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Quran Explains Human Life According To the Laws of Nature

By AK Sayed

4 March 2021

It does not matter if we humans are Creationists or Evolutionists, or theists or atheists, one thing is clear: All “the laws of Nature and that of the wider universe” were well established before humans came into being.

Therefore, in our universe, before humans came into being, the dichotomy of the secular and religious and all extremists and fundamentalists teachings and practices within and between them, which made them separate and exclusive, did not exist.

And likewise, the “blind faith” methodology of Religion and the “science-based, evidence-based” methodology of Modern Science did not exist.

Plants and animals established “certainty of knowledge” according to the methodology of Ilm-Ul-Yaqin (certainty of knowledge by inference and reasoning), Ayn-Ul-Yaqin (certainty of knowledge by seeing and observing) and Haqq-Ul-Yaqin (absolute knowledge, like this is computer, etc).

Abraham used “the laws of Nature and that of the wider universe” to establish a secular way of life which demanded a “restrictive definition” of the secular and religion.

For example, he believed in God as Creator, Designer, Sustainer, Protector, etc, of the universe, free of all dogmas and doctrines of Religion, and followed the secular and scientific path of the creation without being Godless.

In Qur’an (30:30), God tells us “to devote” ourselves to AdDeeni Haneefan (a way of life based on “the laws of Nature and that of the wider universe” as did Abraham) and not to deviate from the “work wrought (fashioned) by God” in His creation.

Likewise, the Qur’an explains all the true teachings of human life according to “the laws of Nature and the wider universe”.

For example, God created only two sexes for the purpose of reproduction. And like Religion and Secularism are man-made Diversities, the LGBT+ community is a man-made Diversity. And if the atheists and secularists bring “reason and science” into the equation on this issue, we would claim that “reason and science” exists in a more mature form where the dichotomy of secular and religion does not exist.

Therefore, to govern according to Religion or Secularism or to teach Diversity, which includes the LGBT+ community, in public schools is against “the laws of Nature and that of the wider Universe”.

Therefore, according to Divine Law, the lady in the USA who refused to register the marriage of a same sex couple had the Right to do so. And likewise, the doctor in UK who refused to treat a male with a long beard as a transgender patient had the Right to do so.

If Christians took this case to the highest Secular Court in their land to claim that they should be given the Right not to register same sex marriages; ban all abortion like in Poland; reject the teaching of Diversity in public schools which include the LGBT+ community; etc, they would fail to do so because in a Secular Court to defeat Secularism one has to prove that one’s Divine Law has nothing to do with Religion and Secularism and that it deals with the Truth and Reality of human life outside of the realms of Religion and Secularism according to “the laws of Nature and that of the wider universe”.

The Christians will not be able to do this because they believe in “The Myth of God Incarnate". The Qur’an states that God as Creator, free of all dogmas and doctrines of religion, is “Absolute, Eternal. He begets not nor is He begotten. And there is none like Him”.

And likewise, if Muslims wish to claim that their Divine Laws relates to “the laws of Nature and that of the wider universe” outside the realms of Religion and Secularism, they will have to demonstrate that they do not belong to any religious sect like Sunni, Shia, Ahmadiyya, etc, or Madhhabs like Shafi, Hanafi, etc.

And, in addition to this, Muslims would have to agree that the national identities of all nations concerning their sights and sounds had to be protected and preserved as God-given Diversities by integrating and assimilating with them in their pure form according to the Guidance of the Qur’an.

Original Headline: Islam and the Intersection of Politics and Religion in the West

Source: The Post Modern Way


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