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The War between Good and Evil


By Khwaja Azhar Abbas, Sawt ul Haque

The Quran does not consider theoretical arguments in favour of it being a divine revelation sufficient enough but also calls men to examine its results. If its results are right according to its claims, it will be a proof that it is God’s revelation; and if the results do not corroborate its claims, then its claim of being a divine revelation will stand null and void. The Quran has presented a very nice and clear proof of its being a divine revelation. It says that I proffer a system. You can proffer a system of your own.

The methodology for judging the authenticity of claim made by you and me is according to the verse:

Say, "O my people work according to your position; [for] indeed, I am working. And you are going to know who will have succession in the home. Indeed, the wrongdoers will not succeed.

You work according to your programme and I am working on my programme. The results will show whose claim is true. The system based on wrongdoing will never succeed.

After this short introduction, it can be said that the height the human thought has scaled till now has only observed that every system is ever changing. If a system evolves today, it ends tomorrow and another system replaces it and people claim that this new system will solve all the problems of humanity. This system also completes its journey towards its end. On the contrary, the Quran claims that

“But as for that which benefits the people, it remains on the earth.”(Ar Ra’d:17)

The system that will be beneficial for the humanity will remain forever. This is a principle or law that can never change.

“There is no change in the word of God.”(Yunus: 64)

Laws of God do not change. So, you can see that the Quran talks of the changes in the systems of the world.

“And Allah eliminates falsehood and establishes the truth by His words. Indeed”(As Shura: 24)

God eliminates Evil and establish Good. Truth is not merely a theory or belief but is the constructive outcome of true beliefs and constant values that come out solidly and tangibly. They are not lacking in any external logics. In this world, no belief can prove true until its constructive outcome does not emerge as a solid fact. Establishing a tangible system based on constant values and eternal ideologies and presenting the proof of their authenticity through their positive outcome is Deen (faith).

God says: “And there is no creature on earth but that upon Allah is its provision.”(Hud: 6)

There is no living being on earth whose provision is not God’s responsibility. Establish God’s system. When every person in the country gets his provision, it will justify the authenticity of the system.

God says: “O you who have believed, if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet.”(Muhammad: 7)

When you practically help God and strive to establish Deen on earth, God will also help you in your struggle to establish Deen and firmly plant your feet. Thus, the establishment of Deen will be a living truth and the proof of the authenticity of the Quran.

We the Muslims did not help God in the last 14 hundred years and so God did not help us in return. As a result, Muslims today are the most backward and defeated lot. But when the Muslims helped God, God’s help descended and the condition was that:

“And you threw not, [O Muhammad], when you threw, but it was Allah who threw” (Al Anfal: 17)

When you were shooting the arrow, you were not shooting the arrow but it was Allah who was doing it on your behalf. Thus, the Muslims got the highest company of God beyond which man cannot imagine.

In the physical world too, the Truth has been overpowering Evil. In this universe the war between Truth and falsehood has been on. Life appeared in the beginning in the form of Amoeba, that is, in the form of a cell. Life kept taking turns. Any species which was on truth kept marching ahead, otherwise lost track and perished. The species that got dominated by destructive forces perished and truth marched ahead.

This universe was not in its present form from its day one. All the objects of universe did not come into existence in its present form. It came into existence from the simplest form and then developed in form gradually and came to its p resent form. So far as man is concerned, he has also reached this stage of development according to the same programme.

I was fauna and died in the same state and took birth in the form of plants.

I died as plants and in my next birth I progressed and took birth as animal.

When I died in the form of an animal, life progressed and took the form of a human being. I do not fear death because life is progressing.

Now if I die I will become an angel. And when I will progress after becoming an angel, I will reach the stage which I can’t even imagine.

Quran’s principle that God destroys Falsehood and justifies Truth is worth writing in gold. According to this principle, the war between Truth and Falsehood is on in the universe. The Quran had presented such a bright truth fourteen hundred years ago. This truth could not come in the mind of anyone in Arab. There is no doubt that this great principle has been evolved by the Quran. This principle laid out by the Quran is the basis of all the scientific investigations of the modern world. The way this law is at work in the physical world has been written briefly above and it is a fact that the process of evolution is solely dependent on this principle. So far as the theories and ideologies are concerned, all these systems, whether right or wrong, are based on this. This principle is very important though our present day Ulema have not given much importance to it and could not understand it. Apparently, it is a collection of some words which has been presented on different occasions with the same meaning. But how much important it is can be gauged by the essence of the thoughts of researchers of the modern times. Their thoughts also corroborate this principle.

 The ideas and views of Marx, Hegel and Engels are centered on this principle. They have drawn the conclusion that the battle between the truth and falsehood has been raging in the universe, though they do not say that Truth overpowers Falsehood. To them a system is neither True nor false. Here every object is ever changing. In their opinion, a system comes into existence in this world and after a certain period, another system replaces it. This will go on till eternity. In their view, there is some power which causes it which they call Historical Necessity but they do not explain this power or Historical Necessity nor can they explain it. They have not been able to find any basis or argument for this change and in our view they can’t find a basis or argument for it. Here Quran’s protection becomes evident. The word “Word of God” is a miracle of the Quran. Quran has called it Kalimah (word) on another occasion.( 6:115) And Kalimat is what we call ideas. Quran says that Truth overpowers Falsehood due to the Word of God and this is the religion which has been bestowed through the Quran.

The system which is based on Truth overpowers Falsehood because “Allah keeps firm those who believe, with the firm word, in worldly life and in the Hereafter. And Allah sends astray the wrongdoers. And Allah does what He wills.” (14:27). Thus according to this established principle, God bestows protection and stability to those who believe, both in the world and in the Hereafter. This is one unique characteristic of the Quranic concept of life. Both this world and the Hereafter are bright and successful. But this does not happen on its own or coincidentally. It happens according to the law of God. This is the reason of the authenticity of this principle and for the success of the people following this principle. We will discuss further how it happens.

According to the law of God, Truth overpowers Falsehood always but this victory takes place in two forms. One form is that Truth emerges victorious according to the terms of God as one day of God is equal to one thousand years of man. Second form is when a group of men ‘shoulder’ it and increases its speed. As has been written above, the victory of Truth is not an accident or coincidence but a lot of effort is put into it and it is shouldered. God says:

“Whoever desires honor [through power] - then to Allah belongs all honor. To Him ascends good speech, and righteous work raises it.” (Fatir: 10)

If you desire honour, then honour is for God alone. Good deeds reach Him and He promotes good deeds. He says that if you desire victory and power then it can be attained through association with the laws of God. Transitory and suicidal honour which is attained by deceiving others can be attained through other means as well. God says:

“To Him ascends good speech, and righteous work raises it. “(Fatir: 10)

Good deeds reach him and he raises good deeds. To attain victory, two things are necessary. One is the best ideology of life which has the capacity to give good results and an opportunity to grow. Second are good deeds that make this ideology successful. The principle and theory bestowed by God has so much power, energy and potential that it gives results without any external support but it has a low speed and marches ahead according to the laws of God. But if the deeds of man shoulder it, its speed increases considerably.