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A note to God: When the extreme becomes godless

Hassan Al-Haifi (


"How much religion should one have in life?" asked Mahfouz as he gathered his clothes to get them ready for washing.


"Son, it really depends on how much conscientiousness one has. You see, people of true and sincere faith in God already have it made as to how to worship God and more importantly how to deal with the day to day chores of living. God must be more than just someone we bow and pray to or write notes to. God is more than some Being we claim to call on us in our sleep and ask us to deliver mankind. God is certainly not some Deity, who demands of us to blow half the world in HIS NAME, as some of our misguided Wahhabi so called Jihadists contend. All of these nincompoops are not doing God any favors by claiming to correspond with Him, each in his own way."


"Oh Mom! You do not believe that Barack Obama was really writing to God when he wrote that controversial note at the Wailing Wall. He knew of course that he was not really being himself, when he was being "politically" coerced to make a few shakes at the Wailing Wall, just so to placate a few Jewish voters in the United States and to keep the American Israel Public Affairs Committee or AIPAC off his back.


You see that is what I mean, by the hypocrisy of it all. In the United States, we have Christians who are now actually thinking that it is better to get all the Jews into the Holy Land and obliterate them once and for all. These are called the Neo-Conservative Christians, who see this as the only way to be ready for the approaching Judgment Day.


I do not know how this can be justified by spiritual doctrine, but for the Zionists this seems to be fine as long as the US keeps supporting the Israelis until they achieve their Eretz Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates, as the map in the Israeli Knesset clearly shows. What the naïve neo-Christians forget is that the Zionist goons are already prepared for that calamity, which is why they have collected 200 nukes." Mahfouz was explaining to his mother the spiritual dilemma that the world is facing.


"But son, don't you think the Israelis have those nukes to face the Arabs, who are waiting for the first opportunity to annihilate the Jewish State, which was imposed upon this region by a misguided international community unable to tell right from wrong?!" said his mother, giving a hint of the layman's view of the Middle East problem.


Mahfouz, while going through piles of soiled laundry was not surprised by his mom's simplification of a generally more complex problem. So, he sought to straighten out matters: "Mother! You see all of these people are just messing around with religion to suit their own mundane aspirations.


The Zionists have pulled a BIG number by claiming that God would truly sanction real estate to trespassers, who do not have the least legitimate proof of ownership of the 'Holy Land', which was ordained by God for all his truly God fearing believers of all faiths, and which has been inhabited by the Palestinians for millennia. We all know God to be Just and Merciful and certainly would not allow for an injustice to be meted out in His name.


The neo-Christians are seeking some spiritual comfort for relief from an extremely non-altruistic culture that has overtaken one of the most beautiful regions of the world ever since the White Man first set foot on Massachusetts Bay.


There are different explanations of how the Christians could come up with the idea of obliterating the Jews, but the Zionists think their stockpile of nukes will avoid that. So, they believe that letting the Neo-Christians think like that suits their purposes well for now. They may actually be encouraging people like George Bush and Dick Cheney to think that this is Godsent Christian belief.


Then we have our lunatic Wahhabi suicide legions that have been scientifically reared to disguise themselves as the Angel of Death and just blow up anything that moves believing this to be the pathway to paradise. Nothing is further than the truth. These loonies are buying a one way ticket to eternal Hell for having distorted Islam beyond recognition and caused most of the havoc that is shaking the world today.


They even established an unusually powerful clergy, which is anathema to Islamic belief, since Allah forbids the emergence of a clergy as a medium between man and God! Yet, thanks to the trillions of petrodollars they have access to; they have managed to spread this heretical sect of Islam to the far corners of the world, expending around US $ 200 billion over the last three decades alone! I am not sure which is more dangerous to the Moslem Nation or Ummah, but if you ask me I think that the last of the three is a Fifth Column we really have to keep our eyes open to. They have seriously damaged the image and the position of Islam as a leading, sensible and down to earth simple faith."


Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.


Source: Yemen Times