scholars make unsavoury remarks against Hindus in TV debates for a few thousand rupees.


During the tenure of Rajiv Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India, the Bofors Kickbacks Scandal had rocked the nation and had wielded a huge blow to his image as 'Mr Clean'. The opposition had coined a slogan to vilify him and that was:

Gali Gali Me Shor Hai

Rajiv Gandhi Chor Hai

(This is the talk of the town that Rajiv Gandhi is a thief). This slogan was so catchy and popular that even the children learnt it and shouted it in the streets. During the same time, the All India Radio, Gorakhpur broadcast a live programme participated by children and conducted by the station director himself. In the programme, the station director asked each child to recite a poem. They recited whatever poem they had learnt. But one child, on his turn, recited the slogan popularised by the Opposition. The programme went on the air live and the station director was instantly dismissed.

Perhaps after this incident, live programmes were banned on the radio to avoid any embarrassment and controversy. And perhaps this incident was a turning point in the Indian politics as mudslinging on prominent political personalities, including the Prime Minister became a new normal. Later, the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi popularised the slogan "Chowkidar Chor Hai"(The sentinel is the thief). This slogan did not become popular in India but in Pakistan the Imran Khan led opposition chanted this slogan against the Shahbaz Sharif government after being dislodged.


Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi getting into a heated verbal debate with Farah Faiz on Zee Hindustan channel, as people around them get up to intervene. (Source: Zee Hindustan/Twitter)


This trend did not stop here. In the twentieth century it infected the TV channels and religious issues began to be debated without keeping in mind the sensitivity such issues deserved. The TV channels in recent years have largely restricted themselves to debating communal issues thanks to their contributions to the TRP. The anchors shout at their maximum pitch and the participants shout at and abuse each other without any fear or shame. Even abusive words are allowed, as long as they bring good TRPs.

The communal debates of such a low standard were started to popularise a new narrative which we can call 'Binary Communal Narrative'. Under this narrative, Muslims are shown as equally responsible for the growth of communal hatred in the country or for any communal conflagration in the country. After every communal conflagration in the country, the TV channels find a mastermind among the Muslims before the administration does and runs the 'breaking news' so many times that the nation comes to believe the narrative. Another way of promoting this narrative is the participation of the treacherous Juhala among so-called Ulama, Muslim scholars or bearded Maulanas in TV debates where religious issues are debated and during the heated debate, the Maulanas or Muslim scholars also retort by making unsavoury remarks against the religious beliefs or sacred figures of Hindus when the beliefs of Muslims is attacked by the panellists. One Youtbe journalist revealed that such communal debates are preconceived and both the Hindu and Muslim 'scholars'(sometimes a sadhu and a Maulana) come in the same car (sent by the TV channel), exchange pleasantries, hug each other and have tea together before the debate but the moment the camera is on they start abusing each other's religion according to the script given to them.


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The Muslims do not speak ill of the religion or religious figures of Hindus or any other community, at least in the public, leave aside on TV because the Quran strictly forbids unsavoury remarks against the deities of other religious communities. Some renowned Islamic scholars have even gone to the extent of saying that Shri Ram might be one of the prophets of the Abrahamic religions as God has said He has raised prophets in every part of the earth. Therefore, saying anything insulting to any prophet of God tantamount to Kufr (Adharma).

But the TV channels invite some half-baked Maulanas who do not have a clear understanding of the true spirit of Islam and either get swayed by the communal atmosphere created in the TV studio or act according to the script and make unsavoury communal remarks. This is the reason a consensus has emerged among the Muslims that Muslims should not participate in TV debates. Therefore, renowned and dignified Muslim intellectuals or ulema d not take part in TV debates.

But the TV channels have found out a solution. They have prepared their own bunch of jokers who play to their tunes and fall in the trap of Binary Communal Narrative promoted by them. Shoaib Jamayi, Sajid Rashidi, Ilyas Sharfuddin etc are some of the so-called Islamic scholars and intellectuals who participate in these debates and promote communal hatred and malign the image of Muslims for a few thousand rupees per episode. Shoaib Jamayi even uses the words 'bho-- ri ke ' and 'ch--ye' against the opponents. Such remarks or language against anyone is not approved by the Quran or hadith and such people only malign the Muslims and Islam by doing so. The result is that now ordinary Hindus have started saying that Nupur Sharma alone is not responsible but Muslims also speak ill of Hindu devis and devtas.Taslim Rahmani, a journalist participated in the debate in which Nupur Sharma had made the objectionable remarks. Taslim Rahmani is also to blame. Why did he participate in a TV debate when even an ordinary Muslim knows that such debates are meant only to vilify Muslims and humiliate Muslim intellectuals and Ulema? In some debates, Muslim Ulema or intellectuals have had to leave mid-way because of the humiliating behaviour of participants and the anchors. Muslims should remember that Rwandan Radio and a few Rwandan newspapers had in just four years after 1990, spread so much communal and poisonous hate in the country that it led to the genocide of at least a million ethnic minorities in the nation.

The history of Rwandan genocide and the role of media can be easy verified online and in books. Muslims should understand that these treacherous Juhala who participate in TV debates are inveterate enemies of the nation and should at least face a social boycott in the community.


(Courtesy: Siasat)


Due to this treacherous behaviour of Muslim panellists of TV debates, this wrong narrative that Muslims too make unsavoury remarks against Hindu religion has been promoted and the theory of Binary Communal Narrative conceived by the mainstream Rwandan media has been successfully propagated.


S. Arshad is a columnist with


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