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Desecration of the Holy Quran: Unholy Alliance

The Frontier Post Report

This deafening silence of America’s political class, media and intelligentsia on their evil padre’s desecration of the Holy Quran brings out yet glaringly their hypocrisy and double standards. Had it been the sacrilege of scriptures of another faith in a Muslim polity, they all would have exploded in a noisy outrage, howling in unison intolerance, persecution and what not. But this has been their way always: seeing no evil at home and hearing it all over in Muslim fraternity. And this isn’t something particular to America; this profanity cuts across the entire western world, bespeaking of a kind of an unholy alliance between their temporal and spiritual orders against the Muslims and their cherished noble religion, Islam. When a wicked cartoonist lampoons the Holy Prophet (PBUH), they all team up in his defence on the obscene freedom of expression excuse. And as Pope Benedict XVI four years ago uttered the baloney against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of having preached spreading of Islam by the sword, he had many an apologist from every western strand before he himself could clarify, though only slimly, that wasn’t his own view but a Byzantine emperor’s. Indeed, hate campaigns against Muslims and state assailments on their values are in a fierce competition all over the western world. Their faith itself is under attack of segments other than religious, the political in particular. Ultra rightwing parties are making deep inroads in several European countries by riding on the bandwagon of Islamophobia, another name of hatred of Islam and it followers. The anti-immigration sentiment sweeping the continent by and large is primarily aimed at the Muslims. Even such simple things as wearing scarves and niqab (veil) are being held against them and banned. So much so, their places of worship are getting under restriction clampdowns, at places minarets to their mosques are being disallowed. Even moderate and secular political parties and their leaders are getting into this race for political ends. As President Nicolas Sarkozy of France has come down heavy on Muslim women’s scarves and niqab, his putative strong contender in coming presidential race Marine Le Pen, a rightwing daughter of a rabid rightist Jean-Marie, likens the French Muslims praying on the street as Nazi occupiers. Even in Britain, rightists with rabid anti-immigration and anti-Muslim manifesto are making their presence felt on the political scene and are believed to have struck close rapport with their other European counterparts. And it is primarily for its Muslim nationhood that objective observers hold Turkey is being persistently denied membership of the European Union, the grouping of the continent’s 27 nations. In the United States itself, where evangelical Christians decisively control radio broadcasting airwaves, freely employing them to preach hate against Muslims and their faith, a US congressman, Peter King, has quite ironically begun hearings on the American Muslim community’s “radicalisation”, despite the fraternity’s strong protest. He has taken to his self-assumed belief that the community is not acting to prevent religious stridency in its ranks. Some in the commentariat have objected too, denouncing his own blemished record, including his public support to terrorist Irish Republican army. In his famous June 2009 Cairo speech, President Barack Obama had spoken of rebuilding US-Muslim world relations on the basis of mutual interest and mutual respect. And his muteness on the padre’s sacrilege does pinch when in the speech he had also said “America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition”. Still, he could perhaps be excused as his own credentials as a Christian are in dispute in some American segments alleging he is in fact a Muslim. Nonetheless, the absolute quietness of American officials, lawmakers, politicians, intellectuals, thinkers, opinion leaders and the media does grate on the mind, particularly in view of their incessant hectoring and lecturing to others on tolerance, moderation and mutual accommodation. Having said that, do we have to give further gratification to an evil man like this wicked padre by reacting to his provocation? The Holy Quran lives in our souls and hearts, as does the Messenger, the Holy Prophet (PBUH), of this word of Allah Almighty. This essence of our living being can in no way be eroded or undermined by any vileness of a putrefied mind. Let this accursed padre stew in his own juice. Let him burn with jealousy and envy in this temporal world by our following the sacred word of Allah Almighty in every way, and burn in hell in the world hereafter in reaping the consequences of his evilness.

Source: The Frontier Post