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Love Jihad: Nazneen Bano Of Madhya Pradesh Embraces Sanatan Dharma For Marriage

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19 November 2022

Love Jihad: Nazneen Bano of Madhya Pradesh embraces Sanatan dharma for marriage

Not a love story: Sana Sheikh lures DipakSonawane, converts him to Islam and extorts lakhs from him

Miss Universe organization unveils Miss Bahrain Evlin Abdullah-Khalifa’s headshot 

Deal signed to train, employ 15 Saudi women as desalination plant technicians

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Love Jihad: Nazneen Bano of Madhya Pradesh embraces Sanatan dharma for marriage

19 November 2022 | PNS | mandsaur

After falling in love with a youth of different religion, a Muslim woman embraced Sanatan dharma in Mandsaur.

Nazneen Bano of Guna district has changed her religion for the sake of her love. The young woman fell in love with a young man of another religion.

She also married the young man by becoming Sanatani. This is the fifth case of conversion in the district in past 6 months, when a Muslim has adopted Sanatan Dharma.

Nazneen Bano, who lives in Kumbhraj in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh, liked a young man named Deepak Goswami on Tiktok. She started following him.

Both of them started talking through this app. Friendship turned into love. Then both of them fled away from home 6 months ago without informing. Both wanted to spend their life after getting married, but were not able to marry because of different religions.

A few days ago the boy contacted his family. He told the family that Nazneen wants to adopt Sanatan Dharma. The youth's father contacted Chetanya Singh Rajput of Mandsaur.

After this, Nazneen became Nancy Goswami by adopting Sanatan Dharma in Gayatri temple on Thursday night. They married according to rituals of Sanatan Dharma.

Nancy is 19-years-old and studied till 9th standard. Deepak is 22 years old and is a first year student in commerce.

In Mandsaur itself, 5 people have adopted Sanatan Dharma in the last 6 months. On May 27, journalist Sheikh Zafar Qureshi returned home and became Chetanya Singh Rajput.

After this, on September 9, Jodhpur's Iqra became Ishika by adopting Sanatan Dharma. On September 30, Nisar Mohammed converted to Hinduism and became Sonu Singh. Now Nazneen Bano has become Nancy.


Not a love story: Sana Sheikh lures DipakSonawane, converts him to Islam and extorts lakhs from him

November 19, 2022

A Dalit youth has made allegation against his Muslim girlfriend and her family of converting him to Islam, physically torturing him and extorting money from him.

DipakSonawan, a Dalit neo-Buddhist youth, has filed a complaint against girl Sana FarheenShahmir Sheikh and her family members Shahmir Shamshuddin Sheikh, Khawaja Sayyed, Shabana Begum Sheikh, Sazia Sadaf Shahmir Sheikh, AIMIM MP Imtiaz Jaleel, and his bodyguards at Sambhajinagar in Maharashtra, according to a report in Opindia.

He has accused influential local MP Imtiaz Jaleel of constantly backing the family.

Speaking at a press conference in Sambhajinagar, he said they were classmates at M.I.T. College since 2018 and fell in love. "Sana lured me into marriage and said, 'I want to marry you, you embrace Islam, recite namaz, read the Quran'," the website quoted him as saying. He then brought this to the notice of her parents and they assured him of talking to her.

"In March 2021, her parents, uncle, and sister called me to meet in the Gulmandi area. When I went there, they told me to park my bike there and told me that 'we all need to go out somewhere. As soon as I refused them, Khawaja Sayyed and Shahmir Sheikh forcibly took me to their house. There they locked me in the room. Shahmir Sheikh and Khawaja Sayyed removed my clothes. Shabana Begum and Sazia Sadaf tied my hands and legs and put a cloth in my mouth, while Shahmir Shaikh urinated on my body. The video of the act was shot on the mobile of Sana and Shahmeer Shaikh as they started beating me up for converting to Islam," he added.

They took him to a hospital behind the City Chowk police station. "We have brought you here to become a Muslim. We are doing your circumcision here. If you say anything to anyone here, we will make your video viral and defame you in society. We will also kill you and your family,' they threatened. I was very scared because my life and my family's life were in danger and I would be defamed if my video went viral," he continued.


Thereafter, Sana and her mother came to his house and threatened to leak the video and file a case against him while demanding money.

"I paid her Rs 7 lakh in cash from time to time and Rs 4 lakh online. I sent a total of Rs 11 lakh, but they demanded another Rs 25 lakh from me. I refused them as I did not have money at that time," he concluded.

