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Make It Simple- Do’s and Don’ts in the Quran


By Syed Manzoor Alam, Newageislam

April 4, 2013

 “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”- Confucius

The same holds true for religion. Islam is really a very simple religion but we insist on making it complicated. The more complex and complicated we make it, the more distant we go away from the Truth. Leo Tolstoy, the famous Russian novelist said:

“... if a person is given only two choices: to adhere to the Orthodox Church or Islam, any sensible person will not hesitate about his choice, and anyone will prefer Islam with its acceptance of one tenet, single God and His Prophet instead such complex and incomprehensible things in theology as the Trinity, redemption, sacraments, the saints and their images, and complicated services…And therefore, please, regard me as a kind Mohammedan, and all will be fine”.

A list of do’s and don’ts would help the general readers about the simple but effective teachings of Islam. Before listing the do’s and don’ts let me remind the readers that a “do” will count to 10 and a “don’t” will count to 1. This means that a good deed will yield ten times the reward, but a bad deed will yield only one punishment.


True Believers establish Prayers to Allah. (2:43, 5:55, 74:39-48, 77:48,)

Be kind to parents, relatives, wayfarers, the needy, orphans (89:17-20, 93:9-11, 107:1-3)

Take care of the Orphans.( 4:3, 6:152)

Say good things to people (4:5, 4:8-9)

Be good to prisoners of war.( 2:85)

Forgive the faults of others. (24:22, 45:14)

Establish regular prayers and pay Zakat (charity). (24:56, 31:4, 70:22-25, 75:31)

Wear pious clothes when you go to the Mosque. (7:31)

Provide evidence and truth. Produce your proof if you are honest. (2:111, 21:24, 27:64, 28:75)

Give thanks to Allah for everything.( 2:172)

For the love of Allah, give help (financial) to kinsfolk, needy (17:26, 90:11-17)

Free slaves (90:11-17)

Punish those who hurt you in equal amount. Punish as you were punished. But if you show patience it'll be better for you. If you forgive then it is better (6:126, 22:60, 42:40-43)

Be in peace (2:208, 8:61)

Remind the Believers to do Good. (11:114, 51:55)

It is better if you give your charity in secret to the poor (2:271)

Speaking good and offering forgiveness is better than giving charity and hurt or annoy people with it. (2:263-265, 3:134)

Do Good and ask for no Reward (38:86, 42:23)

Fulfil your oaths, and promises, and be trust worthy to all people.( 2:270, 3:76, 76:7-10)

Be a straight and upright believer. (46:13)

Pay back your debt, and give back what you held for others. (2:283)

Be patient and put your full Trust and Faith in Allah all the Prophets did (38:17, 38:41-44, 74:7)

If you forget, then mention the Name of Allah Almighty. (18:24)

Seek knowledge and education (39:9)

Lower your tone when you speak (31:19)

Be humble (26:215)

When you recite the Holy Quran seek refuge from the cursed Satan by Allah Almighty's Great Name. (16:98)

Say "Peace" to the ignorant ones.( 43:89)

Fulfil your obligations and contracts (5:1)

Blessed are those who reconcile between people (4:114)

Remembrance of Allah’s name is greater than the actual Prayers (4:103, 29:45)


Do not pray too loud, or too low in tone. (17:110)

Do not approach Prayer while you're lazy. (9:54)

Do not sever the relationship with your relatives. (47:22-23)

Do not steal the Orphans money or rip them off (.4:2, 4:10, 17:34,)

Do not accept wicked and corrupt things (4:2)

Do not corrupt the lands, the earth, people, creations (. 7:56, 7:85)

Do not entrust the weak in mind with your wealth (4:5)

Do not use the Mosques to divide the Muslims. Cursed are those who use the Mosques to divide the Muslims. They are liars. (9:107-110) (Hey Imams, are you listening?)

Do not enter the mosques that are used to divide the Muslims.( 9:108)

Do not conceal the Revelations of Allah Almighty.( 2:159, 2:174, 3:78)

Do not bribe or take bribery. Also, corrupt money is forbidden (2:188)

Do not come to houses from their back doors, but come from the front and proper door. Manners of how and when to enter homes (2:189, 24:27-30)

Do not divide the Muslims. (9:56)

Do not throw yourself into destruction.( 2:195)

Don't be fooled by good talk. (2:204)

Do not be arrogant; it is a sin (2:206)

Never hurt people with your charity! (2:263)

Do not teach the Glorious Quran for money. No reward. (12:104, 25:57, 42:23)

Do not over burden yourself. (2:286, 9:91, 23:62)

Do not be be divided (3:103, 3:105)

Do not damage the earth (5:33)

Do not cheat with balance: (17:35, 21:47)

Do not take credit for what you did not earn or deserve. (3:188)

Do not steal the women's and wives' wealth, or rip them off, or force them to give up from their wealth (4:19-20)

Do not envy people! Do not be jealous of what people have. (113:5)

Do not lie on Allah Almighty. This is the greatest injustice (39:32, 46:3-6, 60:12)

Do not associate partners with Allah Almighty (4:116, 17:22, 25:2, 25:68 )(It is the biggest sin in Islam)

Do not kill those who tried to kill you and failed (5:27-31)

Do not be a murderer. (:27-32, 17:33, and 25:68)

Do not be selfish, greedy and unjust in your demands (9:58)

Do not utter slander (60:12, 68:11)

Also, do not force your female right hand possession slaves into sex or prostitution when they desire chastity (24:30-34, 33:35)

Do not be a bully! (60:8),

Do not force other people to convert to your religion (2:256)

(Note 1- This article is inspired by:,-crash-course-to-proper-behaviour/d/8123

Note 2- I have not quoted the exact expressions, but have taken the basic idea from various translations like Yusuf Ali, Shakir, M. Asad, A.J. Arberry etc and have used the Quran search software)