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Spend Your Time Uncovering the General Messages Present in Allah’s Creation

By Hasnain Abdulhussein

15th October 2020



Allah is whatever is in the heavens and the earth – this truth is mentioned frequently in the Quran. But what does it mean for us?

We live our daily lives oblivious of Allah. Occasionally we see something beautiful and we wonder at Allah’s Creatorship. We enjoy these moments and why not, they are truly moments of realisation and enlightenment. But if we are honest, we must admit that these occurrences don’t occur enough. The rest of the time we are oblivious to Allah’s relationship with the world around us and His relationship with us through the surrounding world.

Another thing we also do is, occasionally, watch a nature program, and wonder at Allah’s creation of the weird and wonderful. The things we are amazed at easily cause amazement because they are the creations of Allah we only see rarely. We may not have seen these creations before or have seen them a long time ago, as they exist in some remote part of the Earth, and make us feel, and rightly, so, that Allah is the Best of Creators.

The problem with the above is that the blessings of the realisation of awe of Allah within us occur infrequently. In fact, they are so infrequent, they are like gold dust.

We fall into this slumber, thinking that we are believers, because of such occurrences. Subconsciously, we console ourselves that this level of passivity in witnessing the Beauty of Allah is enough.

Think for a moment, what if you could awaken and witness Allah’s Beauty frequently during a single day. Wouldn’t that be amazing! That would seriously enhance and magnify our relationships with Allah, the all Beautiful and Magnificent.

Allah, time and again, mentions His creations in the Quran, you know this, and in particular He mentions how these creations benefit us. Through wonderment at the creation of Allah we achieve a state of awe of Him and an appreciation of His beauty, and through contemplating how creation benefits us, we personalise Allah’s interaction with us and are able to see how He cares for us.

As a side note, it is the believers in Allah within each and every human being, that become more and more grateful with the infinite bounty that they receive from Allah, so it is not necessary for the believers to buy the poor. The poor deserve to be made equal to the rich. It is not that we will enrich the poor if they believe in Allah. Did we have to believe in Allah for Him to enrich us?! So why then do we compel people to believe by giving them food so they will believe? It is the right of the poor.  Rather the poor are doing us a favour by taking the burden of our wealth away from us.

If we knew that Allah will not forget even an atoms weight, then we would flee from our wealth. Not making others equal in wealth is a crime for the humble. We should not count our wealth with pride, honestly, we should count it with a deep fear. Be warned that the security we feel when we have wealth is a deception. Allah will ask us how we filled our stomachs while others had nothing. May Allah forgive us.

Returning to our topic, we need to be much more aware of our surroundings, looking for the beauty that Allah has placed in each and everything, then understand how Allah benefits us through these things.

Another trap we fall into in this endeavour is we very easily see Allah in nature – trees, flowers, and fruits, and the like. But when we look at our cars, the pens we write with, the spoons we eat with, it’s a completely different story. Allah has created these ‘man-made’ objects as well. Only if we knew that Allah has infinitely more right in being called the creator of these things than man.

Each creation is a sign of Allah – there is a general and specific message to be taken from each creation. The general message is one that encourages us to attain awe of Allah and be grateful to Him as we have discussed…and the specific message, the changing message, is not for this article.

Try to spend your time uncovering the general messages present in Allah’s creation by reflecting on how Allah has blessed you and all of us by creating the things around you. Ponder so much that when you look at each and everything around you, you remember only Allah.

May Allah grant us the bounty of seeing more and more of His signs.

All praise is due to Allah for creating this endless creation.

Allah bless you.

Original Headline:  The Signs of Allah (swt)

Source:  The Muslim Vibe


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