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The Problem with White Guilt


By Aki Muthali

March 29, 2015

While privileged Muslims like “Jihadi John”, or his real name, Mohammed Emwazi, run off to join the Islamic State because they felt “discriminated” by equal treatment under British law and society – ignorant people like Russell Brand will concede to their fascism by claiming the lack of special accommodations Muslims receive is an act of racism and “intolerance”. And the privilege experienced by people like Brand is toxic ignorance compounded by an inferiority-complex induced by white guilt which prevents them from grasping the absolute fact that acts of racism, violence, oppression and cruelty are not limited to just white people – and that people like Emwazi and the Kouachi brothers [who committed the Charlie Hebdo massacre] are dictators of society rather than some disenfranchised victim of western intolerance.

Sharia courts were not enough [yes, U.K. has multiple Sharia courts!] for Muslim extremists like Emwazi – they want every single western citizen, just as Brand, to fully renounce their common sense and submit to the “logic” of Sharia and if they refuse such fascist demands – they will stomp their feet, fly off to La-La-Land [Middle East], join a terrorist organization and behead a bunch of infidels to express how oppressed they are by the westerners’ rejection of Islamism.

The lack of reformation in Islam creates worshippers who are loyal to a violent fault. The holy book has not evolved since it was created and when a modern reader submits themselves to antediluvian text – it makes sense that they are actually submitting to 7thcentury mentality which dangerously conflicts with modern values of liberal democracy.

On March 24, 2015, it was reported that Boko Haram had kidnapped approximately 500 children under the age of 12 – a count that adds to an already growing number of children kidnapped under the insurgency.

Thousands of Nigerians have lost their lives and many more have been displaced by the atrocities committed by Boko Haram whose sole purpose is the establishment of an African Islamic State [yes, Reza Aslan, it’s an African problem as FGM but fully rooted in Islam too!]. They continuously kidnap hundreds of boys and girls – while the girls are “married off” and/or sold into sex slavery, the boys are placed in madrassas to be trained as future armed Jihadis – and without such mass indoctrination and abuse of children, Islamism will cease to exist.

What’s incredible is that western media, the so-called liberals and “peace activists” and the United Nations (UN) have [dubiously] disregarded the consequences faced by the Islamist terror in both Nigeria and Syria/Iraq.

UN has singled out Israel with every opportunity – on March 20, 2015, its Commission on the Status of Women’s Rights (CSW) named Israel the most dangerous place for women when reality is far from it – apparently, the UN forgot all about Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Indonesia, etc. – all Islamic nations where systematic gender-apartheid heavily restrict fundamental human rights for all women and girls, especially the non-Muslim population.

During the Gaza conflict last year, medical professionals were sent out to determine the mental health of Gazan children and it was confirmed they all suffered from PTSD – alas, the Syrian, Iraqi and Nigerian children barely ever get a mention – their mental and physical state neglected, and no hashtags and protests trended to show that the lives of these children being terrorized day and night by Muslim extremism matters.

The western liberals refuse to consider the dangers of armed ideological fanatics gaining momentum in the insurgency – so while these western liberals roast marshmallows, singing Kumbaya and calling the criticism of Islam and Islamist violence “gross and racist” – hundreds of thousands of families are being displaced, raped, maimed, enslaved, sold, indoctrinated and converted into militants to fuel the growth of radical Muslims.

The keyboard [peace] activists with selective outrage forget that all children’s lives matter – not only when Israel and US drones are the ones threatening their safety. How despicable that many of these activists are mere tribal opportunists that will only milk human-rights and PTSD to slander Israel and US but remain mum about the torture, murders, rapes, kidnapping and slavery faced by millions of people under the grip of Islamist violence. Boko Haram’s barbarism is so terrifying that with the limited communication resources situated in Nigeria – it poses incredible threat for any first hand reporting from the conflict zones – meanwhile, the phony activists and majority of leftists deliberately turn a blind eye to the terrors and maintain an attitude that undermines the barbarity faced by the victims, all in the name of ideological tolerance.

