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Facing the Menace of Corporate Development Models


By Kazi Wadud Nawaz, New Age Islam

16 July, 2014

Intensification of conflicts amongst various development models is the principal trend of the modern era. The conflicts arise from diversified class interests upheld by the models to establish socio-economic and cultural domination at global, national and regional level.   

The world suffered great setbacks and severe ups and downs in the last century resulting from inter-intra conflicts between two dominant development models –Capitalist and Socialist Development Models.

The First and second World-Wars, Bolshevik revolution in Russia, emergence of Fascism in Europe, New Democratic Revolution in China,   unprecedented development of communication technology, fall of world socialist system in late 80’s, Islamic revolution in Iran in late 70’s, and inception of the era of Imperialist Globalization in post 90‘s- all bear testimony   to the severity of conflicts amongst different development models in the 20th Century.  

The two great events, the fall of world Socialist system and success of Islamic Revolution in Iran had their own significance and impacts on geo-political realities of the modern era. The  first  disturbed  the geo-political balance of a Bi-polar World and threw entire humanity  in  a  state of insecurity whereas the second  opened up a new front  for  resistance against Western Plan of Action in the Middle –East and Africa. The Iranian Revolution opened up a new chapter in the world history creating an opportunity for Muslim community to put Islamic development model on trial in a region of vital strategic interests for Muslims as well as for the Western countries.

After its long absence off the stage of history, revolutionary resurgence of an Islamic State in the World has given already demoralized Muslim community   a moral boost and encourages them to go for resurrection and application of Quranic values in governance system of a modern state.  As regards success or failure of such a reconstructed Islamic development model in the modern age, the final judgment will be given by the history.   But that, the Iranian revolution has dealt a powerful strategic blow, that to some extent jeopardized the geopolitical game-plan of the Western powers and their Stooges in the Middle-East, there is no doubt about it. In spite of razing sectarian conflicts under Western backing within the Muslim community all over the world, the Iranian revolution has at least kindled a ray of hope for Muslim Unity.

The 21st century is carrying on the legacy of inter-intra conflicts of development models of the previous century. The erstwhile Super powers, the Soviet Union has disintegrated and New Democratic China has slumped back into ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’. Both have forsaken Internationalism in their state policies and are now pursuing the Nationalist Agenda of privatization and building up capitalism in their respective countries. The raging conflicts amongst US and European Union on the one hand, and China and Russian federation on the other for world resource and regional domination, is gradually creating a geopolitical environment of a bipolar world – the only difference is that both the poles belong to the same magnet of Capitalist System. But this environment of conflict and competition, has created a ray of hope and provided the weaker nations an opportunity for diplomatic maneuvering of the contradictions in their own interest.

Marxism as a development model is now on the back foot to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It attained initial success in a number of countries in the previous century but finally slumped into opportunism and is now passing through a period of moral and strategic bankruptcy.  The fall of socialist camps   is no-doubt a great disappointment for the oppressed people of the world, but at the same time, a great opportunity for learning and correction of mistakes on the part of revolutionaries all over the world.  It marks a turning point in the history for resurrection and reconstruction of Marxist Revolutionary Science with immense potential for growth of new development models based on national identity and culture, in an atmosphere of self-reliance and originating from various country-specific independent revolutionary movements.

The struggle for a new people centered   Marxist model of development has just started in Asia- especially in a number of states of India to fight back the corporate development model adopted by the Union of Big Capital and Feudal lords in a new historical perspective.   It is no-doubt a turning point in the history of revolutionary movement in the South Asia  focusing principally on Tribal peoples’ resistance against Corporate –exploitation and atrocities in the subcontinent. A new form of Marxist development model is gradually taking shape in course of peoples struggle against Corporate Development Model on the very ground of implementation of their plan of Action.     

Capitalism as a politico-economic system has now entered the critical phase of Imperialist Globalization dominated by Corporate Giants of USA and European Union. The system is based on the fundamental principle of denial of nation-state sovereignty and exploitation of surplus value and plundering of natural resources all over the world. They carry forward an immoral principle of monopolizing markets and capturing natural resources by any means with least consideration to human life and morality. The references below will sufficiently justify our observation.

