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Islamic History ( 5 Jun 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

Great Islamic Civilisation through the Prism of Claim and Reality


By Nastik Durrani, New Age Islam

June 6, 2013

No talk other than that of the return of the Islamic civilisation in which the Muslims were at the peak of their honour, wealth and progress can generate a feeling of de ja vu among the Muslims.

The sheikhs of political Islam and their sidekicks use this mantra to turn the simple and gullible Muslims into a batch of disciples and an army of terrorists and convince them that the reason behind the establishment of the great Islamic culture was that the Muslims of the ancient times followed the teachings of Islam and implemented the laws of Shariah. Thus people fall into their trap easily and act according to their absurd Fatwas in the hope that perhaps the old civilisation may return.

Although the term Islamic civilisation is very cruel in itself, the civilisations do not create religions. No civilisation of the world left a religion for us. Have you ever heard of the Christian civilisation? Kuwait’s progressive critic and writer Dr Ahmad Baghdadi used to say that Muslims are the only nation in the world that link civilisation to religion.

There is no doubt that the Arab nation has witnessed the age of progress which the sheikhs of today make it appear as Islamic civilisation. A vast area from India to China and Spain was under the rule of the Arab caliphate but the causes of the establishment of this civilisation have nothing to do with what these sheikhs of Islam claim. On the contrary, the claims they make were actually the reasons for its downfall.

Civilisations are the achievements of man. They do not originate until the material and topical causes are available for their establishment. That is what happened during the first half of the Abbasid caliphate. As the kingdom expanded and after crushing the opposition, the intensity of the wars and military expeditions lessened, the borders of the sultanate were fixed. Peace was established and the country became stronger. Resources poured in from all corners. People lived in peace and prosperity. There was no fear. Cultural variety created an atmosphere of intellectual freedom.  The reason behind this cultural variety was the need of the non-Arab nations for the sultanate so that the national security could be ensured against the Umayyads, Alawites and others. Thus intellect got the opportunity to work, to make achievements and accomplishments in various arts and sciences. In this way, the age of progress ushered and many cities of Arab including Baghdad turned into what can be termed as wonders.

These conditions could not be available to the Islamic state during the whole 140 years in its Rashidi and Umayyad prescription though this sultanate was the best among the caliphates. Thousands of sahaba (companions of the prophet) and Tabaiyeen (those who saw the companions) were present but still the civilisation could not be established. When these conditions were available in Europe, America, Japan and China, similar civilisations emerged there too. Even today, if those conditions are not available to the Muslims, they will not be able to establish any civilisation, even if these sheikhs gather a huge crowd around them and follow their Deen religiously, confine their women in burqa to their houses and grow a beard.

The surprising thing is that those who played an important role in the establishment of the Islamic civilisation were not Muslims in the first place, according to the standards of the Wahhabi Islam that has wielded a severe blow to the religion of Muslims. They were Kafirs and satans. The rulers who led this phase of the Islamic development, such as Al Amin, Al Mamun, Al Mu’tasim and others were Mutazillah and preferred intellect to imitation. They had the belief in the status of the Quran as something created. The movement of translation that is considered as the foundation stone of this civilisation was initiated by the Christians who were experts in Greek and Siryani languages. As for the roles of other characters of this movement such as Farabi, Ibn-e-Sina, Razi, Hafiz, Ibn-e-Rushd, Abul Nawas, Ibn-e-Rumi, Al Muri and others, they were unanimously declared Kafirs by many big religious scholars of the nation such as Ghazali, Ibn Al Salah, Ibn-e-Taimiyyah, Ibn al Qayyim and the kings following their path and all the extremist jurists of the Hanbali school who even today roam about with the dagger of Takfir in their hands.

 Even more surprising is the fact that after 200 years this Islamic civilisation started its downslide during the second phase of the Abbasid caliphate at the hands of the Hanbali jurists and sheikhs. As the caliphate weakened, caliph al Mutawakkil started taking help of the Hanbali Ulema as only they could gather the support of the people to face the domination of the Turk emirs of the army. This way religion got a free hand and the Hanbali sheikhs and jurists started removing all the signs of civilisation as their disciples are doing everywhere in the Islamic world. They would spread in the market and attack people. They would put limitations on the life style of the people and would punish them according to the Shariah in the public. They would stage attacks on orators, writers, poets and scientists, burn their books, declared music, singing, logic, teaching of mathematics and physics Haram. They would lay siege to the houses of the leaders and imams of the opposing sects and force them into exile. They put ban on all other sciences except religious education and public meetings. This way they promoted terrorism and freedom was killed. Intellect and reason died and the sun of Islamic world set in forever.

Religions do not give birth to civilisations. Man was familiar with civilisation since thousand years before the birth of religion. Civilisation in its easiest definition facilitates the life of man through the development in arts, sciences and moral values. It is not a supernatural work that comes into existence with the words ‘let there be light and there was light’. It is purely a material and human achievement which comes up when it gets a conducive atmosphere and disappears when the atmosphere withers. God blesses only those who take advantage of the right resources, irrespective of whether they are Muslims or atheists.