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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 9 Dec 2019, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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In Islam Why Have Muslim Women To Cover Themselves?

By Louis Farrakhan

December 3, 2019

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

If we would come together as a family, husband and wife, we will start pulling the children back and then holiness will replace the broken spirit from broken marriages and broken homes.

According to the Holy Qur’an, the Hereafter is described as a paradise with 70 virgins. This description can be interpreted to make men willing to become martyrs and kill people for political purposes, in order to go to heaven immediately so he can get to be with 70 virgins—but this is the wrong way to understand such a beautiful picture of the Hereafter.

The Old Testament says, “A virtuous woman is more precious than silver and gold.”

In Islam, we cover our women, because the female body is a natural attraction to a real man. Allah (God) formed the female that way. Human beings procreate because of the attraction between male and female. A woman that covers herself is not trying to attract a man on base principles. Women have had enough of men being attracted to them because of the beauty of their forms, face and hair rather than the intelligence of a creature of God that He created for a serious purpose.

When the slave-master destroyed us as a people, his aim was first and foremost to destroy the Black male so that the White male would become the master of the Black female and then take her all the way down. It became acceptable for us to be whores and pimps because then we as a people were constantly lowered because we have lowered our respect for the female.

Women are beautiful and the female body is attractive, but a real man cannot think sane thoughts with the female form on his mind. Girls look at television, watching beautiful Beyonce with her beautiful body, but her moves are so provocative. The child does not know anything about sex, but sees that adults approve of those provocative dances, and begins to imitate Beyonce. As young as four and three, girls are learning to shake their bodies in vulgar dances, yet no one seems to be speaking to this as the destruction of potential virtue.

Some men have become so sick that they try to push themselves in a sexual way into a baby, splitting them. Fathers are sexually abusing their daughters, along with uncles, brothers, cousins and even aunts; and now the lesbian craze is in. We are so undervalued because of our ignorance and lack of the potential for honour and respect.

So some women tell themselves they do not need a man for anything. It is not that our women want to be lesbians, but another woman understands the pain that another woman is going through or being put through in her interaction with men. When they get tired of the game playing, they fall on each other and find more comfort in another woman than they find in a man. But I do not care if you call yourself a lesbian, when a real man comes along, a real man will awaken that spark in you because you are a real woman—a beautiful woman, but a very abused woman.


If a virtuous woman is more precious than silver and gold and you wake up in a place where there are 70 virtuous girls who have never been touched by a man, where did you wake up? You do not have to physically die to see that paradise, but you have to die as a n----r. You have to die as the creature that the White man made. When you wake up from that death, you will want to see virtuous women, because the Honourable Elijah Muhammad said, “Where there are no decent women, there are no decent men, for the Black woman is the mother of civilization.”

Women are being programmed, not for the Kingdom of God, but for the kingdom of sluts. I am appealing to church leaders to begin to stand up and ask our women to be better and to protect them when they desire to be better. We should not allow any man to destroy that kind of virtue.

The number 70 represents infinity. So when a martyr has given his life, he is really saying he is giving his life to produce a world in which women are virtuous and men are respectful. If you saw 70 virgins in the paradise promised by God and there are men there before you, then those men have not defiled those women. So you do not go to that paradise with vulgar thoughts in your mind.

It is one of the most beautiful pictures of paradise on earth, when women are in a sanctuary where no man will dare molest them. Women are under protection. If the female is not protected, then the destruction of the nation comes through the woman, since the elevation of the nation comes through the woman.

The Honourable Elijah Muhammad gave us a law that no man strikes his wife. How are you going to beat the woman that produces your future? Men should be ashamed to abuse women, but most men who beat and bruise women, yet want sex with them the same night they beat them. Men want to beat women like they are inanimate objects, like trees or a lamppost that a dog will lift its leg to; like women do not have feelings.

Do you think after you beat up a woman that she really wants to give herself to you? Why would you want to take pleasure from someone to whom you have given so much pain?

We are a sick people and there is no way we can expect White people to show respect to us and submit to our desires when we are so fractured and broken as a people. But no one wants to address the real problem: respect for authority. Who is the Supreme Authority of this creation? It is our Creator. Does the Creator have a right to expect from us respect, honour and obedience?

Many of us drive automobiles, which came with an owner’s manual in the glove compartment when we bought it. If we really want to get the best out of our vehicles, we have to follow certain guiding principles in the owner’s manual from the maker. Some of us use beauty products, which have instruction on the bottle. If we fail to pay attention to the instructions, we may lose our hair.

