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Curse of Covid-19 And Its Management in Unanipathy

By Dr. Hakeem Shamsul Afaq for New Age Islam

25 June 2020

What is Corona Disease?

              Corona disease is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered Corona Virus.

Most people infected with this virus experience mild to moderate Respiratory trouble/illness with symptoms of sneezing, cold, catarrh, coryza and mild coughing and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people, above 60 and children below 10 and those underlying medical problems like c.v. disease Nephrotic syndrome, Diabetes, Chronic Respiratory disease and cancer are more prone to develop this disease.

              It spreads primarily through droplet infection of saliva, nasal discharge, sneezing and coughing.

It is not a curse of God almighty, rather it is a warning to human being. It is a viral disease. It spread in 2019, so it is known as Covid – 19 (Corona Viral Disease 19). Mostly it occurs during the change of season.

Prone to this disease: -

1)       General body weakness

2)       Older people and children (Below 10, above 60)

3)       Unhygienic Condition

4)       Over crowding

5)       Air pollution

6)       Weak Body immunity

These people are very much susceptible to this disease.

Mode/Way of Transmission

1)       Coughing

2)       Sneezing

3)       Handshake

4)       Frequent touching of eye and nose

5)       Immune system syndrome

Stages: -

There are 3 to 4 stages of spreading this disease

Stage-1: - (Stage of Air Pollution) or primary initial stage

Signs and Symptoms: -

1)       Sneezing

2)       Dry Cough

3)       Weakness

4)       Mild Sore Throat


1)       Avoid group crowding

2)       Avoid social contact/Use mask to cover

3)       Use tissue paper, Handkerchief

4)       Stay Home

5)       Complete rest

Stage-2: - (Stage of general Catarrh and Coryza)

Signs and Symptoms: -

1)       Phlegmatic Cough

2)       Acute Sneeze

3)       Running Nose

4)       Sore Throat

Prevention: - Same as stage 1

Stage-3: - (Stage of Flu/Influenza)

Signs and Symptoms

1)       Phlegmatic Cough

2)       Sneezing

3)       Nasal discharge

4)       Body ache

5)       General weakness

6)       Mild fever (Thermal Screening)

7)       Uneasiness and sore throat

8)       Change of taste buds and smell power. (Ozostomia)

Prevention: - same as Stage 1

Stage 4: - (Stage of Corona)

Signs and Symptoms: -

1)       Dry Cough

2)       Sneezing

3)       Running nose

4)       Body and joint pain

5)       High fever (Hyper pyrexia)

6)       Change of taste buds in some cases

7)       Dyspnoea (Breathing Problems)

8)       Pneumonatic condition

9)       Palmonary Thrombosis

Prevention/Precautions: -

Same as above

1)       To prevent the spread of disease, separating people who are ill with symptoms of Covid-19 is essential (Isolation).

2)       Those who are positive (+ ve). They should be referred to Quarantine centres or Hospitals for further observation care and treatment.

3)       Observe social distancing/Physical distancing.

4)       Don’t panic

5)       Frequent use of sanitizers

6)       Cover your face with mask.

7)       Frequent washing of hands and cloth with soap and alum at least 30-40 seconds.

8)       Don’t shake hand, use mask continuously.

9)       Frequently steam inhalation.

10)     Drink lukewarm water at Bed time.

11)     Gargle Alum and salt water twice a day.

You may also use water, Suhaga Biryan (Borax-Parching), Mazoo (gall-quereus infectoria) and Haldi (Zardehob- (turmeric-Curewma Longa) as gargle.

Treatments: -

Stage 1: -

1)       Gargle Saline Water and Alum.

2)       Laooq Sapistan Khiyar shambary NFUM-1 (Easily available at Poly Pharmaceutical) 17sp (BD). Twice daily with lukewarm water after gargle.

Stage2: -

1)       Habb-e-Bukhar N.F.U.M. (A Poly Pharmaceutical)

-2 tab twice daily (BD)

-Lukewarm water and Sharbat-e-Unnab 17 sp (BD). Mix it with Lukewarm water (A Poly Pharmaceutical drug).

2)       Gargle as directed

3)       Daily use of lukewarm water at Bed Time.

4)       Use above mentioned Medicines as usual.

Stage-3: - Acute condition/Pnuematic condition

1)       Use Qairooti Arad KArsana MIX with Roghan Sarson (Mustard Oil) over chest as a local application. (Luke warm) (A Poly Pharmaceutical NFUM)

2)       Steam inhalation frequently as directed.

Stage-4: - Corona Stage/Acute Pnuematic/Dysponea and Pulmonary Thrombosis.

1)       Use above mentioned drugs as directed.

2)       Use desi Kafoor (camphor Crystal-Q. S), (Cinna Momum Camphora)

3)       Rogan Qaranful S. (Clove Oil-Syzygian aromaticum oil)

4)       Neelgiri oil Q.S., Roghan Kalonji Q.S., Mix it well, use 2-5 drops in boiled water for inhalation. Use it as Steam inhalation 3-4 time, 5 to 10 minutes.

5)       Quarantine

6)       Hospitalization if needed.

7)       Drink more water/Liquid frequently.

Note: Drink water, lemon water and other beverages.


Dr. Hakeem Shamsul Afaq, F.M.B.S,  is Former, Sr Consultant Unani Medicine at Dr R.M.L Hospital, New Delhi – 110001


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