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Muslim Community Lost Its True Identity and Practices the Religion as a Tradition

By Intisar Al-Matouq

September 1, 2019

Sadly, you belong to a Muslim community which lost its true identity and practices the religion as a tradition. For some, the religion has been influenced by norms and traditions. It is shocking when you witness the rise of vice while virtues continue to fall asunder.

It has been long since I met someone who perfectly adheres to moral standards; and the closer I get to such people, I find less virtues in them. It is as if adhering to personal principles imposed by instinct has become a shameful act.

At times, I get scared of them and sometimes of myself. I have struggled to withstand such moral retrogression. I am afraid I might become like them as they devour leftovers of virtues until they find nothing to devour apart from themselves due to their bad demeanor.

You might ask why the grim reasoning. In short, the matter is worse than you might imagine. You find people of religion lying to please the ruler, people of law cheating to win by hiding injustice, doctors who vow to take care of physical health but end up destroying it under the pretext of cosmetics, and majority of them transgressing principles under the cover of the law.

If you look around you, the one found to be a liar earns credibility, a hypocrite is seen as being diplomatic, and then the snitch is considered to be only looking for good always.

It is unfortunate that honesty is considered weird and sincerity is seen as pretentious. You find those on the frontline, who have no personal agendas, do everything to occupy seats just to be called misters and obedient servants, without concern for those they have trampled on.

I am neither lamenting nor weeping over the loss of virtues or eulogizing consciousness. I am here to scream through my writing, given that my voice does not go beyond my rib cage, let alone the fact that my heart has no windows to allow its voice to be heard.

This message is for those who are like me, for those who still enjoy honor in both words and thoughts.

Stop being afraid of lies and I am also trying to get rid of such fear. You should not panic when you see the pans of justice turned upside down. History has proven that anyone who fosters injustice ends up in disgrace.

Therefore, this society of Muslims should return to its true form, or else, what is the use of having many mosques whose impact does not go beyond the fences of these mosques?

What is the use of many minarets while the voice of truth is hushed? O Islam, return to us, or else, there is no point of having more Muslims by name and Islam on paper.

Original Headline: Many mosques, little Islam

Source: Arab Times Online