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Idea Of Parallel Universes Is Linked With Ramazan?

By Farwa Azeemi

10 June 2017

COSMOLOGISTS have long believed that there is only one universe which came into existence after the big explosion from infinity. But with new theories such as String theory, M-theory and Bosonic theory, the possibility of multiverse doesn’t seem to be out of scientific debates. In a documentary on parallel universe, American theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku alludes to this stream of thinking in cosmology, “We used to say universe, a one world theory, (which means) everything there is, everything we can see is the universe. Now we have a multi-verse idea where there are unseen worlds. The world that we cannot see; the worlds we cannot touch.”

This radical idea is taking the definition of cosmos to an altogether new level. A natural question arises at this moment: how can we see these unseen worlds? It will take a long time for science to build such devices that can grasp multiverse realities. However, taken from the perspective of spiritual sciences, the idea of multiverse only confirms the existence of the realm of the Unseen, with Parallel universes a small part of it. Spiritual scientists are of the opinion that there are infinite numbers of universes and man can observe at least eleven thousand universes with the subtle senses, spiritual senses.

Ramazan is the programme to fully awaken these spiritual senses and enables man to observe the unseen worlds. But how? The Holy Quran says, “And of everything we have created pairs…” (51:49) This law applies to human senses too: they also exist in pairs. Spiritual Scientists broadly categorize senses into two types: Day Senses and Night Senses. The sensory perceptions which are activated in day time are called Day Senses whereas the senses which are activated at night are Night Senses, the spiritual senses. If Night Senses are activated, humans are no longer bound by time and space. This has been mentioned in Quran many times.

“And We did appoint for Moses thirty nights (of solitude) and completed them with ten (more), so the appointed time of his Lord was complete forty nights.” (7: 142). For forty days, Moses stayed at Mount Sinai day and night yet Allah the Sublime mentioned only night. This, again, suggests that he remained under influence of the Night senses. Humans live their life in two states, state of wakefulness and state of sleep. In the state of wakefulness, humans perform routine works and engage in cognitive and behavioural responses to the external world such as communication, eating, drinking and other activities. In the state of sleep, commonly known as dream, humans perform the same actions, engage in similar activities and experience exactly the same they do in the state of wakefulness. The difference between two is that one is confined in space and time whereas other is not. In state of sleep, humans live a life which is not restricted by confines of space and time.

Ramazan is such a programme of “Self-Negation” and “Letting Go” which activates these subtle senses which are necessary to observe the Unseen worlds. Spiritual Scientist, Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi explains this as, “Fasting is an act which strikes our conscious mind down. Controlling thirst and hunger, taking extra care in speaking, reduction in sleep etc. are all part of the efforts to break free from the hold of material concerns and move into the non-material world.”

The entire programme of Ramazan aims at taking us into the Night Senses while staying awake. Eating less, talking less, reforming our actions and serving humanity purifies us from within. It diminishes our inclination towards material world and introduces us to our True Self, the realm of the Unseen and ultimately to God. The Special Night happens in Ramazan. In this night, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) received his first Quranic revelation. Though the Holy Quran was revealed on the Prophet (PBUH) round the year, Allah relates it to Ramazan specifically:

“Lo! We revealed it on the Night of Decree. Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Night of Decree is! The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months.” A-Qadr (97:1-3). The Night of Decree introduces those senses in man which are faster than the senses operative in one thousand nights and one thousand days collectively. In this night, thus, human sensory perceptions become seventy thousand times more powerful, so powerful that the Unseen world reveals itself to those who fast properly.

“The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by the permission of their Lord, with all decrees. (That Night is) peace until the dawn.” A-Qadr (97:4-5) Far beyond a mere religion, Islam is a broad discipline of sciences aimed at stirring spiritual capabilities. Quran is a document of these sciences. In other words, a syllabus of spiritual sciences and formulas of creation of the universe, and to enter into the world of the Unseen.


Farwa Azeemi, student of Spiritual Sciences, is based in Islamabad.