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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 4 May 2019, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Women Do Not Have Their Fundamental Rights, Recognition and Respect in Pakistan

By Sana Samad

May 3, 2019

The number of women dying in Pakistan is increasing day-by-day mostly owing to domestic violence. Pakistan is an Islamic country and in Islam a women is having a great value and respect. A nation without women is nothing just a joke for the nation. Unfortunately, in Pakistan women are continuously being the victim of kidnapping, rape, sexual abuse, honour killing and many more. Every year more than 1,000 women and girls are murdered in the name of honour killing. These cases are being done the brother, father, family members or relatives by that girl who become the victim of it. It was reported that 90 percent of women in Pakistan are suffering from domestic violence which is a shame for the society. What good is a “successful” society, if it cannot protect its women?

According to a major research, Pakistan is the third most dangerous country for women in the world. The poor and illiterate women do not have their fundamental rights, recognition and respect. Only males have respect, but female are completely ignored.

Fortunately for Pakistani society, women’s empowerment is taking place slowly gradually. Non Governmental-Organisations and charities are trying their best to support and empower women. Unfortunately, not all women are benefiting from these organisations as most of these women are afraid because their husbands might think they are attracting “unwanted attention”, somehow hurting the honour of the families or often they are not even aware of what these organisations aim to protect. The female illiteracy rate is above than 60, so these women are not aware about their basic rights. A question is raised that should a victim speak up about physical or sexual abuse? We are seeing that many rape cases are not registered by the victims as they fear that they would be worthless in Pakistan society. Due to this criminals are protected and repeating the same cruel things again.

In this year the Punjab assembly passed the Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act 2016, and it is the first legislation in Pakistan and the south region to have its own organization to eradicate violence against women.

It is estimated that violence against women is a huge threat for the women and it is occurring in almost whole part of the country. Pakistan is totally affected by it and women are facing several problems. The programs should be launched to promote gender equality. It means that the Pakistani are ready to fight against the criminal and committed for the women.

The UN Women Pakistan country representative Jamshed Kazi estimated that over past few months the cases of violence against women is increased rapidly and still growing on daily basis. These cases are taking place in various part of the country and none of the city is protected to save the women. Beside this in our country killing rates is increased among children and females.

Violence against women results in a woman’s destruction only and is called the biggest threat for any society. Almost one in three women has been a victim of violence. The Punjab government’s Protection of Women against Violence Act 2016 was a relief for many. However, the province failed to control this practise on a large scale, even though the cases related to domestic violence lessened. Other provinces lag behind in control this norm in our society.

Sana Samad is a student at Turbat University.