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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 1 March 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Saudi Women Demand Deterrent Law against Sexual Harassment




















Teen Rape Victim Deserves Flogging for Crime of Fornication

Islamic Indoctrination Comes to Texas, and Heads Straight for Ninth-Grade Girls

Spanish City's Ban on Islamic Veils Overturned

Will Noma Sing Again? Kashmir's Brave Young Girls' Band

Israeli Police Probe Hate Attack on Arab Woman In Jerusalem

More Than 7,000 Saudi Women Throng Job Fair

Egypt’s President Denounces Discrimination against Unveiled Student

Female Shoura Council Members Need Patience, Says Princess Hessa

IISR Girls Section mark Culture and Sports Day

Female Cancer Survivor Turns ‘Dawah’ Activist in Madina

Wife of Pakistan PM Urges Women to Get Education

For Better Health of Women and Children, Pakistan Needs Political Will

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Photo: In the Spanish city of Lleida, women can now wear full-face veils





Saudi Women Demand Deterrent Law against Sexual Harassment

March 01, 2013

ABHA — In recent years, sexual harassment of women has become a serious problem, whether at the workplace or in public areas. This issue requires a deterrent law, derived from the Shariah and labour regulations.

Many developed countries have introduced and enforced such laws, providing a certain measure of safety for women.

The Social Affairs Committee of the Shoura Council, in cooperation with religious and social scholars, had been studying the matter and was in the final process. However, the Ministry of Social Affairs has submitted a proposal for the protection of all those under male guardianship to the council.

It was decided to merge the two proposals into an encompassing one. It classifies penalties, beginning with a caution, financial penalties, flogging, and imprisonment.

However, these proposals need to be streamlined into clear legislation, and enforced throughout the land.

Nadi Siraj, a social specialist, said sexual harassment cases have increased lately, and such a law can reassure women. Many women are hesitant to report harassment, due to possible social embarrassment. This only encourages repetition of these behaviors in the absence of a deterrent law.

Mohammad Al-Waheeb, faculty member of King Saud University, said such a law should be fully implemented everywhere.

A partial implementation of the law would mean a delay in the handout of penalties, he added.

Islam has provided guidelines for such a law, and “we need to transform these guidelines into regulations,” Al-Waheeb said.

He pointed out that the security bodies and the courts are flooded with cases with no clear guidelines on how to deal with the issue. This law will relieve government bodies of such confusion.

Al-Waheeb added that the young men are harassing women, and the law should deal with the cases according to age.

Dr. Khalid Jalban, head of the family medicine department at King Khalid University in Abha, concurs. He said Islam did not marginalize women, and allowed them to support themselves.

The harassment law, he said, should be classified, and encompasses all types of harassment.



Teen Rape Victim Deserves Flogging for Crime of Fornication

By Mariyath Mohamed | February 28th, 2013

The religious Adhaalath Party (AP) has declared that the 15 year-old rape victim who was recently sentenced to 100 lashes and eight months of house arrest “deserves the punishment”, as this is the penalty for fornication under Islamic Sharia.

The party, members of which largely dominate the Maldives’ Ministry of Islamic Affairs, stated that the sentence of flogging had not been passed for being sexually abused by her stepfather, but rather for the consensual sex to which she had confessed to having on another occasion.

“The purpose of penalties like these in Islamic Sharia is to maintain order in society and to save it from sinful acts. It is not at all an act of violence. We must turn a deaf ear to the international organisations which are calling to abolish these penalties, labelling them degrading and inhumane acts or torture,” the statement read.

“No one has the right to criticise any penalties specified in Islam,” the party added.

Quoting verses from the Quran, the statement said that no citizen should be allowed to express ideas and opinions about a verdict made in accordance with the religion in a court of law in a 100 percent Muslim country.

The Adhaalath Party further cautioned that criticising issues like this would “encourage enemies of Islam, create confusion among the general public and open up opportunities for people who aim to stop the practice of similar penalties commanded in Islam.”

“Furthermore, Allah has decreed that expressing disapproval of issues such as this contradicts with faith in Islam,” the statement continued, quoting more verses from the Quran.

