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IAS coaching centre for madrasa students on cards




By Mohammed Wajihuddin, TNN


Mumbai: Encouraged by the exemplary success of a madrasa student in the civil services exam (2007), a group of clerics in the city have decided to prepare more madrasa candidates for the elite services. A centre, to be entirely funded by the community, will take off soon.

    While felicitating Dr Wasimur Rahman Qasmi, IAS, at Haj House near CST on Sunday, the speakers emphasised the need to establish an institute for intensive coaching of Muslim candidates, especially from the madrasa background, who wish to appear for the civil services exam.

    Markazul Maarif, a Crawford Market-based institute which coaches clerics in the English language and literature, has shown interest in guiding students appearing for the civil services exams. “Before Dr Qasmi showed us the way, we didn’t even think that this could be possible. Now madrasa students have another avenue to aim for,’’ said Markazul Maarif ’s director Maulana Burhanuddin.

    Coming from a poor family in Siddharth Nagar in Uttar Pradesh, Dr Qasmi did “fazilat’’ (post-graduation) from Darul Uloom Deoband located there. As his madrasa degree didn’t make him eligible for the civil services exams, he did his BA in Unani Medicine and Surgery from Hamdard University in Delhi. He later completed his MD from Aligarh Muslim University and in, the fourth and last attempt, cracked the IAS exams last year.

    Dr Qasmi’s success is being hailed as an example worth emulating. Now, instead of finding excuses, mostly imaginary, the clerics have closed ranks to kick off a programme which will encourage more Muslim students to try for the civil services.

    “Dr Qasmi has proved that madrasas don’t produce terrorists. They incubate virtues in people,’’ said Maulana Mehmood Daryabadi of the All India Ulema Council, a body of religious leaders. Daryabadi also added that Dr Qasmi’s success would go a long way in encouraging madrasa students to choose the civil services as a career.

    Shia scholar Maulana Zaheer Abbas Rizvi was ecstatic: “We know it’s a difficult exam, but achievable as Dr Qasmi has proved. An institute to guide the candidates appearing for the civil services exam is the need of the hour.’’

    Meanwhile, Muslim intelligentsia too have joined hands with the clerics to launch a movement to better Muslims’ representation in administrative jobs. Criminal lawyer Majeed Memon, while supporting the maulvis’ initiative, said that Muslims needed to increase their representation in the civil services as it would inject a sense of confidence into the community. “We need several dozens of Dr Qasmis today,’’ said Memon, pledging help.


Source: The Times of India, New Delhi