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Why the Doors of Learning Are Closed On Muslims




By Asad Mufti

(Translated by Arman Neyazi, New Age Islam)

7th Feb. 2013

Let me first of all tell you that there are only 498 Universities in the Islamic world whereas America alone has 5758 and India has 8500, more than America. On the other hand, according to a Daily Times survey, there are 285 religious groups and parties operating in Pakistan, out of whom 128 are engaged in Jihad and 28 in politics.

The literacy rate in Muslim countries is between 25 and 28 per cent, and in about 25 countries it is as low as 10 per cent. No Muslim country has 100 per cent literacy. According to a report, there are 76 countries in OIC with five universities of international standards. It means that there is one university per 3 million Muslims whereas the US has 6000, Japan has 950, China has 900 and India has 8500 private and government universities.

There are one crore and forty lakh Jews and one hundred and twenty-five crore Muslims in the world. In other words, there is one Jew on every one hundred Muslim. During the last century 71 Jews and only three Muslims have been awarded the Nobel Prize for their extraordinary contributions in the field of research, science and literature. More disappointing is the fact that no Muslim qualifies for the King Faisal Award given by the King Faisal International Foundation Saudi Arabia for achievements in the fields of medical sciences, research and literature.

Is it not a matter of shame for Muslims spread between the banks of the Nile to Kashgar that one and half crore “cursed” Jews are leading in every field? 22 Arab countries put together could not put any challenge before Israel either in science or research or in the battlefield. On the contrary one and a quarter billion Muslims are unmatched in bloodletting and differences.

I have a question for those harping on the growth or compatibility of Islam or its growing acceptability among non-Muslims or the success of its education system or their assertion that Islam is a complete way of life or those who harp on piety and fear of God: was the process of offering the prayer by three million people simultaneously in the Kaaba possible without the application of modern science and technology of the West?

I have a question, had offering Namaz of thirty Lakh Muslims been possible without west countries research in science and technology, from  the people, who talk of Islam being a complete way of life, who talk of Taqwa, development of education during Islamic rule and take pride in westerners converting to Islam.  Did the modern electrical system in the Kaaba and the skyscrapers come to existence because of Islamic studies? All these things have been possible only because of the research and hard labour of Christian and Jewish scientists. The escalators which take Lakhs of believers for Namaz to the dozens of storeys are not the invention of the believers. The excellent Sound System of Haram Sharif because of which one hears Imam’s voice in thousands of rooms of dozens of buildings around is also not an invention of God’s “blessed” Muslims. It will not be out of place to remind the readers that this is the same Haram Sharif from where the fatwa declaring microphone Haram had been issued. My goodness!

The ration of Muslims in the educational field on the global level is 6.3 percent and they lag 85 years behind other communities in this field.

When the Tartars invaded in the 7th century, we committed a grave mistake. We put religious sciences against the modern sciences. Thus the pursuit of knowledge and education got a back seat pushing us 700 years back.

During the caliphate of the rightly guided caliphs, no science was compiled except that of the Quran. Even the Hadiths were not compiled. Then the question arises: what did we have during the peak period of our nation? The answer is: there were slaves, maids, punishment of hand amputation, stoning to death, spoils of war, temporary marriages, lots of conspiracies, tribal rites, undemocratic rules and martyrdom of three of our caliphates and what not. Should we, therefore, keep singing praise to all this?  Was this ‘the complete political and religious government?  Muslims governed Andalusia for 800 years but one does not find any signs of Islamic civilisation and Islam’s followers except the ruins of Granada, Cordoba and Al Hamra.

And the same can be said about India, the golden bird. One cannot find any sign of one thousand years of Muslim rule except Agra’s Taj Mahal, Delhi’s Red Fort and Lahore’s Jama Masjid. 

Muslims had a downslide In the field of education after 1350. Muslim kings did not pay any attention towards education. They did not construct any Madrasa, school, university or research laboratories as other communities did. On the other hand Christians, Greek and Turanis paid made advances in the field of education and later even by built laboratories of international standard which were know as “Shamia”. The disinterest of the Muslims in education particularly science that was prevalent during the reign of the Mughals in India, the Safawis in Iran, the reign of Ottoman Turks or other sultans is prevalent even today. The question is why the tradition of scientific learning came to an end in the Islamic world and why they could not benefit from its progress.  Without going into the bitter details of the incidents, I think that the door of learning opens for those only who knock on it. That’s why though the door of learning still exists, but not for the Muslims. Only for those who knock.

The question is why Muslims did not care for science education? Why they could not get advantage of its development?  As far as I am concerned, only for them the door of education opens who knock on it. Muslims never knocked on the door of knowledge so it never opened on them. 

Source: Roznama Jadeed Khabar, New Delhi, Feb 7, 2013