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Are Some Saudis Psychopaths?

By Abeer Al-Ali

Dec 16, 2016

It seems that Saudi society will soon face a psychological and social defeat for which it is unprepared. I say this based on two incidents that have recently taken place and to which society has reacted differently.

The first incident is related to a young Saudi man named Haidar Al-Abdullah who read a poem he had written in front of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman who was visiting the Eastern Province. The way he read the poem elicited mockery and ridicule from some members of society. Saudis have not stopped mocking the young poet and some have even gone so far as to use improper words to describe him.

Regardless of whether the poem was well-written or not or how good or bad the poet’s performance was, the overall public reaction to it has been negative. A large number of Saudis have attacked and criticized the poet and taken a hostile position although they do not know him personally. Nothing, in my opinion, can justify such hostility toward this young poet.

Many members of the public continue to make fun of the Arabic word “Soknana” which means “our home and shelter,” which was used in the poem several times. Over 32 million tweets were made about this word alone on social media websites. It appears that some Saudis use mockery or adopt psychopathic behaviour to mentally escape from reality.

The second incident involves a video showing an Islamic activist defaming female students of nursing and medicine and those women who study abroad. The activist was giving a speech at the podium of a mosque. He used improper words to describe female nurses. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs said the video was old and that the man who appeared in it was not one of its employees. The ministry blamed the Ministry of Education for not taking disciplinary measures against the activist, who was a schoolteacher.

The strange thing is that the same man appeared in a subsequent video explaining why he had used improper words to describe the female nurses and students. He even refused to apologize for using such language. This particular man is known to adopt a Takfiri ideology. During a Friday speech, he described Saudi actor Nasser Al-Qasabi as Kafir.

The activist’s hostility toward society, especially women, is a type of psychopathic behaviour. However, the sad thing is that neither members of the public nor the concerned authorities have condemned and criticized this man in the same way that they spoke out against the poem read by Haidar Al-Abdullah, even though that poem talks about patriotism and love of one’s country.

Indeed the sadder thing is that when a local newspaper published a cartoon mocking the activist, the cartoon was attacked by many people. Yet when the activist described female nurses using improper language, nobody spoke against him.

In the world of psychiatry, a psychopath is a person who uses creative and smart ways to achieve what he wants even if he is doing something against society. He will always justify his hostile actions and will never show remorse.

Another type of psychopathic person is the one who fails to establish a balanced relationship with people and resorts to lying and flattery. He also waits patiently for a chance to hurt others and to mock them. There are also psychopaths who are hostile by nature but do not engage in any hostile actions. They are simply harsh and cruel when they talk to others.

We need to conduct studies on the types of psychopathic personalities in order to ensure that the next generation does not suffer from this psychiatric condition. We should study the reasons why many of us act with hostility toward one another and find ways to treat this problem.