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Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Sounds Alarm of the Day of Judgment -- Part 5

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

(Translated from Urdu by Sohail Arshad

The western nations had discovered the modern means of communication after a long struggle. Its natural fallout was that the lion’s share of its benefits went to the western nations. With this they started the period of colonialism. As a result of this the global communication system called globalization came into existence. They gave the world the shape of a global village whose central force naturally was the westerners themselves.

The second aspect of this phenomenon is that which has been predicted in a hadith. It is a long hadith that narrates the affairs of Gog and Magog. The translation of a portion of the hadith is presented here.

“Abu Sayeed Khudri narrates that the Prophet (PBUH) said that Gog and Magog would be released and they will move towards populations as had been mentioned in the Quran and they would dominate people. The believers would retreat to their cities and camps to save themselves and take their cattle with them. Gog and Magog will drink all the water of the earth. Some of them will come to a river and drink it dry. Then some people will pass across the river and say that once there was water there. Only those on the earth who would remain in their cities and their shelters would survive. Then someone from Gog and Magog would say that they had dealt with the people on earth and now it was the turn of the heaven folk. After that one of them would switch on their machine and thrust it towards the sky. The machine will boomerang to them bloodied as their test. (Masnad Ahmad, vol 3, p 77).


The hadith clearly points to the phenomenon that appeared on the international level after Europe’s Renaissance. After that a new phenomenon called the Economic Explosion came on the scene.  The control of this modern economic explosion was totally in the hands of the western nations. Through this, they established monopoly over all the material wealth of the world.  ‘To drink the water of the river’ probably means to consume the petroleum reserves.  A large portion of these reserves existed in the eastern world but the industries that consumed it were located mostly in the western world. Therefore, the west got the opportunity to transport these reserves to the west and make the maximum use of it.

The hadith also says that when Gog and Magog will have drunk all the water of the earth, they will set out towards the sky. It probably suggests to various space rockets. The western nations sent many rockets in the space equipped with sophisticated tools in search of planets like the earth but could not succeed in it. The hadith clearly states in symbolic language the developments the western nations have made in the modern age.

Approval of deen by the secular group

A long tradition has been narrated in Sahih Bukhari the gist of which is that the battle of Khaibar was fought during the Prophets life (PBUH). In the battle a man fought very bravely until Muslims got the victory. Muslims were impressed by his feat. But the Prophet (PBUH) said that he was one of those destined to go to hell. When people doubted what he said, he (PBUH) said, “Go and find out the truth”. On inquiry, it was found that though the man had fought bravely, he had committed suicide in the end. Since suicide is haram, he (PBUH) said that he was doomed for hell.

After that, he (PBUH) said that God will definitely help the deen with fajir (unrighteous) men.

The hadith tells us of an important principle that nothing in this world is infinitely good or evil. Good is hidden in evil here. If some unrighteous people do something for their own cause, not only they will be benefitted with it but some aspects of their work will also benefit the True deen. This is a principle of nature without any exception.

 The same will be the case with Gog and Magog. The group of Gog and Magog will not be a noble group in religious sense but the changes it will bring about on earth will have a good aspect along with an evil one.

According to the traditions, other two major incidents will happen during the period of Gog and Magog. The first is the appearance of Dajjal or Dajjajla (Sahih Muslim, Kitabul Fitan) and the second is the appearance of a man who is called rajal-e-mumin in one hadith and Mehdi in another.

About Gog and Magog,      Quran says, “Hatta futehat yajuj majuj (When Gog and Magog will be released). It points to the fact that the release of Gog and Magog will happen according to a great plan of God.

It is an historical fact that the extraordinary spirit of exploring nature that developed among the generation of Gog and Magog was not witnessed in any human group in the entire history before. As a result, the generation of G og and Magog gave birth to the scientific and industrial civilisation through great endeavours.

It was this civilization that opened the doors of great opportunities that was not seen in the history before. The characters in the form of Dajjal or Mehdi that will appear on the scene will only be the result of the use of these opportunities. The only difference between the two will be that Dajjal will exploit those opportunities in a negative way while the Messiah or Mehdi will use the modern means in a positive way.  It would be therefore apt to say that for the  first time in the history of mankind, the deeds of God and Magog  created the possibility of three great phenomenon -----  great intellectual darkness, great divine realization and great daawah (invitation to the Truth).