“Allah has also commanded that we show no kindness when implementing these penalties.”

The party also stated that it was saddened by the physical and psychological abuse the girl had suffered at the hands of her parents, calling the state authorities to ensure they were given the punishments they were due as detailed in Islamic Sharia.

“If such sinful activities are to become this common, the society will break down and we may become deserving of divine wrath,” the Adhaalath Party stated.

Flogging amounts to degrading punishment or torture: UN

United Nations has expressed concern over the case of the 15 year-old being sentenced to flogging.

“The child is allegedly a victim of long-standing sexual abuse. Under international legal human rights obligations of Maldives, corporal punishment, including flogging, amounts to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment or even to torture,” read a statement issued by the UN in the Maldives.

“The approach to sexual abuse which has been adopted in numerous international human rights frameworks is that governments should implement prevention, prosecution of perpetrators, and protection measures to ensure that sexual abuse does not occur. Wherever it has occurred, governments should put in place measures for rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of victims.”

US “deeply disturbed”

The US Embassy in Colombo said it was “deeply disturbed” by the recent ruling, noting that the minor was “also a victim of rape”.

“We call upon the Maldivian government to recognise that she must be protected rather than punished by authorities. We welcome President Waheed’s statement that his government “will push for a review” of the decision. We urge the Maldivian judiciary to immediately drop all charges against the girl and for the Majlis to enact legislation that protects women and minors who have suffered sexual abuse.

“Promoting gender equality and advancing the status of all women and girls around the world remains one of the greatest unmet challenges of our time, and one that is vital in all countries to ensure full democratic rights, regardless of culture,” the Embassy stated.

President “saddened”

President Mohamed Waheed, who has previously insisted on the executive’s inability to interfere in judicial matters, stated on his official Twitter account yesterday: “I am saddened by the sentence of flogging handed to a minor. Govt will push for review of this position.”

The government is currently pushing for re-election to the UN Human Rights Council and launched its campaign in Geneva today (February 28), spearheaded by State Minister of Foreign Affairs Dunya Maumoon, daughter of former 30 year autocratic ruler Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

In a statement today, the Foreign Ministry said the Maldives had prioritised its term in the Council “by focusing on women and children’s rights and the rights of persons with disability, had been a vocal campaigner for the prevention of torture, and brought the issue of the right of all to live in a safe and clean environment to the forefront of the Council’s debate.”

In a second statement later today, the Foreign Ministry expressed “deep concern by the prosecution and the Juvenile Court’s sentence to flog a 15 year-old girl on the charges of pre-marital sex.”

“Though the flogging will be deferred until the girl turns 18, the government believes she is the victim of sexual abuse and should be treated as such by the state and the society and therefore, her rights should be fully protected. The Government is of the view that the case merits appeal. The girl is under state care and the government will facilitate and supervise her appeal of the case, via the girl’s lawyer, to ensure that justice is done and her rights are protected,” the Ministry stated.

“The Juvenile Court’s verdict has brought home the critical and severe need to review existing mechanisms, especially legal framework, available for protecting the rights of the children in the Maldives. The government calls on all stakeholders to view cases of child abuse and child-sexual abuse through a human rights lens and to base each case on the best interest of the child.

“In view of the urgent attention required for protecting the rights of the children, the government has established a Committee to review the existing child protection mechanisms, particularly the legal mechanism, in view of the universally accepted norms and principles, and recommend to the state areas that require urgent changes,” the Ministry said.



Islamic Indoctrination Comes to Texas, and Heads Straight for Ninth-Grade Girls

By Casey Michel

 Feb. 28 2013

Despite our best efforts, it seems Islamism has finally managed to worm its way into East Texas. These small towns dotting the eastern forests, lands heretofore known simply for Friday Night Lights and Christian piety -- the kinds of places that make up Real America, don'tcha know -- have finally turned into the front line in the fight to keep Islam at bay.

Blame it on porous borders. Blame it on B. Hussein. Blame it on a lapdog media. (Hi!) Wherever the fault may lie, the fact remains: High school students in East Texas (and beyond?!?) have been receiving exposure to the second-largest religion in the world, and have -- oh, no, don'tcha know! -- volunteered to spend a single part of a single class trying on a burqa.

