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Is The Month Of Safar, The Month Of Bad-Omen?

By Kaniz Fatma, New Age Islam

08 October 2019

Generally people ask the Question, Is the second Islamic month-Safar, the month of bad-omen? The common Muslims say this month is full of misfortune and hence they should not start up good works, such as inauguration of business and weddings etc. in this month, because they think it will bring bad luck.

It should be known that everything that befalls us, good or bad, favourable or unfavourable, is from God Almighty as a result of our actions. He Almighty says in the Quran,

“And whatever calamity befalls you, is because of what your hands have earned – and there is a great deal He pardons!” (42:30)

The people in the pre-Islamic days used to believe the month of Safar up to the 13th day to be inauspicious. Some of them called this month a snake which lives in the stomach of a human being and when hungry bits the person. Some used to say the month of Safar is a worm which originates in the liver and ribs because of which the person’s colour becomes yellow- more like a situation known today as Jaundice. But with the advent of Islam, all such sayings were rejected.

A hadith is narrated by Hazrat Jabir (may Allah be pleased with him) who has said that “I have heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) saying, the descending of illness and evil superstition befalling in the month of Safar is untrue”.

Muslims should not fell into any misconceptions about the month of Safar; which have no foundations on truth. All months and days are from God Almighty and therefore the people should not take any days or months as bad-omens. God Almighty says,

“Indeed the number of months before Allah is twelve – in the Book of Allah – since the day He created the heavens and the earth, of which four are sacred; this the straight religion; so do not wrong yourselves in those months” (9:36)

“Whatever good reaches you, O listeners, is from Allah, and whatever ill reaches you is from yourselves; and We have sent you as a Noble Messenger towards all mankind; and Allah is Sufficient, as a Witness.” (4:79)

This is clear from these verses that the day and night is from God Almighty and therefore considering any time, hour, day, month or  year to be bad-omen is a misconception and a sin.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said, “No ‘adwaa [i.e. transmission of infectious disease without the permission of Allah], no tiyarah [i.e. superstitious belief in bird omens], no haamah [that refers to a Jaahili Arab tradition described variously as: a worm that infests the grave of a murder victim until he is avenged; an owl; or the bones of a dead person turned into a bird that could fly], and no Safar [the month of Safar was regarded as “unlucky” in the Jaahiliyyah].” (Sahih al-Bukhari, 5757, and Sahih Muslim, 2220)

Shah Abdul Haque Muhaddis Dehlvi says in the commentary of this hadith, “the common people consider this month (Safar) to be the month of calamities and disasters. This is wrong belief. It has nothing to do with reality.” (Ashiatul Lam’aat, vol. 3, 664)

Therefore it is hypothetical to believe that the Safar is the month of calamities and bad-omens. The month of Safar is like other months. If a person does good deed, remembers God Almighty, refrains from sins, then this month is surely good for him. And if a person does bad deeds, commits injustice and oppression, then surely his acts are enough for his destruction. It would be wrong to make the month of Safar responsible for his misdeeds. 


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