If it was not enough, she filed a complaint against him MIDC CIDCO police station in September 2021, under section 354 of IPC. They then pay them Rs 25 lakh or convert to Islam.

Further, they made casteist comments against him.


Miss Universe organization unveils Miss Bahrain Evlin Abdullah-Khalifa’s headshot 


November 17, 2022

Evlin Abdullah-Khalifa was crowned Miss Universe Bahrain 2022 in September. (Instagram)


DUBAI: The Miss Universe organization unveiled on Thursday the latest headshot of all Miss Universe candidates, including Bahraini Russian model Evlin Abdullah-Khalifa, who was crowned Miss Universe Bahrain 2022.

The 24-year-old star was chosen in September by a judging panel that included Egyptian actress Mai Omar, the Black Eyed Peas’ Jrey Soul, and influencer Faryal Makhdoom, among others.

The model poses wearing a sheer scarf with gold sequins, large hoop earrings and a bulky spider ring. (Supplied)

“Khalifa is a true standout in the headshot as she carries not only her beautiful face but also her core, her story, her values, and culture,” said Josh Yugen, owner and national director of Miss Universe Bahrain. “She made a strong statement with this photo that there is power in modesty.”

In the headshot, the model poses wearing a sheer scarf with gold sequins, large hoop earrings and a bulky spider ring. 

Abdullah-Khalifa’s profile is now posted on the official application with highlights on her background as a classically trained pianist and taekwondo black belter. Her profile also highlights her dream to see more positive Arab women representation in mainstream media to change the often negative stereotypes held about Arab culture Western media.

In a previous interview with Arab News, Abdullah-Khalifa said: “Beauty pageants changed me a lot. In this short time, I have become a totally different person, a better version of myself.

“I realized that Middle Eastern women can show up, we can glow up and we can show how beautiful and strong our women are,” she added.


Deal signed to train, employ 15 Saudi women as desalination plant technicians


November 18, 2022

Tariq Alshamrani, Executive Managing Director at HIWPT, left, Turki Alshehri, ENGIE’s CEO in Saudi Arabia, sign the agreement in Riyadh on Thursday. (Supplied)


RIYADH: A deal to train 15 Saudi women as desalination plant technicians has been signed with a multinational utility company.

The Rabigh-based Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies inked the agreement with ENGIE on Thursday during a ceremony in Riyadh.

The two-year program will see participants receive theoretical and practical hands-on training in water desalination, power generation, maintenance, and operations.

On successful completion of the course, the women will be employed as full-time operations technicians at Yanbu 4 or Jubail 3B, ENGIE’s Saudi reverse osmosis desalination plants.

Tariq Al-Shamrani, executive managing director of the HIWPT, and Turki Al-Shehri, ENGIE’s chief executive officer in Saudi Arabia, penned the deal in the presence of Saudi Water Partnership Co. CEO Khaled Al-Qureshi.

Al-Qureshi said: “As part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to build a bright, vibrant, and thriving economy, it is essential that our nation’s youth are provided with the right education, training, and opportunities to unlock their talent.”

Al-Shamrani said: “Female empowerment is instrumental to realizing our nation’s ambitions, and we are delighted to launch together with ENGIE a unique program targeted at fresh Saudi women graduates, which will equip them with the skills required for a career in the desalination industry.”

And Al-Shehri said: “The program further reinforces our commitment to achieving gender equality, supporting women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers, and ensuring knowledge transfer to the local population.

“We are firmly committed to promoting greater female participation across the industry, and indeed STEM more generally, in line with the UN sustainable development goals of gender equality.”

Clean energy transition, Al-Shehri pointed out, was an opportunity to support the sustainable economic and social development of local communities, which were home to vital infrastructure.

“In the case of Saudi Arabia, this includes the many highly educated and skilled females graduating from universities across the country,” he added.

The ENGIE CEO noted that by providing training and jobs for Saudi women in reverse-osmosis processes at the firm’s desalination plants, the company hoped to open up new engineering opportunities for women in the energy industry, supporting long-term and sustainable employment opportunities.

He said: “We hope this encourages more doors to open across science and engineering for women, inspiring the following generations.”

As part of the program, participants must complete an introductory one-year foundational technical core training course spanning three trimesters at the HIWPT in Rabigh.

Throughout the phase, students will learn about scientific concepts and engineering principles. In the second phase, the trainees will be provided with vocational training at ENGIE’s Yanbu and Jubail reverse osmosis desalination plants.



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