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Compatibility Test before Marriage


Saudi Gazette Report

May 02, 2014

Compatibility tests before marriage help couples understand the different points of view between men and women in general. The tests are especially helpful for women as they often do not know much about a potential suitor except for a name, education, profession and job title and nothing about his habits, ethics and inclinations. The compatibility test is taken as part of the mandatory pre-marriage health test.

The importance of psychological health and compatibility between a man and a woman is gaining importance in Saudi society. Psychological compatibility affects happiness, living conditions, understanding and stability between partners. Anoud Al-Zamil supports the initiative and hopes it will be applied as soon as possible.

“This way, countless marriage problems can be avoided and the intention of each partner toward marriage will be clarified,” she said.

Maram Al-Hadyan said she is glad that psychological compatibility and mental health is finally being taken seriously. In her opinion, psychologists and sociologists should be involved in the marriage process.

“It is important to raise awareness in society on the importance of this compatibility test and make it accessible to everyone. Marriage is not a self-built constitution, a couple needs to work on building a good foundation for their marriage. In Indonesia, for example, the marriage contract is not sealed until each partner completes a series of training workshops aimed to increase harmony and commitment. This lessens the rate of divorce by a great deal,” she said.

Sattam Al-Ruwaili said the test is important because the divorce rate is very high in the Kingdom. Al-Ruwaili hopes that the test will help decrease the country’s divorce rate and create a happier future generation.

“Participants must trust their test results and avoid disastrous marriages as much as they can. Since Saudi society is a very traditional one, many people will not accept the test results as an indicator of a marriage’s success or failure. Therefore, awareness campaigns must take place before the launch of the initiative for maximum results,” he said while adding if a couple fail the compatibility test and still decide to get married, they should be made to undergo a series of training workshops first.

Hind Al-Mijmah said the test is important because a marriage is not just a connection between a man and woman, but is an intention to build a family. “Many men are socially awkward and do not know how to deal with people due to various reasons such as traumatic childhoods and personality traits. When this is not taken into consideration, the wife often becomes the victim,” she said.

“Compatibility is very important as people approach marriage for many different reasons. Often times, family pressure plays a very important role in the success or failure of a marriage. Perhaps, if social traditions were not heavily imposed on the couple, they would have more freedom to get to know each other and face their new life together,” she added.

Badriah Al-Rashidi, the head of the family consultancy unit at Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman Al-Faisal Social Center in Unaizah, said the compatibility test will lessen many behavioural problems between couples as the test can reveal issues that partners are often unaware of.

“People need to be aware that real life is not like how things are portrayed in the movies. A marriage partnership requires commitment, diligence, hard work and dedication in order to build a happy family. The idea of compatibility and incompatibility is not a determiner of a successful or failed marriage. It is, however, a tool that will help us predict festering problems and prepare us to deal with them,” she said.