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Qalander Baba Aulia: Beacon of Light


By Roshan Nazir

09 February 2018

MODERN man seems to be at the zenith of progress and advancement. His technological wonders have brought almost everything at doorsteps. Despite enjoying such a commanding degree over material objects, he is still hollow. Modern life has brought a critical moment upon us to contemplate what truly man has lost. It has been a recurrent theme throughout human history when man sets out on a journey to explore the world deep down himself.

 In such trying times, the Friends of Allah always emerged as a beacon of light. Following the footsteps of the Prophets and their teachings, they have been guiding humanity through dark and twisted pathways to the enlightened way. Pakistan has no dearth of such personalities. Baba Bulhey Shah, Sultan Bahoo, Lal Shehbaz Qalander, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and Data Ganj Bakhsh are few such names. The spiritual mission of Friends of Allah has always transcended the convention-ridden ideologies and introduced man to inner peace. In line with these personalities, Muhammad Azeem Barkhia added another dimension to their teachings and practices.

Muhammad Azeem Barkhia, generally known as Qalander Baba Aulia, laid down the foundation of Sufi order, Silsila-i-Azeemia. Born in Khurja, UP (India) in 1898, to a Syed family whose lineage belonged to Imam Hasan Askari (RA) He studied in Aligarh University India. For his spiritual training, he spent nine years with his grandfather, Baba Tajuddin Aulia (RA), who is also a spiritual personality of an exceptional stature. After the Partition, he came to Karachi and worked for Urdu Dawn as Sub-Editor. He also worked in a Urdu magazine, Naqqaad (The Critic). He authored many a literary piece of writings, which became very popular. One of such writings is “the Autobiography of Devil.” He presented the theory of Spiritual Sciences in a very comprehensive way. Although he wrote many books, however his book, Loh-o-Qlam (The Pen and the Scriptrum), is of special importance. In this book, he described the spiritual laws and formulas by explaining them in a scientific way. In the light of Quranic revelations, he describes the laws and formulas that how each entity, in this universe, is exclusively controlled by Soul. He authored such literature on Spiritual Sciences which can bring the modern sciences and Spiritual Sciences on one platform.

His teachings revolve around one objective: to establish the centrality of God in human mind and remove the gaps, if any, in the imperishable bond between man and his creator. He strived towards creating this awareness that if man doesn’t acquire the cognizance of his soul, he could never find inner peace. He predicted that the future generations will be more disappointed, more depressed. The reason behind this deplorable development, he maintained, is that man has disconnected himself from his soul. Human body is but a biological machine and it is not this machine which operates him rather it is some other agency which is pulling its strings. In our entire life, we never witness a dead body performing any action, why does, then, man think of himself in material terms only?

It is soul which is operating human body and that is real human being. If modern man doesn’t try to know his soul, he will remain depressed and disturbed in coming ages too. He is of the view that entire universe lies folded in one point, which is but one part of man. He must look within and the method, he prescribed, is meditation.

Meditation, in fact, is the technique to contemplate within. It is but one method to unfold the universe which lies wrapped within. It awakens the advanced form of senses in man, through which he can observe the realities and phenomenon that the material eye cannot observe. He is against any form of discrimination, be it gender, religious or social. He lamented that how regretful and horrific act is this that we derive happiness by inflicting pain on others. We, having the kinship of Adam and Eve, erode the very foundation of our common bond. Indeed, the human tree is one but its branches and leaves are numerous. He was the embodiment of love and peace for entire mankind. Through the teachings of Sufi Order, Silsila-i-Azeemia, he strived towards creating this awareness that humankind is one. The modern mechanical age cannot bring peace to man but self-cognisance can, which can be acquired through the spiritual teachings only.