The inconceivable terror one would only read in the chapters of the bronze and iron ages are being witnessed in the 21st century under the global armed Jihadi movement and the UN itself chooses to ignore this devastating reality to concentrate every stroke of blame and outrage on Israel. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has long failed my country [Sri Lanka] where over 40, 000 Tamils were slaughtered under 5 months by the brutal Singhalese supremacists [the Rajapaksa regime] under the guise of eliminating the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). UNHRC used every vote possible to undermine a third party investigation into the war crimes – and when a great body of international politics condones the slaughter of 40, 000 innocent people while outraging over 2000 people dying in an oil-rich country – it reeks of remorseless corruption.  

Islamists’ ability to seize great swathes of land is evidence of their growing number of militant power and resources – it’s certainly frustrating and suspicious that the UN has not yet declared a state of emergency to combat the insurgents in Nigeria and the sectarian violence in Iraq and Syria. 

The Nigerian, Iraqi and Syrian nightmare is fully credited to the notorious need for Islamism among Muslim extremists. The white guilt presented by people like Russell Brand, Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky, et al, is a viable threat to liberalism itself as it inflames the sentiments necessary for the manifestation of Islamism from being a remote terror in Muslim-majority nations into a tolerable reality in the western secular nations.

The sheer volume of racism, gender-apartheid, modern slavery and intolerance faced by non-Muslims in Islamic nations is barely reported. From the 200 schoolgirls to the bombing of boys’ schools to the 500 more children kidnapped by Boko Haram among the Syrian and Iraqi children maimed, impaled, beheaded, slaughtered and enslaved from left to right by the Islamic State are all unimportant in the eyes of western liberals who uphold their phony tolerance above the lives terrorized by Islamists. We are at an intersection and it’s terrifying that this is the dice liberals would rather roll than eliminate the madness in its infancy.

The accountability of Islamic sectarian conflict in the Middle East falls fully on Muslims who want their appropriate sect to achieve supremacy over all others – but since every Islamic nation also wants Sharia and follows the same scriptures, fanaticism continues to be instilled in the minds of practicing Muslims everywhere and the violence rages on and will not cease until Muslims themselves take responsibility for their own fundamental flaws and accept reformation – the west cannot spoon feed them into becoming a tolerant society that will not erupt in violence every time they felt “offended” over harmless matters like satire, legitimate criticism of ideologies, and the choice of different faiths and opinions. 

Those who whine about racism also whine even more loudly about “cultural appropriation” and demand racial segregation in cultures by assigning what is “white” or “black” or “brown” all the while demanding not to be profiled – which is disparaging to their own demand for tolerance and acceptance. Every border, every behaviour, every tradition and beliefs were adopted by colonialism and appropriation – but to turn colonial and imperial barbarism the trademark of European Caucasians [as if people of colour have never done that!] is a phenomenal state of narcissism and ignorance.

When Islamists have the ability to incorporate tolerance of fascism with liberalism – and liberals actually surrender their values to such bigotry – in the wise words of thegreatest unicorn, Reza Aslan – I would call that “unsophisticated”! When the disclosure of facts pertaining to Islamism is ever presented to the mass liberal audience – they immediately cite colonialism and the KKK, etc., hoping their white-guilt will somehow deliver justice to the victims of Islamist occupation.

When pseudo liberals use their ignorance to levy tolerance for the intolerable – it’s as maddening as the cognitive dissonance suffered by religious fanatics who claim to be of a peaceful religion while simultaneously beheading the “dirty kafir”. White guilt delivers the same mental incapacitation but expresses it with an unsophisticated submissive quality.   

Every Islamic nation was established through Islamic colonialism where zero tolerance was granted for non-Muslims and minorities who were either slaughtered, forced into conversion or pay the jizya to remain alive – and the fact that intolerance towards minorities/non-Muslims in the East still persists in the 21st century in a far more intense capacity than the racism faced in the West [because the West actually has a standard of human rights than all Islamic nations combined with a strong voice against human rights abuses] – it’s irrefutable evidence that Islamism is alive and well and is dying to spread itself into new territory – and white guilt is a great perk to its cause as it seems white pseudo liberals and Islamists have a mutual understanding on how badly the West must accept the position of Sharia or else everything is simply too gross and racist.

Aki Muthali is a freelance writer, who's a feminist. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, she currently lives in Canada. She’s also an illustrator and a painter.