So since the Creator is the author of our existence, should not He have the right to give us instructions and should not we respect His right to guide us in how to use the life that He so beautifully and wonderfully gave to us? The Bible and Holy Qur’an both contain instructions on how to use the life that Allah (God) has given. Scriptures are not romantic stories of foolishness; they offer many wonderful guiding principles. In our ignorance, we defile our bodies, but there is a consequence for rebellion against God, Who is the highest line of authority.

In the nature of the man, Allah (God) put him in authority. He may not have the wisdom of how to exercise authority, but God put it in his nature. In the old marriage vows, we would recite: “Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to honor and obey him, cherish him, etc., until death do us part.” But in order to hold authority, men have to possess the wisdom of how to exercise that authority. Ignorance and authority is very destructive. So a woman cannot obey a man simply because he is a big, strong man if he is not intelligent.

The way the enemy has crafted this society; Black women are the majority of the students in college, while most Black men are on street corners. Women are studying law, medicine, marine biology and engineering, while men are studying physical education.

Women cannot honour, respect, obey and cherish a man who does not understand what it means to be a man. So our family life is being destroyed. Our marriages are falling apart and the only way men think we can maintain strength in the house is by physical force.

Brothers, as men, if you govern your life by the moral standard of the Teachings, then your wife have some justification to respect and honor you. If you grow in the wisdom of the Teachings, your wife has some right to obey you. But you cannot expect obedience to ignorance. That is against the law of nature and intelligence.

When men have an outside interest in another female and they have made a vow to their wives; and because there are so many women with so few men, men feel that they can play with women, who do not respect marriage. In the Islamic world, adultery is punished by death penalty. Allah (God) gave Moses a law that the fornicator and adulterer should be stoned to death, because marriage is the cornerstone of family. Family is the cornerstone of nation and anything that will interfere, corrupt or destroy marriage and family is ultimately a disease that will undermine and sink that nation.

Your wife may believe your lies about your whereabouts at first, but eventually you cannot fool your wife when another woman interferes in her house. She knows something is wrong; your touch does not feel the same. When she confronts you with actual facts, you become a master liar and manipulator. You put on a macho front and threaten her. But either you are going to come clean or you undermine yourself by lying.

She argues with you because she is hurting. She feels betrayed. She does not mind calling you out of your name. Your children are listening. When the fight is over, the children talk to each other about what you called each other. If the father smacks the mother, the children tend not to take their father’s side. The woman brought them into the world. They are on her side because nature tells them to be on her side. Babies will throw their bottles at their fathers for hitting their mothers.

While it is natural for a man to be attracted to the beauty of a woman, Brothers, we must restrain ourselves to protect our marriages and families. The face of the enticing beauty of women is a great test, which most of us fail. Men believe there is free pleasure, but there is no free woman. Every woman costs money and it costs money to play. To play with your wife, family and the future of that family is self-destructive and almost suicidal behaviour.

In meteorology, the study of weather, there are cold fronts and warm fronts, there is warm water and there are clouds that have all of these different dynamics that produces clashes. There is thunder and lightning, and then there are storms. When you bring a strange woman or a strange man into your house, you are creating the dynamic of a weather change in your house.

Usually, meteorologists will tell you it is going to rain so you get your umbrella and raincoat. But when you are creating storms in your house, you are never prepared for the weather that you have created. Your wife does not want to cook anymore. The house starts getting dirty.

Even though the Holy Qur’an says a man can take up to four wives, I would not do that if I were you. Allah (God) is the Best Knower, so I would not use that verse before you use another verse that says, “One is better for you if you but understood.” Don’t run out playing with women. When you play with a woman, you are playing with fire, Brother, and it will burn you. And most of you are burned today.

The Bible teaches that Christ is the head of man; man is the head of woman; and woman is the head of children. Christ is the head because his wisdom is coming down through the man, through the woman, then through the children. This produces a peaceful home. It does not mean that there is not going to be problems but, if God is the head of your house and men respect Him and follow His guidance, then our wives have a chance to honor, respect and possibly obey us. But right now, most of us have lost moral authority in our own house.

To have moral authority does not mean that you are just living a moral life. It means that you are working hard to bring home the money to take care of your family. The more your wife helps you to make ends meet, the more your voice gets diminished. The Holy Qur’an says that men are the maintainers of women, not that women are the maintainers of men.

But the White man has built a world that makes it difficult for men to be maintainers of their families. While husband and wife may both have degrees, men may not always make enough money to provide the lifestyle that they both desire. So, the wife has to work. There is a compromise there because the wife is working and more than likely she is making more money than her husband.

