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Ulema blamed for presenting obscurantist view of Islam

‘Dispel misgivings about Islam’

The Hindu, New Delhi

Special Correspondent


Hyderabad: Speakers at a programme here on Sunday blamed Muslim Ulema (religious scholars) for not presenting a correct picture of Islam. The message of peace and brotherhood espoused by Islam was largely confined to the holy Quran and not reflected in the lives of its followers, they felt.


The annual “yaum-al-Quran” function organised by the Quranic Education Society saw speakers stressing the need for disseminating the teachings of the Quran rightly and dispelling the misgivings about the religion.


Faizur Rahman, a student of comparative religion, held the ‘ulema’ responsible for presenting an obscurantist picture of Islam. There was no use simply blaming the Zionists or the RSS for the crisis facing the community. “The time has come to bypass the ulemas and deliver Quranic Islam directly to the people,” Mr. Rahman said.


When Muslims were being victimised on misunderstood concepts of Islam, there was an urgent need to popularise the egalitarian teachings of the Quran, Mr. Rahman said. He wanted the moderate version of Islam to be made available to people to counter the extremist and exclusive interpretations of the Quran.

Extensive quotes


Mr. Rahman quoted extensively from the scriptures to show how certain verses were grossly mistranslated and misinterpreted to project a narrow-minded view of Islam. In this connection, he pointed out how a recent article in an English daily referred to some verses allegedly quoted by the Indian Mujahideen in a terror email to prove that Quran promoted terrorism.


Abdul Haq Saleem, vice president, Quranic Education Society, said ever since its establishment the Society was striving to spread the message of the Quran. Abdul Gafoor Saifi, president, Al Mizaan Quran Society, Kanpur, former Minister Basheeruddin Babu Khan and Dr. Hasnuddin Ahmed also spoke.

Source: The Hindu, New Delhi