The horror, guys. The ignominy. The bare temerity of a school, in a geography class, to offer the garb of a region, and to ask students if anyone would like to try it on for a moment.

Now, it may seem like I'm feigning outrage, but I assure you: Had I my own children, and had my children decided, of their own volition, to try on a piece of cloth representing a land as foreign to East Texas as barbecue is to Yakutia, well, I'd be far too cross to simply hammer out a blog post faking such an affront.

Fortunately, while most Lamestream Media personnel were off snoozing over their personal Quran's, Fox News hopped on the case, taking a peek behind this Scarf Scandal. Detailing the fact that five ninth-graders at Lumberton High School had opted to wear the Arab gear a teacher had brought to a geography course, Fox and Friends's hostess Gretchen Carlson decided to detail the pursuant horrors.

Interviewing one of the students in the photo, Madelyn LeBlanc, as well as Madelyn's mother, April, Carlson takes the viewer through the process of how the students voluntarily found themselves wearing the attire. April, who discovered the photo of her daughter on Facebook, reiterates the fact that her daughter had opted to wear the attire of her own volition, plastering her anger on what -- oh, man, don'tcha just know -- actually took place.

As a secondary complaint, April buttressed her entirely pointless outrage with the fact that her daughter had received lessons in which foreign terrorists were considered "freedom fighters." (Specifically, according to April, within the "Nation of Islam" -- Malcolm X as a terrorist?) After noting her surprise, Carlson responds with a a one-off about schools being disallowed from teaching Christianity in school.

But at the risk of repetition -- seriously, do they not know? -- Carlson and LesBlancs had just admitted that nothing doctrinal, nothing coercive, was forced. None of these Islamic tenets were being taught as writ. There was no lesson on the rectitude of the hajj, or the necessity of alms-giving, or the idea that Allah exists, let alone reigns. Just as Texas public schools have every right to examine the linguistic-cultural merits of the Bible, or of the historical context of the Talmud, they have every right to examine the structure and literary substance of the Quran. (The fact that this discrepancy failed to catch Carlson's attention is, unfortunately, unsurprising.)

As it is, Lumberton Independent School District released a statement Wednesday, reiterating the pointlessness of this outrage: "Our goal is to educate students to be aware of this global society and the accolades and dangers that exist; as well as, excelling in the adopted curriculum. The school district is continuously evaluating the curriculum to make sure we stay abreast of best practices and to use the most efficient and effective methods to teach our students."

In addition, the school pointed to the numerous Christian clubs allowed on campus, as well as the fact that a literary quote alone prompted a discourse on the delineations between "terrorist" and "freedom fighter."

"The students enjoy their teacher, and are shocked that all this has been misconstrued, that what's in the public isn't what she taught," said LISD Assistant Superintendent Gerald Chandler. "They are supporting her tremendously."

But this ordeal seems far from concluded. Fox has attempted to tie this ordeal to the CSCOPE curriculum, even though they're not related -- because this is an AP course, Chandler noted, the curriculum comes from College Board. Nonetheless, Fox is keen to bring up CSCOPE, which has made recent waves among conservative circles with rumored strains of anti-Americanism -- even having the temerity to show that some within the Boston Tea Party would have been considered "terrorists." (Which, from ol' King George's perspective: No shit.)

And while recent regulations from voucher-man Dan Patrick have rightly mandated more transparency from CSCOPE, there is an unfortunate claque -- with Carlson as its sounding board -- that seems to think that voluntarily, and momentarily, donning another culture's attire somehow indicts an entire curriculum, and that Islamism, despite our best intentions, has finally sunk itself into the heart of Real America. Or didn't you know?

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Spanish city's ban on Islamic veils overturned

 28 February 2013

A Spanish court has overturned a city's ban on wearing face-covering Islamic veils in municipal buildings, saying it infringes religious liberties.

