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Bright Light of Leadership from the Dark Continent Must Shine on Muslim Leaders


By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

17 February 2018

The outgoing President of Republic of South Africa Jacob Zuma's announcement on tendering his resignation with “immediate effect” is in stark contrast to many of the disgraced and ousted political leaders of the Muslim World who rather see their country destroyed and their nation wiped off from the face of the earth than vacate gracefully the chair of power they are glued to. Mr Zuma had stated in his speech:-

“No life should be lost in my name and also the ANC should never be divided in my name.”

An affirmation of the duty and purpose of a true leader of a nation by Zuma. In current political atmosphere this display of selflessness and sense of duty prompts one to say- Oh Zuma--Iblis Kay Bhes May Tu Toe Farishta Niklaa! Lucifer's garb you turned out to be an Angel!

The list of corruption and other misconduct charges against Mr Zuma is the proverbial mile long, yet his practical action and graceful pronouncement is worthy of the nation of Republic of South Africa anointing him a political saint.

Although he is said to be unschooled, that is in modern terms uneducated, yet his concern for the sanctity of life, unity of his party and harmony of his country should put to shame many of the so called “educated” and even pious political leaders of the Muslim world who have no qualms in inviting foreign powers to help them remain glued to their seats of power at whatever the cost to the country they swore, hands on scriptures, to protect it when taking oath of office.

It appears that the nation from the south of the continent Africa, once disparagingly called “the Dark continent”, its leaders are naturally endowed with deep sense of responsibility and love for their nation. Even Mugabe quit after a long struggle to stay in chair. Yet the way he and the Army acted in his dismissal is a lesson in political maturity ( a million Dollars a year as pension notwithstanding!). A complete contrast to examples set by leadership of the Middle East and even farther afield.

Nelson Mandela; and not to forget the contribution made by farsighted, once apartheid leader De Klerk in bending to the “wind of change” to have released him from prison after twenty seven years. Mandela then stood for election, won it and served only one term as a President to so gracefully stand aside for younger people to take the seat of power. It demonstrates that there is something healthy in the winds that blow from that country that encourages politicians to act at such high standard. Although on human level of weaknesses no one would classify them all as angels and particularly not Jacob Zuma, who perhaps would be quick to say with a smile “we are no angels”.

How does one reconcile these recent reported news events from that part of the world, often considered as uncivilised by those in other parts of the world, boasting their civilisation spans thousands of years. Thus their political acumen to have matured over long time. Consider the following two more examples from Africa:

-The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn, has resigned unexpectedly, the country's State TV reported.

In a televised address, he said his resignation was "vital in the bid to carry out reforms that would lead to sustainable peace and democracy" in his country.

In the latest violence, 10 people were killed and dozens more injured following an opposition protest. This when compared to the destruction of the entire country that takes place because the leaders think that it is their divine right to remain seated in the chair for the rest of their life or at least till the next rigged election!

But this example takes the cake.

-Mr Kabila, who had been opening an oil rig and administrative building in the port city of Matadi, "stayed on the site until the emergency services arrived, and personally supervised the ambulance evacuation of dead and injured". It was reported.

Five people have been killed following an accident involving a cement truck and the Democratic Republic of Congo's presidential “motorcade”.

In an “Islamic Republic” a similar event took place not long ago. The “motorcade” involved in an accident was not even that of a incumbent prime minister but of one who was recently removed from office dishonourably by the country's highest court of justice.

A child was run over and killed and it is said that none of the vehicles in the motorcade which crushed the child stopped to assist or let the authorities investigate the accident. It seems that to-date no charges of any sorts have been laid by the authorities against the callus and heinous acts of perpetrators! On the contrary the Leaders whose motorcade it was, claimed the life of the child as its first “martyr”, a sacrificial – Qurbani--lamb for their political cause for Eid ul Adha.

The full sordid story can be referred to here:

The Sacrifice of a Human Child for Eid ul Adha for Political Gains,-new-age-islam/the-sacrifice-of-a-human-child-for-eid-ul-adha-for-political-gains/d/112287

PMLN Used the Death of The Child As A Slogan To Perpetuate Their Nefarious Reign

The above and many other traits of Muslim Leaders gives the impression that it is the the faith system called Islam is the real cause of cultivating such base character among its followers. And that world view cannot be branded 'wrong' when it is seen to be what the Muslim people practice in the name of their religions which they call Islam. It is the eye witnessed “evidence” that cannot be denied.

Actions taken for political imperatives and based on self interests and failure of one’s character are immediately transferred onto Religions, of which there are many, and all generally given the name Islam. The most ardent critic of such actions is then silenced as he or she mostly has no clue as to what Islam, the Quranic Code stipulates.

Said a poet who knew his Code well:

Fitrat Afrad Se Ighmaaz Bhi Kar Leti Hai

Kabhi Karti Nahin Millat Ke Gunahon Ko Muaf.11-117 etc

(Sometimes) Nature turns a blind eye to individual's fault-- (but) never forgives nations collective sins!

Entrenched individual character faults on communal stage lead to nation’s demise; that is the law of nature. That is the case with Muslims and their leadership.

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A regular contributor to, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer


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