Ref: 1- The principal objective of the Corporate Development Model is to “create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.”[Prof. Carol Quigley of Georgetown University in Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World in Our Time]

Ref:2-The Strategy of Corporate Development  Model  as outlined  by David Rockefeller in the year 2000: To  create as per ‘need’ of the  MNCs and TNCs   “ a right  major crises”  and force other “nations” of the world to “accept the  New  World order.”

Ref:3- In an article published in Time,  20th July ,1992 , Strobe Talbot, President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State  categorically denied  the existence and utility of  Nation State Sovereignty in   21st century  to  justify their  strategy of aggression against Sovereign Nation  States.

 Ref:-4  James Warburg, member of council on foreign relation, in one of his statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, 1950 expressed his determination to impose  Corporate Authority in the form of  a ‘World Government’  on other nations of  the world by any means by ‘Conquest or Consent.’

The present world situation created by the corporate development model mirrors Holy Quran’s moral concern as expressed in the following verse:

“If the Truth had been in accord with their desires, truly the heavens and the earth, and all beings therein, will be in ruin. Nay, we have sent them their admonition, but they turn away from admonition” [Surah Al Mu’minun: 23: Ayat 71] ref: Tafseer by Abdullah Yusuf Ali]

The Corporate Media all over the world is now all out to manufacture Truth in accordance with their desire and thus in the language of the holy Quran has put ‘the heavens and the earth and all beings therein’, in the danger of ruin.  The Corporate world nakedly pursues a strategy of violating human rights and Universal Balance of Justice in their own interest. They take resort to falsehood and go all-out for fabrication and ‘Manufacturing Truth’ turning in full-swing the wheels of Corporate Media.  The so-called War against Terrorism and regional wars waged by the imperialist forces in the name of democracy and human rights all over the world bear testimony to corporate false-hood. The imperialist aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, US-backed  current Civil wars in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Africa are a few of many corporate crimes and atrocities.   The Corporate development model has put the very existence of humanity at stake.

The US policy to-wards   Muslim states and Islamist groups have undergone a series of transformations since the Cold-War era to the present era of Imperialist Globalization. During Cold War Era the strategy was to harness them against the communist blocks and in the era of so-called globalization, they have been harnessed in fomenting regional and sectarian conflicts to break through the barriers of nation state sovereignty in countries and regions of their vital economic and strategic interests.

The Muslim Community must understand this specific characteristic of Western Strategy and be cautious not to step into their Traps as they have done in the past. The so-called Muslim states like Soudi Arabia, Qatar, Arab Emirate and Jordan of the Middle East are still playing into their boots.  The Islamic groups and organizations like Muslim Brotherhood have been pursuing the western strategy of “Moderate and political Islam”, and historically played in gloves of the US Imperialism.  And now they are paying for it!

Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, “Intelligence Assets for the CIA” as termed by an Ex CIA Chief, [Ref: America’s War on Terrorism By Mitchel Chossudovsky] was harnessed to overthrow the communist regime in Afghanistan, and is still playing in gloves with US Imperialism in creating grounds for US War of Aggression on the plea of Fighting Terrorism all over the world.

According to Chossudovsky , the “ war on terrorism” is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted $40 billion –a-year American Intelligence apparatus. The “war on terrorism” is a war of conquest. Globalization is the final march to the “New World Order”, dominated by Wall Street and US-military industrial complex

In the face of wanton atrocities of the Super powers pioneering Corporate Interests on the people of sovereign Nation States all over the world, all emerging anti corporate development models must interact with one another to counter all-devouring corporate menace. Development researchers, progressive thinkers and revolutionaries  all over the world  must study and follow up diversified trend of anti imperialist nationalist  movements,  irrespective of their cultural and ideological  origin  and envisage  an integrated and unified  strategy of mobilizing all possible resources   to  counter Corporate Plan of Action  on the very ground of implementation  anywhere in the world.

Engr. Kazi Wadud Nawaz is an NGO Development Consultant