In 2010, Lleida, in the northeastern region of Catalonia, became the first Spanish town to impose such a ban. It was temporarily suspended by a regional court following an appeal by a Muslim association but then later upheld.

Spain's supreme court on Thursday accepted a second appeal and said the city was not entitled to order such a ban.

It said that in line with Spanish and European rulings, such a prohibition must be based on a law, which does not exist in Spain at present.

The Lleida ban was largely symbolic since only about 3% of its population are Muslims and very few wear such garments.



Will Noma sing again? Kashmir's brave young girls' band

By Asha Khosa

1 March 2013

Noma Nazir was born at a time when Kashmir's air was filled with the smell of gunfire, grenade blasts and death amidst a raging turf war between the Pakistan-backed militants and the Indian security forces. Like most other girls of her background, Nazir spent her childhood in the relative safety of her home in Srinagar and stepped into adolescence learning about the world mainly through the Internet and cable television.

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Israeli police probe hate attack on Arab woman in Jerusalem

Attack on Arab woman by Israeli policeman in Jerusalem – captured on video by bystander – prompts 'investigation' by Israeli authorities

 27 Feb 2013

Israeli police on Wednesday confirmed they were investigating an apparent hate crime against an Arab woman in Jerusalem and said a policeman had been dismissed after praising the attack on Facebook.

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More Than 7,000 Saudi Women Throng Job Fair

February 28, 2013

AL-KHOBAR — More than 7,000 job-seeking Saudi women crowded the Tawteen Eastern Fair (Saudisation of jobs exhibition) in Al-Khobar.

The third day of the exhibition, which concluded on Monday, was solely dedicated for women.

According to a report published by Al-Hayat newspaper on Wednesday, the organizing company did not specify the number of jobs available for women, who complained that many exhibiting companies made three to five years experience a prerequisite for employment.

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Egypt’s president denounces discrimination against unveiled student

President Mohamed Morsi condemns recent discrimination incident against a student in Alexandria for not wearing Islamic veil

 28 Feb 2013

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi denounced the mistreatment of young student Heba Mohamed, who was discriminated against for being unveiled at Asmaa Bint Abi Bakr School in Alexandria, in a meeting with a delegation from the National Council for Women on Thursday.

Mohamed, a sixth-grade student, was deprived by the headmistress from being photographed along with fellow classmates, for not wearing the Islamic headscarf on Tuesday.

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Female Shoura Council members need patience, says Princess Hessa

February 28, 2013

RIYADH — The wife of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah called on female members of the Shoura Council to be patient regarding the responsibilities they have been assigned.

During a ceremony at Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University to honour female members of the Shoura Council on Tuesday night, Princess Hessa Al-Shaalan said: “The female members are elite of experienced women who have illuminated the council."

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IISR Girls Section mark Culture and Sports Day

1 March 2013

The Indian International School in Riyadh hosted its annual Culture and Sports Day featuring the I to V Girls Section recently. The girls participated in drills, track races, musical events and cultural presentations.

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Female Cancer Survivor Turns ‘Dawah’ Activist In Madina

 March 01, 2013

MADINAH — When some people find out they have cancer, they might not hold on to life with their strength and give up on any medical treatment.

However, there are some others who know how to turn their life, after being diagnosed, into one full of hope and power to fight cancer.

Amna Al-Harbi is one of those people who survived cancer and never lost faith in the power of Allah.

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Wife Of Pakistan PM Urges Women To Get Education

  February 28, 2013

Gujar Khan—Begum Nusrat Pervez, wife of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Wednesday urged the women to gain both worldly and religious education side by side for attaining perfection in their lives. Addressing at a Mehfil-e-Milad held at the Academy of Islamic and Modern Sciences at Missa Kaswal here, Begum Ashraf said the Islamic teachings were a source of guidance in one’s life.

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For better health of women and children, Pakistan needs political will

March 1, 2013

KARACHI: If Pakistan wants to save the lives of its women and newborn babies, it needs the political will to do so.

On Wednesday, the speakers at a seminar on ‘Spacing for Transition’ agreed that a strong commitment is the first step towards family planning. They were highlighting the issues raised at the London Summit on Family Planning.

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