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Beware Of the ‘Islamists’: Listen To Your Heart; Be Sure That This Great Religion of Love and Tolerance Cannot Be the Same Religion That Kills and Destroys



By Qaisar Metawea

17 November 2014

WE are, by our very nature, a conservative Muslim society. We, therefore, feel attracted toward anything Islamic.

With bad intentions, some of us have used others’ natural love for Islam and for everything Islamic to make personal, sectarian, political, social or commercial gains.

Some of the exploiters of our love for everything Islamic started using the word “Islamic” to defend their unholy actions and ideas against any critique. They will begin their conversation with you by using the word “Islamic” to tie themselves to Islam and to make you believe that they are the sole representatives of this great religion.

An exploiter of Islam will easily convince you that he is a true Muslim even if he abuses, attacks or kills because these abhorrent deeds are an “Islamic” demand.

Many groups and parties, who have understood this game, started using the word “Islamic” as a prefix to their names though their main objective is not “Islamic” at all.

Their purpose is no doubt purely political and they aim at achieving some political interests through their untrue Islamic utterances. Their eyes are only focused on attaining power and authority.

They will, therefore, provide you with all the evidence to support their claims that they are “Islamic” though they kill, forge, lie, steal, terrorize people and commit all the vices in the world.

They will justify their horrible crimes by being “Islamic” and for the welfare of the religion. In their opinion, even slaughtering people like sheep is a holy “Islamic” act.

This man is Kafir (infidel), that one is an agent, the other is secular or liberal. These are some of the justifications they use to incriminate others so that their heinous crimes are not condemned or criticized. All their bloodbaths are “Islamic”.

The professional crooks and embezzlers cover themselves with an “Islamic” appearance to pull you into a fake investment project or rob you of your money. You may run after these “Islamic” crooks for long years to get back your money but be sure you will end up empty-handed.

The banks will suck your blood with their unlawful contracts and usury products that they sell to you as “Islamic” items.

You should not be easily deceived by anyone who uses the word “Islamic” because he may do this for an un-Islamic purpose.

The fake Islamists will use you as a means to achieve their evil purposes. They may make you antagonize all those around you including your own family and homeland.

An “Islamic” group may invite you to join them because they are the only true Muslims who will go to heaven. Another one may claim that the first group are kafirs and it is only them who are the true Muslims.

Do not be surprised if a self-proclaimed “Islamic” group asked you to be an agent to gather intelligence in a foreign country as this will be in the name of Islam.

You should only listen to your heart. Be sure that this great religion of love and tolerance cannot be the same religion that kills and destroys.

Do not allow those who claim to be “Islamists” to deceive you and use you as a tool to realize their own un-Islamic goals. This is their own distorted Islam, not yours or mine.