When the woman is earning more money than the man, her voice can get very deep. When the man earns less, haven’t found a job or haven’t had a job, his voice starts getting higher. He is home washing dishes. This role reversal is created by the clever, social engineering and manipulation of the enemy. He is creating circumstances to break up our homes and destroy our families, so that we will never rise as a people.

Only when we can control those kinds of circumstances can we reverse what the enemy is doing to us and causing us to do to one another. Men may have authority by God, but they do not have it by the wisdom that he has or by the actions that he takes. So when a woman violates a man’s authority, he does not have any recourse because he does not have the wisdom to control her with wisdom. That’s when he beats her and that’s when murder can enter a woman’s heart for her husband.

We have to make the change within ourselves, then we can force a change in others; but the change does not start with the enemy. The change starts with us. The Holy Qur’an says, “God will never change the condition of a people until they change within themselves.”

Are we willing to do that today, Brothers? Go home, Brothers. Leave the strange woman alone. Cut that relationship off and go home to your wife who is the mother of your children. If you do not want to confess, she already knows anyway; but just tell her: “I thank you for standing by me, baby, in my foolishness but I am going to turn over a new leaf and I need you to help me.”

The Holy Qur’an says, “Corruption has appeared on the land and the sea on account of what men’s hands have wrought that He (Allah) may make them taste a part of that which they have done so that they may return.” The Nation of Islam has undergone a period of corruption because we took the domestic life of Prophet Muhammad of Arabia (Peace be upon him) or our Messenger, the Honourable Elijah Muhammad, as a rule for our lives. But Allah (God) directed what those two men of God did, while immorality and lust directed what most other men have done.

Allah (God) allowed it to happen so that the Nation of Islam would get caught up in the consequences of corruption, but He is not bringing the full weight of what we have done. He will make you taste a part of it so that we may return to a righteous path and the Restrictive Laws of Islam.

If your marriage is failing and these divorces keep climbing, that is a social indicator of decay. We have to be examples for our sons and daughters. These young boys will be good if they have good guidance and good instruction and a good example. These young girls will be good if their mothers were the right examples for them. Allah (God) is going to judge us all on how we used or misused our influence.

We need to change. We need to stop the masquerade and showboat of Islam, where we look holy but act very unholy. The real person is behind the mask, but we need to take the mask off and look in the mirror and see ourselves for what we are and then take steps to truly beautify ourselves again.

There has been great upset in the Islamic world over a Danish newspaper printing a degrading cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There is no Muslim of this planet that can tolerate someone maligning or besmirching the image of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who brought this dynamic truth, the Holy Qur’an to the world. We are displeased, but when a disbeliever makes a caricature of our Prophet, he is only manifesting ignorance and a lack of understanding of that which he is mocking. But the greatest defilers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are those who claim him as their prophet.

The Muslim world is a caricature of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). A caricature is the gross enlargement of characteristics for the purpose of mockery or fun. Do you think the Prophet would be happy to see Shiite and Sunni Muslims slaughtering each other in Iraq? That is a caricature. The Muslim world is corrupted with conduct that the Prophet taught against: kings and rulers bringing in women and liquor from Europe, getting drunk in their palaces, coming to America and spending millions of dollars in gambling places and on prostitutes. This conduct is a caricature of the Prophet. We have to come back in our own house and end our caricature of Islam.

Many of you look so beautiful in your uniforms and regalia for coming to the mosque. But as the Honourable Elijah Muhammad said during one lecture when our Muslim Brothers from the East were sitting on the rostrum, they are not here to see that you are clothed in a long, white dress or a long, black dress; they are here to see if you are clothed in the principles of your religion.

We have fallen a long way and it is time to recognize that. The outside world already recognizes it. They already know. They are waiting for us to catch up to what we have shown them. There was a time when you could not go in any ward where Black people live and you could not find a Muslim with the Muhammad Speaks. There was a time when Black women, even though they never came to a mosque, felt safe when they saw a Muslim because they knew we would protect them. There was a time when gang violence would never rear its ugly head because the F.O.I. was strong.

But today, when the light goes out in the house, there is nothing for the people to hold on to. So should the show go on? Should the masquerade ball continue? Or should we say that the masquerade is over and let’s go home and recommit our lives to Allah (God) and the righteous principles that we know we have been taught; recommit our lives to our spouses and children.

If we would come together as a family, husband and wife, we will start pulling the children back and then holiness will replace the broken spirit from broken marriages and broken homes.

[The article is based on edited excerpts from an address delivered by Minister Farrakhan on July 2, 2006 at Muhammad’s Mosque No. 45 in Houston, Texas. To order this message in its entirety visit or call 1.866.602.1230, ext. 200]

Original Headline: The Abuse of the Female

Source: The Final Call