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Suicide Bombers of Taliban: The Role of Quran Illiteracy



By Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

05 August, 2014

As America begins to wind down the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in US history, we are seeing some very disturbing trends developing there. The Taliban have recently refined their terror tactics in such a way as to be almost unimaginable.

According to Shane Smith of Vice Agency, the most successful suicide attack of all time is 9/11. In fact it was so powerful that it led to the US invasion of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 11 years ago, the US Army invaded Afghanistan, its sole purpose of getting the Al-Qaeda and Taliban out. Recent times have witnessed the US government entering into negotiations with the Taliban to see just how much power they will gain when their (US) troops leave.

This is a direct result of Taliban’s successful use of terror techniques, suicide attacks and suicide bombings. Recently the Taliban have developed a new strategy to take their terror tactics to a whole new level in an effort to gain more leverage. They have discovered that using a new transportation device would be very effective against the “Occupation”. They are using children.

One of the arrested ones said: “Imam Marouf told us to go to Logar Province and commit suicide. He said, “Put the bombs on your body and press the button. They will die and you will stay alive.”

Kabul has got a tremendous problem of traffic. The main reason for it is the “Ring of steel” which is a series of 25 security check points manned by the Afghan police and attempting to monitor all vehicles entering into the city centre. They have to do this because there have been so many suicide attacks recently that every car, truck and individual is now subject to multiple and thorough searches. The children can pass the security check points quite easily, they can move relatively unnoticed in the crowded city.

Lutfullah Mashal, a National Directorate of Security Spokesman, says that annually suicide attack occur in the “hundreds” and “80% of them who carry out these attacks are teenagers”. He further says, “The reason that teenagers are selected for suicide attacks, is that dumb (illiterate), and backward people do not have religious knowledge. They have not even read the Quran once. That is why they can be moulded in any shape.”

A talib (student) who has studied the Quran will not be ready to kill himself. He will come and fight, and in fighting he might be killed; but he will not tie a vest coat full of explosives around his body. Since they are children they do not have enough knowledge of what really happens so they are told lies. They have the vest coat; they are not told that it’s explosives. The Imams tell them that these are “secret documents” and they are told to go and sit in front of a particular hotel. He waits there and when suddenly, an American or an ISAF or a NATO convoy passes by, they (the Talibans) have the remote and they just press the button and that boy, along with many other goes into pieces.

There is another tactic (lie): the boy is told that “You are carrying explosives but it is for the enemies only, Allah will save you. The bombs will explode ‘outside’ and not ‘inside’, so you will be saved”. Recently there was an attack in Paktika; the boy who carried out the suicide attack was just six years old.

Kanjar, a failed suicide bomber, an Afghan was actually trained in Pakistan. He says, “When I was studying at Madrasa in Pakistan the teachers taught us to commit suicide in order to go to Paradise. They showed us the videos of those who already committed suicide.” When he was told that in the Quran it is forbidden to kill people and not to commit suicide, Kanjar said, “We did not read that much of the Quran to understand it. They told me that you will go to Paradise and suicide is allowed.”

Another failed suicide bomber, Abdul said, “We are told that the infidels tear the Holy Quran and throw it into the toilet. I was angry seeing my Prophet’s name insulted. Then we were taught to go to Afghanistan to commit suicide against the infidels and we will go to Paradise. It was the Imams who told us what is in the Quran. We don’t know the meaning of the Quran.”

There are hundreds of classes being held every day in thousands of madrassas, most of them teaching the same thing- kill the infidels by whatever means, and go to Paradise.





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