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Communal Mindset versus Islamic Mindset

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

30 January 2017

Recently, I spotted an article in a well-known Muslim magazine. It was titled ‘The Modern Age and Jihad’. In its opening lines, the article spoke of what it claimed was the terrible oppression that Muslims were suffering, which, it said had led to the emergence of what it called ‘Jihadi’ organizations.

This way of thinking is not something specific to just this one Muslim writer, the author of this article. Rather, it is the very same way of thinking of almost all present-day Muslim orators and writers. They claim that the violent actions that present-day Muslims are engaged in is a result of the supposed oppression of Muslims. But the point that needs to be considered here is that the Prophet and his Companions faced this sort of atrocities on a larger scale. One of these have been mentioned in the Quran in these words: “When they came against you both from above you and from below you, your eyes rolled [with fear] and your hearts leapt up to your throats, and you entertained [ill] thoughts about God. There the faithful were put to the proof and they were shaken as if by an earthquake.” (33:10-11)

Despite such extreme conditions, the Prophet and his Companions never adopted the method of reaction. Rather, they remained firm on unilateral patience and planned their actions on completely positive foundations. This resulted in the great success of the early period of Islam.

The greatest mistake of present-day Muslims is that they have abandoned this Sunnah or practice of the Prophet. Instead of positive planning, they have adopted the method of negative actions based on reaction. Today, Muslims throughout the world are engaged in such actions. Almost all Muslim orators and writers today are doing just this one sort of thing. Without any doubt at all, this is a destructive Bidʿah, a wrongful innovation. Till such time as Muslims abandon this innovation they are not going to gain any success at all, no matter how big their supposed sacrifices may be.

The greatest damage that the psyche of reaction causes is that it leads to negative thinking in a person. Such a person begins to live in hate and complaint. The deadly result of this sort of thinking is that it stops the process of a person’s intellectual development. It is not possible for him or her to think on proper lines and to plan his or her actions on proper lines.

If the Muslim Ummah wants the present situation to change, they must know that this can come about only through one strategy—and that is, that Muslims must unilaterally put a firm end to all their present negative activities, and, motivated by a sincere concern for the welfare of all human beings, engage in peacefully sharing with them about God’s Creation Plan. Other than this there is nothing that can become a means for the Muslims’ welfare and salvation.

In this world, any sort of success can be had only through wise planning. Complaining and protesting against supposed oppression can yield no result in this world. The present world is functioning on the established laws of nature. To know these laws of nature and to base one’s actions on them is the only secret of success in this world. In the words of the Quran (24:31), this is the time for collective repentance for Muslims, that is to say, the time to take a U-turn.


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