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The Sacrifice of a Human Child for Eid ul Adha for Political Gains

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

22 August 2017

The festival of Eid ul Adha has earnestly began for many with purchases of animals to be slaughtered for the imminent festival. But how on earth the parents of the one innocent child killed a few days ago by the cavalier motorcade of a deposed politician of an “Islamic Republic” would celebrate this Eid?

PMLN Used the Death of The Child As A Slogan To Perpetuate Their Nefarious Reign

When a nation is steeped in falsehood of religion the clichés just keep on rolling in.

Simply, designate the child so killed as an object of sacrifice, and close to the religious sacrifice external to the precinct of Hajj. What is more, honour the child as the martyr “Shaheed” for the politician’s imperatives! Thus many birds are killed with one stone. The politician gains a symbol for his cause, the child is elevated as Jannati entitled to enter paradise and the parents raised to the exalted position of – however very reluctantly and heartbroken though – to apostolic status of Ibrahim the Haneef, the apostle who willingly (almost) sacrificed his son and in whose name this festival is celebrated.

In the absence of official investigations of this incidence and sad accident, one is left to assume some very negative inherent character aspects of the nation of Pakistan as given in the above linked article; though the article itself, comments and twits in many publications of the country give an indication that it cannot be so largely generalized. Yet that can be said to be a small comfort considering seventy years of the nation’s report card on the whole!

Dwelling on this incident alone, what transpires is this:

-        Having collided with the child – under whatever circumstances – the driver of the first vehicle to hit is said NOT to have stopped to assist the injured child but is said to have proceeded to drive on with his passengers. This is a traffic offence by the driver in any civilised country that has Traffic Highway Code worth the paper it is written on.

-        If the Owner/Master of the car was a passenger in the car, then it must be assumed that he/she too was guilty of being an accomplice in the traffic offence and if he or she had ordered the driver to continue driving then almost wholly guilty of the offence.

-        It is not farfetched to assume that the child may have been injured and not killed outright as it happens in many such cases, and as the cavalcade must have been moving slowly to let the bystanders acknowledge and even wave reverently to the politician’s procession.

-        If the above were to be true, then the driver immediately following the first car, having driven over the body of the child must be guilty of deliberately taking the life of the child. And at least guilty of not stopping at the scene of the accident before running over the child, even if accidently or on the order of the Master!

-        It is just unbelievable that the rest of the cavalcade kept on driving over the child’s body as the article states! Just not possible to believe such things happen in any civilised country in twenty first century, let alone an “Islamic” country!

-        Then to compound the felony, to turn such an unimaginable tragedy into a political stunt by designating the child as a “martyr” for its cause, is just unthinkable, callous and proof of imprinted negative trait of the nation, not displayed even by the most savage people in the world. Perhaps the exemption being the savagery of ISIS!

Where does all this leave the deposed politician by the court in whose name the sordid incident took place? Is he not responsible in any way for the traffic laws being broken and the hurt and grief caused to the poor parents of the child whose life was so cruelly cut short by this cavalcade?

Where indeed is the authority that is supposed to investigate the accident and to determine the cause, effect and guilt of the masters/drivers who broke not only the traffic rules but degraded the very humanity by not showing compassion to the injured or dying person, in this case somebody’s else’s innocent Child.

The Islamic Republic surely knows that murder is of two kinds—intentional/meditated (Amad) and unintentional/mistaken (Khataa). There is a distinct potential of both kinds of offences having been committed in this incident, if that is what it can be called. The former kind is “Unforgiveable” and carries death penalty and the later kind can be “compensated” by agreed payment to the victim’s family. Nevertheless both are Court of Justice impositions and functions. (American, Raymond Allen Davis incident in 2011 is a classic case that took place in Pakistan!).

If, as is assumed that to date there has been no official investigation of the accident/incident, how is the justice system going to dispense justice under the laws of the land, let alone “Islamic” laws? It can be only concluded therefore, that the police and traffic authorities are negligent of their obligations and duty or perhaps have cowed to the political echelon and that the nation operates under various tiers of laws: that is the political upper class are exempt from the laws that they themselves might have enacted in their parliaments for others to obey but are themselves above the law. Then that too is “Un-Islamic”, hence the name “Islamic Republic” of the country is a misnomer!

The linked article and various comments in media from the people of Pakistan on this incident gives some hope that there exists a minority group of people who are aware of the utterly negative characteristic in their mist and are dismayed to say the least; but as usual are helpless at the hands of the rotting elite that has set in the nation, as a result of the collusion of political echelon and the religious brigade that has taken over the State functions at the expense of poor and law abiding citizens of the country, who have put up with sacrifices of enormous proportions  just keep their heads above the murky waters.

The nation has just celebrated its seventy years of independence from colonial rule, yet has fallen in the grip of the worst kind of regime that has given it a very negative report card on all aspects of nation building, that no nation on earth should be proud of. This is said in the light of many nations that became independent around the same time as this Islamic Republic but they have done a better job of building a progressive nation. Some of these nations have even meagre resources of every kind compared to this “Islamic Republic”.

It is their national poet Iqbal who had told them about the Creator’s command to His angel’s:

Uttho Meri Dunyan’ Kay Garibon’ Ko Jagaa Doe-

Getup And Wake The Downtrodden Of My World,

Kakhaye Umraa Kay Dar-O-Diwaar Hilaa Doe!

Rattle The Doors And Walls Of The Grandees’ Villas!

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer

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