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Saudi-Zionist Conspiracy against Muslim Community

By Falahuddin Falahi

Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk

26 April 2015

The messenger of God said, “Help both the oppressor and the oppressed.” The holy companions said, “We understand what helping the oppressed means but how should we help the oppressor?” The holy messenger said, “Hold the hand of the oppressor so that he cannot oppress anyone.”  This is a very famous Hadith. There is another Hadith which says that once the holy messenger held the Kiswah of Kaaba and said, “O Kaaba, to me dearer than you is the blood of a human being no matter in which part of the world it is shed.” This Hadith is also very famous.

We need to look at the state of Saudi Arabia in the light of these two Hadiths. I came across a letter to the editor in the Urdu daily Hindustan Express in the edition of 24 April. It was written by a responsible person of a religious organization. The title of the letter was “A commendable step of Saudi Arabia.” In this letter, Saudi Arabia was declared the only Tauheed based Islamic state in the world. It was surprising but also disappointing.  It was not expected from a responsible person of a religious organization. There cannot be a greater ignorance than not realizing the truth in this developed world. Doesn’t the world know the history of Saudi Arabia that has been declared the only Tauheed based Islamic country? The kingdom was founded after abolishing Islamic caliphate.

If Sultanate were legitimate, Hazrat Imam Hussain would not have revolted against Yazid because he was the son of a senior companion of the Prophet (pbuh). But not only Hazrat Imam Hussain revolted against the companion of the holy prophet (pbuh) to save the caliphate but also camped with his entire family in the field of Karbala. He did not compromise with a pillar of Islam.

It is common knowledge that the Aal-e-Saud conspired to eliminate the Ottoman Caliphate merely on ethnic basis. It paved the way for the establishment of a Zionist government in connivance with Europeans and shot dead the soldiers of Ottoman Caliphate deployed in Kaaba and revolted against Ottoman Caliphate. The soldiers did not open fire in defence due to the respect of Kaaba and fell to the bullets of the Aal-e-Saud. Aal-e-Saud eliminated the Ottoman Caliphate and turned the land of Hijaz into Saudi Arabia.

Aal-e-Saud kept the governance affairs to themselves and handed over the religious affairs to the Aal-e-Shaikh Mohammad Ibn-Abdul Wahhab. No one is unaware of the tyranny of the Zionist government. Only last year Israel martyred more than two thousand Palestinians and to prevent the first ever democratic and popularly elected government of the Muslim Brotherhood from coming to power, the army of Israel and the US-supported Egyptian army got help from Saudi Arabia and the Islamic government through democratic means was terminated before coming to power and thousands of Egyptian supporters of Islamic government were killed with the help of Saudi riyal.

Their only crime was that they wanted an Islamic government elected through democratic means. When the government of Al Islah (Muslim Brotherhood) was in power in Yemen, Saudi Arabia hatched various conspiracies against it. They remained even when the Houthis revolted. It was only when Iran patronized the Houthis that they attacked Aal-e-Yemen. Moreover, they carried out aerial attack so that general Muslims are also killed along with Houthi rebels. They have made the dream of the America-designed Middle East come true. Attack on Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Palestine and now on Yemen is only an extension of Israeli state, nothing else.

The Saudi Arabia whom the letter writer has termed as the only Tauheed -based Islamic state has only caused damage to the cause of Islam and Muslims. Is the history of Spain being repeated in Saudi Arabia? In Spain, the Christians had disguised as Muslim Imams in mosques and Christians were teachings in madrasas in the guise of Islamic teachers. And the history is witness to the fact that a time came when there was no one to take the name of Islam there. Consequently, not only a Christian government came to power there but also Muslims were slaughtered like cattle. The writer from the Muslim organization has expressed his support to the imprudent policies of Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Indian Muslim organizations. It is highly ridiculous and a white lie.

Indian religious organizations and Muslims understand what is right and what is wrong. They are not overawed. May God give him a better understanding. Amen!مسلمانوں-کے-خلاف-سازش/d/102652